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We Have 5 Free Copies of the Excellent DisplayFusion Pro. Want One?

Want more free stuff? Today we we’re giving away 5 copies already gave away 5 copies of DisplayFusion Pro, a multiple-monitor taskbar and desktop wallpaper rotating application that we’ve been fans of for a very long time. And it now supports Windows 7!

It was more than two years ago that we first highlighted DisplayFusion as a great way to put more than one wallpaper on each of your desktops, and since then the software has continued to improve with full support for Windows 7 taskbars and Aero.

DisplayFusion, the Free Version

Arguably the best feature in DisplayFusion is the ability to put more than one wallpaper on your each of your multiple monitors, but you can also span a single wallpaper across the entire desktop, and size them different ways to make them fit.


You can also use the built-in wallpaper browser to pull in images from Flickr or Vladstudio.


You can then browse through and find a wallpaper that you like, and assign it to the desktop.


There’s an enormous amount of hotkeys that are built right in:


And you can add buttons to the window title bar for various functions, like moving windows from one monitor to the other. (Limited to 1 button for the free version)


For instance, here I’ve added a button that moves the window to the next monitor.


It’s an extremely useful software, but the best part is that you can just download and use all these features (and more) for free. 

Pro Edition Features

The Pro edition adds more functionality—you can add more buttons to the title bars, do a little more configuring with the hotkeys (or add new hotkeys), or the most interesting feature: Add a Taskbar on each monitor!


The taskbar isn’t identical to the Windows 7 one, but it does look very similar, and even includes mouse-over hover previews. Unfortunately the previews don’t seem to do Aero Peek yet, but one can only assume that feature will be coming eventually.


The Pro edition also adds the ability to rotate between wallpaper images, either on your computer, or from Flickr or Vladstudio.


The Rules (Important!)

So you want a copy of the Pro version? We have FIVE copies to give away, and we’ll be selecting them randomly from the comments. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Grab yourself a free copy of DisplayFusion (you can get a free trial of Pro if you want, or stick with the free one).
  2. Leave a comment explaining one (or more) thing you like about the software, and one thing you think could be improved. Be sure to use your real email address.
  3. To cut down on accidental spam filtering, include the keyword DisplayFusion in your comment.
  4. We will announce the winners in the weekly roundup, so you have a couple of days to participate.

Make sure that your comment includes something you like, and something you don’t like. If you don’t think it can be improved, say that, but if you completely hate it, maybe leaving a comment is a waste of time =)

Download DisplayFusion (Free or Pro) from

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  • Published 11/10/09

Comments (117)

  1. shockersh


    Yes please! I’ll take a copy!!! The main thing I like about it is it works with Windows 7!


  2. Michael

    I like this software, can’t find any cons.

  3. Travis

    I absolutely love this software, I actually just got a trial of the PRO version about 2 weeks ago when I first got this software. I am using it to replace “Juggler” which is what I used before finding this software. The thing I love most about this software is it’s multiple monitor support and being able to load up wallpapers from my own drives with ease, I have a collection of about 600+ HD scenic wallpapers and this software makes amazing use of it.

    If I could have one thing improved it would be being able to load wallpapers from more sources than just the current two, there are some really great websites out there for desktop wallpapers and I would like to see them incorporated into the software somehow in order to make getting new wallpapers even more easy. I plan on buying a license for this software once my trial is up but winning a copy would be even better because money is a little tight right now.

  4. Andy

    Love it.

    Works great and is simple to use.


  5. Nick

    Man i was actually looking for something like this. I used ultramon before but didn’t really do it for me.
    The Hotkeys in DisplayFusion are the best! Windows 7 hotkeys are limited and sometimes just annoying (like pressing win+left instead of win+shift+left). I really like Win7 taskbar, so the taskbar on other monitor feature is shame.
    Also, i use 3x 24″ monitors and the displays are as follow: screen 3, 1, 2.
    So if i use a wallpaper that spans all screens win7 will show the right half on the left screen =/
    At least with DisplayFusion i can control what is displayed where.

    The randomly getting an image from flickr sounds interresting though.

  6. Swiftman

    I really like the free version of DisplayFusion and have been using it for a while (I have 2 monitors). I really don’t know what more I would want from this program. It is so good as it is. Keep up the good work.

  7. Travis

    I absolutely love this software, I actually just got a trial of the PRO version about 2 weeks ago when I first got this software. I am using it to replace “Juggler” which is what I used before finding this software. The thing I love most about this software is it’s multiple monitor support and being able to load up wallpapers from my own drives with ease, I have a collection of about 600+ HD scenic wallpapers and this software makes amazing use of it.

    If I could have one thing improved it would be being able to load wallpapers from more sources than just the current two, there are some really great websites out there for desktop wallpapers and I would like to see them incorporated into the software somehow in order to make getting new wallpapers even more easy. I plan on buying a license for this software once my trial is up but winning a copy would be even better because money is a little tight right now.


    *I forgot to tag my first comment*

  8. Angel

    I would like to pit Ultramon and DisplayFusion head to head. Ultramon has been a necessity in my dual monitor setup for years. It has been updated recently (although its still in beta) for Windows 7 compatibility but DisplayFusion brings a bit more features than Ultramon and its cheaper to boot!

