Giveaway of the Day is an interesting site and sometimes they offer some decent programs for free. However, there is always a catch, they try to include crapware during the app install. We’ll show you how to avoid the extra junk during the install process.

The first thing they try to install is Software Informer. Notice they say it’s (recommended) and some might think they need to install this as part of the free program, but you don’t. Make sure you select No on this screen.

What is Software Informer?

It is a utility that is designed to give you information about software installed on your computer when it is out of date. The problem is that it doesn’t do a very good job and gives several false positives about updates. If you want to make sure your software is updated, use an HTG recommended program like Secunia PSI which we have previously covered in this article.

By default it sits in an awkward place on your desktop and in the Notification Area and pops new GOTD downloads. One of the reasons they give to install it is it notifies when GOTD has a new program available… well you don’t need that because there is a new one up everyday at 2am CST.

Another interesting thing I found is that it is a Beta version of the program. It doesn’t tell you that at all, and I know a lot of users don’t want apps still in beta stage on their PC.



The other thing you may not want is the GOTD site added to your bookmarks. This option is checked by default, so make sure to uncheck the boxes if you don’t want them. It appears under the software app install screen and you’ll see it after the free app they’re giving away installs. Notice there is another attempt to install Software Informer here as well.


We’re not anti-GOTD as they sometimes have quality free commercial software. Just be careful not to install the extra junk if you don’t want it. You will be offered Software Informer and the bookmarks every time you download something from them. For more on avoiding junk in your software installs check out our article…Rants: We Hate the Scam of Bundled Crapware.

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