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Move Live Messenger Icon to the System Tray in Windows 7

If you’ve made the switch to Windows 7 and use Windows Live Messenger, you might have noticed the icon stays in the new Taskbar. If you are annoyed by this and would rather see it in the System Tray (notification area), just follow this simple process.

Show Messenger Icon in Notification Area

When you close out or minimize Messenger it will reside in the new Taskbar.


To make it act like it did in previous versions of Windows, right-click on the Windows Live Messenger icon and go to Properties.


In the example above I created an icon on the desktop but you can also do the same thing with the icon in the start menu.


Then go to the Compatibility tab and run it in Windows Vista compatibility mode.


The icon might be hidden in the notification area though…


You just need to customize the Notification Area Icons and have it Show icon and notifications.


That’s it! Now you have your Messenger icon back where it used to be.


If you’re annoyed by the way the Live Messenger icon is displayed, following this quick tip should help you out.

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  • Published 11/10/09

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  1. Valentinos

    Great tip! i always wonder how to do this! thanks!

  2. Tim

    One thing Ive noticed with Messenger in Win7 is a new message never seems to pop up like it did before, the Taskbar icon just flashes orange. Anyone know of a way to change this so it pops up to the foreground??

  3. Kernel

    I thought i need to have latest version which is compatible with Windows 7; Not required :).

  4. nakul

    another helpful tip needed. since last “major” update of windows live messenger, they have removed the “send” button so we are forced to press enter everytime we want to send something in the IM window. any tip how to get it back?

  5. Nick

    It’s Great.

    Thank you very much.

  6. Heiko

    Real nice guide :)

  7. relaxed4u

    thanX for a tip ! :)

  8. wombateer

    Ace tip, cheers!

  9. jack andrew

    nice tips you got here…

  10. Tommy

    Great, brilliant guide thanks.

  11. ahmed

    thank you very much


  12. moustafa

    Thanks alot

  13. Matt

    Thank you for this trick. I’m glad the program and messages no longer stack. Question: How can I have incoming messages pop up full on the screen instead of just appearing, flashing in the task bar?

  14. Ivan

    Thank you very much! Works! Thanks alot

  15. zt capri

    Thanks Great Help :-)

  16. Gaby

    Hi, thanks for this very useful tip.

  17. Jonathan

    Excellent – thanks – it was annoying me having to alt-tab past it all the time.

  18. Giordanesque

    G R E A T !!! :D

  19. dudah

    Awesome man, it was making me crazy. I even stopped using the messenger for a while because of this

  20. xd00d

    A++ thank you!

  21. Jessica


    How can I make the icon stay in system tray even after I log out? This worked for me but after I sign out, it goes away. Can I make it minimise and stay it like that there?

    Please let me know!

  22. Arletta

    Thanks, I thought I was going crazy, looking for it everywhere, why or why ‘improvments’ are so annoying sometimes.


  23. Dean

    Thank you worked perfectly ;)

  24. Diego

    Cool. Works like a charm.

  25. patrick

    Thanks for this, that was going to get mighty annoying!

  26. Fish


  27. Fish

    Woopz nvm, works like a charm lol

  28. L8

    Excellent!! :) Thanks!

  29. Warren

    Good Man :) Thanks

  30. mns


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