    I like the wallpaper rotation and the AeroPeek functionality in the additional task bar. I will start recommending DisplayFusion form now on!

  9. jeff

    i have been a huge fan of DisplayFusion for a long time. i convinced the place i work to puchase several pro licenses, and it has been great. unfortunately, the license agreement only allows you to use DisplayFusion on one pc, so i can’t use it at home which is a real bummer.

    there are so many things that this program just gets right. the auto-update feature is fantastic. using aero transitions when the wallpaper changes is great. the ability to select individual images for each monitor to make one wallpaper is extremely helpful. i honestly could not live without the smart taskbar.

    the thing that i really don’t like is that the smart taskbar doesn’t support aero peek or jump lists. once that is added (i really hope jon adds this) this app will be phenomenal.

    please pick me!

  10. Todd

    I’ve been using the free version of DisplayFusion for a couple of years. I guess the thing that I like best about it is that it just works. I set it up and haven’t really thought about it since. I don’t really have any problems with it other than it would be nice to have some of the Pro features.

  11. wolverine4444

    I love its ability to extend the taskbar. This has been in other apps, but they do not allow for a custom skin. I do wish it supported virtual desktops, though.

  12. Jason


    I’ve been a big fan of DisplayFusion for a couple of years now. For me, the best part of the dual monitor capability has been the ability to have different backgrounds on each monitor, and the programs easy ability to fix/stretch mis-aligned backgrounds so they look good on each screen.

    A few suggestions for improvement:

    1) Try to release fewer updates, consolidating multiple changes into each version — sometimes it feels like there is an update every 2 weeks, this can be a lot to handle

    2) During the update process, please include the ability to automatically close the currently running DisplayFusion. Especially since there are so many updates, it’s frustrating to have to do this manually each time.

    3) When applying settings or pressing ok (which I do often, every time after I modify my screens or remove my core laptop), there is always a dual confirmation box. I press ok, then get a message that says “Do you want to apply these Wallpaper settings now?” The answer is yes, yes I do! There is no reason to have this added confirmation box at all, it becomes frustrating rather quickly.

    Otherwise though I love the program, please keep up the good work!!

    All the best,

  13. Tyler

    Great application, I mainly like the dragging between monitors (Windows 7 makes this feature obsolete) and middle clicking to instantly switch monitor, probably the most used feature. The bad points: you have to pay for pro ;) and, though this doesn’t really affect the operation of the application, the update system, requires you to download it and then install. Rather than downloading within application and updating (Like Firefox for example), but other than that, it works like a charm.

  14. Sloppy Joe

    Hand one of those copies of DisplayFusion Pro to me! My 2.53GHz Core 2 P8700, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 7200 RPM 16MB cahce HDD, 1GB Nvidia Geforce Sony Vaio notebook wouldn’t be complete without it. I’ve been using the free version of DisplayFusion since the day I read the original article some two years ago, to have seperate wallpapers for my notebook screen and my 23″ LG 1080p 2ms 16:9 display that I have hooked up via HDMI. I’m a total geek let me have it!

    What I like: Aside from doing what it is meant to do in a small package, I like the whole interface/design of the program. A lot of free software on the internet might be programmed well enough to get the job done, but the application itself often times looks horrendous (*cough* dvddecrypter) I guess that makes sense. Their software makes your desktop look better, I suppose the software itself ought to look good too.

    What can be improved: I don’t know. There are a bunch of features already that I would never have thought of. My only complaint is that it can be buggy when I detatch my secondary display, but I don’t think it’s DisplayFusions fault.

  15. Steve

    Love how DisplayFusion easily lets me have a different wallpaper for each monitor. Working with Windows 7 is awesome, too. Flickr integration is cool; in the future maybe other sites could be used similarly?

  16. Dennis

    DisplayFusion great software easy to use. Tried it out a bit.

    Con free version user here would like to kick the tires on the Pro version and see what she can do.

  17. Willie Roberts

    I use DisplayFusion everyday. I really like the Windows 7 integration, since they were the first to get it right. Specifically the Taskbar Previews which makes using the software extremely powerful. Also the look & feel is the same as the normal Windows 7 taskbar, meaning nothing looks out of place.

  18. TD

    I give it 5 stars out of 5 for what it does :) I have been using it since the How to article was posted on this site.

    Pro: Great Light program for selecting unique images for multiple screens.
    Con: must right click on the taskbar icon to find version history and no check for updates option

  19. Eric

    Works great. Easy way to use different with multiple monitor setups.

  20. Jushilli

    The best part of DisplayFusion is that I can distiguish between each monitor easily and its simplicicity in use. I’m sure that anyting pro adds to it can only improve an already good product

  21. Pac-man

    Love this software. I use it work and at home. Was about to purchase full version but found I might be able to get it free here first.

    Only thing I would change is not having to ask twice to apply changes. Once when clicking Apply and then a second time when clicking “Ok”. The ok button should recognize that there have been no changes since clicking Apply.

  22. Steve

    I love the free version of DisplayFusion simply because it does exactly what I want – putting different backgrounds on all of my monitors.

  23. jerone

    I love DisplayFusion as it works in Windows 7.
    I hate DisplayFusion as it’s not open source.

  24. Corey

    I’ve been using DisplayFusion trial version for some time now. I use it on my laptop. It works great when I dock my laptop next to my monitor. It make Multi-Monitor use a breeze.

  25. TheStrider

    DisplayFusion – I love using 3200×1200 wallpapers on my dual monitor setup. There is nothing more impressive. :) The extra taskbar on each monitor would be amazing. The only con I can see is that a single licence is good for a single computer. I have two. :p

  26. Joe Vautour

    I have been using DisplayFusion since I purchased my current desktop PC last year with the dual monitors. It was either howtogeek or lifehacker that turned me on to it. I love it. I am changing my wallpaper on a regular basis and would love to have the ability to rotate that a Pro account gives. The only con is that when they upgrade the software you have to go to the website to download the newest version. A better update function would be good.

  27. David

    I’ve been using DisplayFusion for a while. I use it on all my computers and it has made me one of the most popular guys in my dept. (everyone wants to know how i do it), and it has caused me hone my graphic skills as I have now started creating my own dual screen wallpapers. If i was going to pick a negative, I’d say that it requires a restart after upgrading the version, but that’s more a Windows issue than Display Fusion issue.

  28. InDiSent


    I’m really loving the task bar on both my monitors, the different wallpapers for each monitor and the ability to rotate them randomly.

    I’m not so keen on the way it’s making two windows fit side by side. I’m sure i can turn this off, but i haven’t figured out how yet. Basically what it’s doing is i have Pidgin on the right side of my 1st monitor. When i open Firefox on the same monitor it makes the browser window small so that both windows fit on the monitor. I don’t need to keep my buddy list in full view all the time so I’d like if it acted normal and just opened my browser on top of all other windows so that it can be full screen.

  29. Patrick

    i use DisplayFusion on Windows 7 in my Bootcamp partition to do what OSX does naturally: assign multiple wallpapers to my screens! would love to use these pro function though!

  30. Aaron Berning

    I love DisplayFusion … it makes multimonitor use so easy and does so while keeping Windows 7’s taskbar and aero effects enable for the second monitor!

  31. nakul

    nice i didnt try this software but will definitely give it a try since i just bought an external monitor for my laptop and my laptop screen has been sitting idle doing nothing.i need to have DisplayFusion pro

  32. Ben Douglas

    I have been using the trial version of DisplayFusion for a while now and I really like being able to drag maximized windows from one screen to the other. I also like having two separate wallpapers. I keep a darker wallpaper on the screen where my icons live.
    I would really like the dual screen taskbar of the pro version. That would be sweet.

  33. luy

    I’m loving DisplayFusion so far, grabbed the free version for the wallpaper functionality and upgraded for the additional features (namely the taskbar).

  34. Greg


    I like how this product makes it easier to manipulate multiple desktops.
    I wish the product would allow us to add websites other than flickr and vladstudio.

  35. Kleedrac

    I love many things about Display Fusion, the fact I can set it loose both within my computer or online to flick.r account or similar! The fact that it rotates seamlessly and quietly without slowing down my computer. In fact my only real complaint is that certain tooltips could be re-written. What do some of the options do regarding CPU priority? I don’t know. What does this hotkey sequence do? I don’t know. That and slightly better help documentation would go a long way!

  36. Steve French

    Fantastic app! I’ve used it for a long time.

    Only suggestion I could make it to add some addition hotkeys like WindowsPad has, especially docking windows into the four quarters of the screen.

  37. Ian

    I use DisplayFusion at work, where my issued computer is a Windows machine with two monitors attached. Being aesthetically inclined, I want a single image to span my displays, and DisplayFusion handles this nicely for me. Hotkeys for moving windows are a nice touch.

    It does what I need pretty much, but there are a couple things I wish worked a little differently. First, sometimes it seems that I have to manually “refresh” the image after logging in. And I find the message box that pops up when there is an update a little obtrusive, since it pops up every time I restart my system, and a DisplayFusion update is low-priority update that I can take care of when I need to. I delay updating because the process for updating the free version is arduous by comparison to modern update mechanisms, since it involves visiting a website, downloading an archive, and performing an installation.

  38. whoetbe

    Interested in DisplayFusion Pro to kick out UltraMon :)

  39. Shane


    I like that it supports windows 7 and the ability to add all those cool buttons

  40. Brent


    I really like this product because it is lightweight and gets the job done. I especially enjoy how well it plays with Termincal Services and Remote Desktop.

    One thing I dislike is the pop-up style update window that launches at startup. Not so much that it is there but that it always looks like there is an update to the free version when really it’s just trying to get you to buy the pro version. I know they want to make money like everyone else and I am a firm believer in people making money for their hard work. I think, however, there are more elegant ways of going about it.

  41. Charlie Johnson

    I use the free version on my vista system but I am migrating the system to windows 7 Ultimate and would like the pro version for my system with dual monitors.


  42. DeAnn

    I haven’t used the Pro version but I love the free, I tend to switch my backgrounds rather often and I love the ease of use of it, people always stop by my desk and ask how I did it and I always point them to the site for the free version. I like the search feature, when I am looking for a special image, I can hit search and it is there or sometimes it sends me in a whole different direction that I like even more
    The only thing I wish they would change is the agreement when you switch images, I don’t need to say yes when I click apply, only to say yes again when I hit OK.

    I’d love to use the pay version, if it is better than the free I am sure to be impressed.

  43. Jeff

    I like that it’s even useful for single-monitor systems, since hotkeys/window snapping still work, and I don’t have to set them up in each adapters’ own specific way.

    I’d like a simple way to export settings and transfer them to another computer, or save them for backup.

  44. Art Williams

    My favorite feature is the quick keys and title bar icon that moves a window to the next monitor. I’ve really been missing that feature on Win7. I’m glad to see that it’s here.

    An additional feature that would be nice is the ability to maintain the new Win7 themes even after installing Display Fusion. I liked the wallpaper slideshow features of Win7 (even though it’s the same image on both monitors) and although Pro gives me the ability to have different slideshows on each monitor, I feel like I lost a feature by installing Display Fusion (free). It would be nice to maintain the Win7 feature in case I’m just installing if for the hotkeys and title bar icons.

  45. Michael

    I’ve been using DisplayFusion in a kind of weird setup.
    I have a laptop, and a desktop computer. I use mainly desktop, but I’ve been working on a programming project for my studies which required me to stay mobile. The ergonomics of working on a desktop are far more superior for me to working on laptop, so I came up with this solution.
    I wanted to use my big screen, mouse and keyboard from my desktop and use them to control my laptop.
    So I connected my screen to my laptop, I’ve installed InputDirector (I used Synergy as well as there was brief time I had to use linux) to share my desktop input devices with laptop, and of course installed DisplayFusion (evaluation version) to manage my windows between two screens (laptop and desktop). And if I ever needed to go back to my desktop, the only thing I had to do was push a button on my monitor to change input signal.
    Nifty, eh? :P
    About 1,5 month ago I switched to Windows 7 (MSDN – ELMS), and I would love to have the full version of DF to use with it :)

  46. Cody Drew

    This program is great! I’ve been looking for the functionality of something like this but for Windows 7 for a long time. DisplayFusion pro works a treat. I’ve got a 19″ monitor and a 22″ and with this program its dead easy to organise the wallpapers and everything on both!

  47. Ryan

    I love the option that DisplayFusion gives to add buttons to the title bar. I wish they had a better update system built in.

  48. Andrew

    I really like tools like DisplayFusion which allow you to flick windows from monitor to monitor and to also provide a task bar on each. Until DisplayFusion however I have had little success since the tools I tried were not able to handle my configuration and mobility ie a laptop running three monitors (including laptop monitor) with the two external monitors above the laptop’s monitor. This configuration seemed to confuse multimonitor software which wanted me to have the monitors side by side and not to be unplugged on a regular basis. With some trepidation I gave the DisplayFusion Pro trial a go and DisplayFusion has come through with flying colours … hooray! Very impresed.

    Because DisplayFusion actually meets my requirements above it’s hard to find any cons. The only one I found is when clicking help I got the following friendly website message.

    “DisplayFusion Online Help
    Sorry, the online help is in the process of being update for DisplayFusion 3.0.
    If you have a question or comment please feel free to post on the DisplayFusion Support Forum or you can contact me directly.

    The line starting with “Sorry…” should use the word ‘updated’ rather than ‘update’. Oh and I am not particularly worried that help is in the process of being written.



  49. abrarey

    I’ve been using the Free version of DisplayFusion for a long time.
    And I don’t find anything wrong so far with the Software.
    It’s a nice tool for whats is supposed to do.

  50. John L. Galt

    I have been using DisplayFusion for just at 1 year now – and it is completely awesome. The dev teams’ active development of this product make it the number one app I recommend to anyone with a new PC using multiple monitors.

    The next feature I would like to see is true Windows 7 Smart taskbar *duplication* – not emulation, but duplication, as in integrating into the OS so well that it (DisplayFusion) literally becomes a natural extension of the OS itself – complete with all the features of the native taskbar, such as full AeroPeek, independent jumplists, Pinning apps, etc.

  51. -=Ben=-

    This would be SO awesome!
    I have about 4.8 gigabytes of wallpapers that I currently cycle through. This application would be a godsend!

  52. Adam

    I’ve used DisplayFusion for a while now, and I love the ability to move windows between monitors with a shortcut key or button (since before Windows 7 this wasn’t built in), and the window docking capability. This is a great alternative to other similar apps such as UltraMon (which is way more expensive and less functional).

  53. Krishnakumar Arimbra

    DisplayFusion what i like is Windows 7 Aero support and the thumbnail window previews currently am using Ultramon and that does not support this.

    DisplayFusion Taskbar support for Windows Visual Styles – It is not fully supported to Windows 7, I would also like to see a 64bit version too :)

  54. MikeJ

    Although the free version of DisplayFusion has been a great addition to my desktop, I would appreciate the added features found in the Pro version.

    My favorite feature is the title bar button to switch monitors, which greatly improves my mouse-oriented work flow.
    The only feature if have found lacking, which can be found in other related software, is the ability to specify which monitor a specific program will always open in.

  55. Kiran

    been using it for a while
    Apart from the basic individual wallpaper for each screen thingy, i liked following
    – it recognises when additional monitor is connected and remembers/recalls the wallpaper correctly. I use two monitors at work and then hibernate, and use one at home. But whenever I am back to work, the wallpapers are shown correctly as soon as second monitor is detected

  56. Supermamon

    I love DisplayFusion because of the Windows 7 support. I’ve used Ultramon before but it didn’t satisfy all of my needs.

  57. gino


    Its just great, the only software i found that ables you to put 2 different wallpapers. would be great if we could set a couple of them and have them cycle trough every reboot lets say or a set amount of time.

  58. Thomas

    One of the things I love about display fusion is the ease of use that it has. I run two monitors pretty much at all times and display fusion is quick and easy to use to set up the multiple images on each monitor. It is smooth with windows 7 and i love how easy it is to go back to a single wallpaper image for when your laptop is going mobile and then switch back when you get home. Overall I love this software and how user friendly it is.

  59. Dee


    This is the greatest display program I have used. I love this program. Especially the buttons that can be placed in the title bar. Being able to flip that easy between monitors and expanding across multiple monitors is an absolute dream. I work for our local city government on the IT staff. My main job is IT administration for the police department including our dispatch center. Each dispatch station has multiple PCs with multiple monitors attached to each, giving each station 8 monitors. I would like to not only have this program on my dual monitor system at my desk but also introduce it to our dispatch. This would be great in switching around the various windows that they use.
    One upgrade I would like to see is the ability to dock a window after setting its desired size. I have many programs that I would like to dock like a toolbar on the side of my monitor. I think this feature would be great as a title bar button.

  60. Mike

    I have DisplayFusion s free version on my Vista, but i think that i will upgrade to windows 7 later this year. i hope that i can get pro, because of all the added features, such as ease of use. You can create customized shortcuts in pro, and shortcuts are the main reason why i use a lot of my favorite apps. i don’t really know things that can be improved since the whole sytem is amazing. i’m sorry about this fact, because i know that the main reason you guys posted this article is to get feedback to help DisplayFusion improve.

  61. Andres

    DisplayFusion is the killer MUST-HAVE app for a dual screen setup. Once I started using it. Can’t live without it, it mades the dual screen setup more enjoyable and useful. It is simple and works great! Using almost no resources at all and supporting many nice features. Seeing a 64bit version will be killer as well.

  62. Richard

    With DisplayFusion you can move maximized windows from one monitor to another. Unfortunately there is no clock on the DisplayFusion taskbar.

  63. Andi

    What I really like on DisplayFusion is the feature to span a wallpaper accross several monitors and even use my desktop background as a slideshow.
    However, sometimes the cpu consumption raises to 100%, and I have to manually kill and restart DisplayFusion. It would be cool if the authors could fix or improve this behaviour.

  64. Darren Hill

    I really like the look of DisplayFusion. I’ve used UltraMon and it’s not as intuitive as DF. I really like the ability to easily set up different wallpapers on each monitors.
    One improvement I’d like to see is the ability to restrict it’s random wallpaper feature to specific folders. I’d like to be able to cherry pick some images from my collection, and let it cycle only through those.

  65. Mayo2000

    I consider this as waste of money. What I really need is just separate tasbar for each monitor. And there is free alternative to achieve this:
    Personally I’m using ATI’s Hydravision and MonMan.

  66. Wevenhuis

    I just recently purchased two computer monitors from HP.
    I’m a new user for multiple monitors, but with display fushio it was easy and a blast to get things going with regard to the orientation and sepparte pictures on different monitors. One aspect that could improve is the fact that moving the the mouse over from one to the other screen sometimes get jammed when one monitor is in portrait mode and the other is landscape. It would be nice if the program could improve on this aspect.

  67. Ran Arad

    DisplayFusion Works well, looks good, takes up little resources, has a lot of very handy shortcuts, and I especially love the windows snapping option.

    Things to improve:
    Ability to customize specific windows settings for different layouts: one screen, horizontal screen, vertical screen.
    Gamma corrections to fix color differences in different screen types.
    Special merging of wallpapers in screens with different resolutions and sizes.

  68. HappyUser

    I’m using DisplayFusion with my small Samsung U70 USB monitor to show a different wallpaper. I’d like to have the pro version to cycle through multiple images

  69. Alan

    I like the cool images you can add from vladstudio and flicker. I don’t know how to improve it…yet.

  70. davehries

    DisplayFusion is my current choice for dual-display management. I have been using the free version for about 18 months or so.
    I really like the fact that it remembers your most recent wallpaper settings when you install a new Theme in Windows or Vista. That way I can get the new Theme’s colors, but I can revert back to my own favorite wallpapers. Cool!
    I would like to see the hot keys improved. Moved windows are not held in memory (at-least for me). So the next time I start up they moved windows has gone back to the default location. Or is it just a operator error? :)
    Having the Pro version would be a nice improvement for me.
    Thanks for this opportunity to win a copy.

    Have a nice Veterans’ Day. Remember the Vets as you go about your day tomorrow.

  71. Rob

    Been using the free version of DisplayFusion at home for a while, basically just use separate wallpapers on dual monitors (or occasionally span a panorama) and really like it. I just installed it at work and I like the new title bar button feature.

    What I’d like to see, would be a way to save and apply different icon layouts – especially since I use a laptop and have different monitor configurations for work and home.

  72. Hoder Jensen

    I love how Display Fusion is just damn good looking, has excellent Windows 7 support and a task manager shortcut from the taskbar menu, very handy.

    I would improve even further on the Windows 7 functionality, adding support for Jumplists on the taskbar and smooth animations when moving windows.

  73. MYO WIN

    never heard of this one. I would love to have one copy. please and thank you.

  74. Hector Munoz


    I can’t live/work without at least two monitors, so any tool that can help improve that experience is more than welcome in my “Needed software” folder.

    Most tools provide the same functions, but you can’t beat the integration with Vladstudio and Flickr, that’s the killer feature of DisplayFusion.

    Integration with Windows 7 needs to be improved but I’m sure that it’s only a matter of time for the developers to do it.

  75. Kelley Giffen

    I like the idea of this program, and I LOVE that DisplayFusion works on Windows 7.

    I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about it. Can’t wait to try it.

  76. Dru

    I use DisplayFusion at work and at home for almost a year now and I love it.

    The feature I like the most is the Multi-Monitor Taskbar that have a lot of configuration options. It can use your current window theme even if it’s a custom theme. It can be located at the bottom, left, top or right of the second monitor independently of the main Windows taskbar. It can have all the opened windows or just the subset that are located on a monitor. It also have window previews. The author of the software take care of simulating the taskbar appearance and features on all supported Windows versions.

    Another thing I like is the support from the author. I encountered bugs a couple of months ago and left comments on the forum. I had fast answers and I have been added to the beta tester group and helped him to troubleshoot some issues under Windows XP.

    One thing that can be improved is the sort order of the Multi-Monitor Taskbar buttons when the taskbar is configured to have all the windows displayed (mirror). Sometimes, if I load some windows before running DisplayFusion, or if I close it and reopen it, the taskbar buttons sort order of the main taskbar and the DisplayFusion one is inconsistent. Some work can be done to detect the main taskbar buttons order and sort the DisplayFusion taskbar buttons accordingly.

  77. RandyN

    Used this for a while and find it indispensable when using multiple monitors. My favorite features are the hotkeys for moving apps between monitors (both to next monitor and sizing proportionally) and window snapping (works great with Windows 7).

    Biggest thing to improve is the auto updating. For the last year I’ve been using it, it has never let me know about any new versions (and yes, it is set up properly to do so).

  78. Ricci

    Id love a copy! never tried this before

  79. David Lynch

    I have used the free version and I love how easy it is to use and now that it works with Windows 7 well that is a bonus. I wish they would do away the dual confirmation box. I press ok, then get a message that says “Do you want to apply these Wallpaper settings now?” The answer is yes, yes I do! There is no reason to have this added confirmation box at all!

  80. Chuck

    Help..I downloaded the Display Fusion..however, it will not open, and I am unable to uninstall it….any recommendaiont? Thanks Chuck

  81. beez

    My favorite DisplayFusion feature is the ability to set different backgrounds on each of my monitors.

    An improvement I’d like to see is a configuration option to relocate the generated wallpaper folder out of the user’s profile. This is especially useful if roaming profiles of limited size are used.

  82. Gage

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of DisplayFusion I just started using it and I would like to win the free copy of DisplayFusion Pro. I can’t find any problems with or anything it needs changed.

  83. Wai

    I use DisplayFusion at work when I had two monitors. It makes selecting background images for each screen much easier than Windows XPs builtin display settings.

    I don’t know what improvement DF could have. Maybe some social networking support, such as a direct link to either facebook or twitter telling what picture I am using as background.

  84. TheBigOldDog

    If you get any more I’d love a copy!

  85. TheBigOldDog

    Actually, forget it. I just downloaded and tested the free copy and it’s complete junk. You can’t even create a playlist. What good is it? There are plenty of really good free wallpaper changers out there like Adolix to waste another second with this. Heck if you are willing to create a single folder with all your wallpaper in it you can even use that native Win7 functionality.

  86. dmmacs

    I DisplayFusion Hotkeys to swap windows between monitors without having to use the mouse.

    I wish it could save display profiles for different setups. I use this with a laptop and move between conference rooms with projectors on left or right plus a desk setup.

  87. Jeffrey Wisniewski

    Yep, would love a copy (who doesn’t like to get free software). Like all the options and the fact that it displays multiple wallpapers on multiple monitors correctly. Biggest flaw with this program (or maybe I just missed it) is the ability to configure the wallpaper section with just one group of settings instead of having to create four different settings (I am running four monitors).

  88. Jeffrey Wisniewski

    (an hour later continuation of my previous post).

    This program even handles my Mimo 7″ Monitor wallpaper images without any problems, the first program to do so.

  89. Rob

    Where can i get that wallpaper that’s on the desktop #2!!!

  90. James Vollbrecht

    WindowsFusion… would love a free copy of the PRO version – already love the taskbars. I’m a multi-monitor fiend – I’ve got a 25″, a 22″, and a 27″ TV hooked up to my rig… so this is a HUGE help to me and now I can put pics of the fam on one display, some hi-res military stuff on my main display, and keep rotating whatever on the other. This is sweet – and would love the ability to auto-rotate backgrounds!


  91. RedMage

    I like displayfusion.It works great.Its a good idea change your wallpaper time to time.And I have nearly thousands of them.I really love it.

    the features to be improved are to make displayfusion load images from more websites(currently only two).Otherwise its superb..

  92. bronnos

    I really like DisplayFusion because once installed you never notice it because it integrates very well. I’m using it now with XP and never had a glitch whatsoever!! Tried Ultramon but it isn’t really stable on my computer…

    I really like the background feature where you can use Flickr photo’s as background, but it does not work for me behind our company’s proxy. I’m using John’s Background Switcher for that now which does work. Would be nice if DisplayFusion could do this also.

  93. Russell Clements

    Display Fusion

    I used to use UltraMon at a place that I worked. I enjoyed having the taskbar on each monitor. I had thought about using it at home, but the cost to put it on several systems was more than I wanted to mess with.

    I ran into Display Fusion after reading about it on Microsoft’s where someone mentioned that it would allow multiple backgrounds on monitors. I’ve been using the free version for 18 months? I’m evaluating the Pro version and really enjoy having the use of the taskbar on the other screen. I’ve used the Pro functionality previously on a laptop with an external display and the taskbar functionality never worked on it.

    I’ve run it on XP, Vista 32, Vista 64, and Windows 7 64 and have enjoyed it. With two kids, this software allows me to have a piece of their artwork as a background on each of my monitors. I LOVE IT!!

    I’ve not tried the Pro functionality on my laptop and dock with external monitor again, but the main functionality I’ve come to enjoy is the multiple backgrounds per monitor. I have three monitors at work and Display Fusion works very well to assign a different image to each background with all three of them.

    My suggestion. I work a lot with virtual machines. One of the things that I really enjoy about a virtual environment is the transparency into what’s going on. I’d love to see a toolbar that I could enable that would show network traffic, CPU % Util, Memory % Util, HD access. Microsoft’s Virtual PC has this functionality and I enjoy using it. I’m not sure that this would be the kind of thing you’re looking for, but I’d think it would be cool. It might also provide more functionality for the multiple-monitor taskbar and induce more people to buy.

    This is GREAT software and I really appreciate that there’s a free version.

  94. Carlos Sanchez


    I have 2 monitors, I will love to have the Pro since I have a vladstudio account too!

  95. Thomas Scheibelreiter

    I love the hotkeys, Windows 7 has good hotkeys for one monitor, but is rather stupid when it comes to working with more than one.

    I would like stretching of the MS Taskbar over both monitors or replacing the original one with the DF-Taskbar

  96. Eric

    DF is a great tool to improve productivity, that’s my favorite part! I would like to see the way windows are minimized on the secondary monitor handled a bit better. Currently you’ll notice that some windows will sneak back over to the primary taskbar before returning to the secondary taskbar :( In older versions, I also noticed restoring and then minimizing a window would actually change it’s place on the taskbar (moving it to the end each time).

  97. Alex

    DisplayFusion is great. I just bought a pair of LCDs to run as dual screen and it works wonders. However, it still has some teething problems with windows 7. Although the same can be said for other multi-monitor software at the moment.

  98. Robert

    I used another product on Vista, but that no longer works on Windows 7. I do not remember the name of that product because I am old and frequently forget my name. What I like about DEisplay Fusion is that they are responsive to changes. What I don’t like is that when I put up a wallpaper with a slot machine on it, that real money doesn’t come out.

  99. David Sisson

    DisplayFusion looks awesome! The snap windows to side feature is something I’ve been missing. I’ve been doing okay with GridMove, but it’s nice to have something automatic!

  100. Rodney

    I like how DisplayFusion combines ALL of the background/wallpaper options available in other programs, with the multi-taskbar, reducing the # of programs running. I also like the extreme customize-ability. One thing that could be improved is the wallpaper setup could be accessible from the Wallpaper tab in the Settings box.

  101. Chad

    DisplayFusion is very impressive, installs light works very quickly, my only gripe is when using remote desktop connection it seems to flake out a bit, logging out and logging back in seems to be the only fix i can come up with all in all though great program!

  102. Blake

    DisplayFusion is great, it allows me to manage wallpapers with great customization, and also to have a taskbar on both of my monitors.

  103. Ben Martin

    Love that it works with Windows 7.

    I dont like that you can not make / add plug ins.

  104. Martin Turney

    What I like about Fusion is the ability to use different wallpapers for each monitor. I use the same wallpaper each time, but this way I can stretch one of them so it looks like the other larger monitor. Neat trick. :-) Without Fusion one of my wallpapers would look different than the other because of the screen sizes and resolution. One was a wide screen causing the difference. But now with Fusion the two screens are set up slightly different, but look identical. That was my whole goal with downloading Fusion, and it worked.
    Since that time I have grown into two large 28″ LCD monitors running off of a ViDock2 external gaming video card with the laptop screen closed. I still use Fusion, but wish I had the Pro version to add identical task-bars to the Dual 28″ LCDs. I have tried Multi-Mon free task-bar, but this has been removed because in Windows 7 it does not look the same as the original task-bar.
    What do I like to see improved; add the task-bar to the free version. :-)

  105. kaushik

    I have used trial version of Display fusion, and , it is really amazing.
    This website is pretty much informative too.
    Waiting for a free copy of display fusion from you !! :

  106. Mike Pertwee


    I love the way you can drag maximised windows which you would not be able to do normally.

    A function to drag the wallpaper in the preview when positioning it would be nice, instead of having to click the up and down buttons.


  107. Bob

    DisplayFusion is great. I love the options to try to fit a wallpaper to my 2nd monitor in portrait mode (though it’s a shame that so few photo images in a series are optimized for portrait mode). I would appreciate even more flexibility in manipulating available wallpapers to better fit portrait mode.

  108. The Geek


    Note that the giveaway is now over.

  109. Steven Shaffer

    I love the fact these guys put some competition out there for UltraMon. Competition is great for the consumer. NOW for a feature I’d LOVE to see implemented. I run (as well as I’m sure a lot of people do) Synergy. I have a Vista computer for my games, and a Ubuntu computer for all my other needs and learning linux. A feature I’d like to see is a way to sync these desktops somehow with software like this so I not only have one continuous desktop but that my wallpapers are matching as well.

  110. Chris A

    I like that they are providing an more-featureful set of functionality than UltraMon. I currently have an UltraMon license, and look forward to get a DisplayFusion license when they achieve enjoyable Windows 7 Compatibility.

    I really do enjoy their wallpaper features, keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts, and integration into Windows while remaining lightweight and crispy.

    I would however, like deviantart integration (its where I get most of my wallpapers!), better (much better!) windows 7 support, and perhaps mouse gestures?

    As for me, I will continue to use UltraMon as my DisplayFusion trial has expired :)

  111. Jan

    Bummer – I left a great review to get the pro version at the download site and didn’t see the opportunity to leave a review here. I guess it’s too late? Anyhow… November 10th, 2009 at 8:24 pm
    My use may be a bit unusual, but I like DisplayFusion because I can hook up one of my laptops to my TV and watch netflix online, plus my sisters and I are going to go through some family photos and this is an excellent way for all of us to look at the photos from a CD in almost life size format. This is also an excellent way to view digital video recordings. I was also thinking about entertaining, and displaying photos from my jewelry business when I have people over, or even displaying family or theme photos with Pandora playing in the background. I wanted to find a tool like this, googled display settings for two monitors and viola! I got just what I asked for!

    Thanks so much for this – it is excellent!

  112. Arthur Nonamiss

    Still on the trial, but so far, I’m pretty impressed. I’ve used UltraMon for years, and their development seems to have gone by the wayside a bit.

  113. Rich

    only 5 copies to give away, now thats just not right.. i think you should have given away hundreds if not thousands. Being that Display Fusion is in my opinion the only multipulmonitor app out there that works the best. I read thru the comments and only a few were worth anything. Theres a few things I would like to see changed or fixed or added and that is A) the task bar is not the same on any OS, theres something with them all. On windows 7 the animation for the Areo peek when you put your cursor over the Icon that represents a tab and isolates the screen and hides all others that are open, does not do the same or looks the same. And B) Not one comment about this and that is to enable screensavers for multimonitors to be encorporated into the software. And C) 64 64 64.. get with the next generation 64 bit is designed for mulitasking so why have no version for Display Fusion in 64 bit Please make an exception as to giving me a copy of Pro (even if contest is over) because i feel that i deserve it for coming up with something that not one other person said and i think that it is a real good ideas and anyone who post a comment after me should give me some props. Please email me any info if im wrong about any of these ( Happy Thanksgiving Binaryfortress, Keep up the good work. Your friend Rich

  114. Dai

    Display Fusion is a really good bit of software and it does exactly what it is intended to do the only thing you can update is looks and style, but all in all perfect program.

  115. Luke

    Love this software for multiple reasons but I will breifly go over the main points.
    It is Windows 7 Compatible, It is simple to use, and it really works.

    I looked for days for a good, compatible software to get my dual wallpapers onto my two Displays and tried about 10 different ones. Some worked for a day or too as a free trial but eventually decided that I needed prompting to buy their software every 10 seconds. Some didn’t work because they were not Windows 7 Compatible and some where not even 64bit Compatible. And about three were Virus’ which took a couple of days to get rid of, Luckly I still had all my Information retained on my HDD.

    I finally found Display fusion and I was amazed! It installed and worked from day 1. No fiddling with settings, No having to mess around with pictures and such and the list goes on. It was just really simple. Find the image you want and your done. Whats more they have such great other features such as changing colours into like greyscale and such which I have tried and it has improved the look of my displays amazing, as I was using a CoD:WaW wallpaper with the Sepia Tone and it just improved the overal look to my Computer.

    So far I have found no errors in the program but, as with all trial software unfortunately has to be, there is my personal complaint is that they have left so many features restricted (I know that they must do this in order for the company to make money and such, but it can be frustrating). And so this is one of the main reasons I would love to get the Pro Version. Slideshow Wallpapers, Able to load pictures from the internet from various sources and to change some of the settings as in to have a task bar on both displays.

    Thank for such a great free trial software, Keep up the good work

  116. Ed L

    To show how much I like it, it was one of the first applications I added to Win7. It is a must for two or more monitors. Even a slow old guy like me can use it with no trouble. I don’t need all the features, I just want my 2 monitors to look the way I want, a different image on each manitor and a changing screensaver on monitor 1, plus a task bar on each. I like Pro so much I even paid for it.

  117. Matt

    DisplayFusion is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately for me, the part I need is only in the Pro version — that’s how they getcha — the Windows 7 Aero theme. Having the taskbar on multiple monitors is SO handy and is therefore my favorite part about this software.

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