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We Have 20 Google Wave Invites. Want One?

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Google Wave is all the rage these days, probably in large part because you need to be invited to participate in the preview version. Want an invite? We’ve got 20 of them to give away. Sorry, the giveaway is over!

What’s Google Wave, You Ask?

The all-knowing Google robots decided to come up with a new solution to the problem of collaborating on the web. You can edit and discuss documents in real-time with a group of people. The Google Wave team says Wave is “what email would look like if it were invented today.”

Right now, that’s the extent of what it does, though the underlying framework will eventually allow a lot more interesting uses.


Instead of bothering to take you on a tour of how it works, instead we’ll just point you towards the very best source on the subject, the Complete Guide to Google Wave, written by Adam Pash and Gina Trapani from Lifehacker.


Be Quiet and Give Me My Invite Already!

Fine! We’ll get down to business. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Leave a comment with your idea for a topic that you would like to see us write about.
  • Include the keyword googlewave in your comment (for spam checking purposes).
  • Make sure to use your real email address (nobody will see it but us).

We’ll pick 20 random people from the comments, and announce the winners in our weekly roundup, so even if you are reading this on Friday you can still participate.

Note that your comment might not be approved immediately, but rest assured that it’s sitting in the queue.

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  • Published 11/5/09

Comments (454)

  1. Kale

    I would like you to write an article about the differences between Vista and Windows 7. Is it really worth updating to?

    googlewave , yay!

  2. Ral Ndubaku

    Integrating Google Voice and Google Wave googlewave

  3. tcfusion


    I’d love to see a guide how to use or even build gadgets or robots. Also the features like embedding images and videos seems very nice.

  4. tszwing

    I want one!!!

  5. Photovatar

    I would love a googlewave invite! :)

  6. Jordy Rossell

    Please write about all bad-experienced Windows 7 users. i dont really think everythink is pink and sweet with it.


  7. MauriceKPhillips


  8. Lucas

    I want one!!! :-)

  9. Edmund


    I’d love to see tutorials about the latest Ubuntu, 9.10. Lots has changed, and I’m always on the lookout for Desktop customization help. You guys seem like the perfect crowd to explore that topic.

    As always, keep up the great work! Thank you!

  10. David

    I want to use Google Wave…
    If you can, invite me Please…
    Have a nice day~~

  11. Bailey

    I would love an invite. Thanks.

  12. Ryan Dozier


    How about a topic about mobile phones and apps on the mobile phones?

  13. branden

    I would love to see you guys write about mac osx: snow leopard VS windows 7! sounds like a great topic like to see witch one is better.. can”t wait for google wave!

  14. Jesse Falk-Finley

    How to troubleshoot battery issues in Windows 7. I’ve noticed two machines that don’t properly show battery charge status since the switch to Windows 7. I’ve seen several forums about the topic, but most suggest taking out the battery and then waiting/praying. That works temporarily, but then the problem comes back…


  15. Lucas

    I forgote ;-)


    I want one!!! Please :D

  16. John

    Maybe a good way to turn google voice into a real voip service.
    maybe you could do a run through of the Windows 7 compatibility feature. for example running a program tha will only run in XP or even Windows 95 in 7. that would be very cool and helpful.

  17. adir

    id like to see a post about the firefox addon “brief” or about using firefox addons with flock
    here is my email:

  18. Jeff

    googlewave. would love to use google wave with coworkers and colleagues.

  19. Rob

    I would like to read more on how to better stream from your laptop to your tv.. yey googlewave..

  20. Alexander

    I think it’d be great if you wrote about HOW to use Google Wave and its potential for future users especially regular consumers (not businesses and freelancer) that’d be something I’d love to read about.

    :) can I get an invite? googlwave

  21. SP

    would like to try Wave. I have gvoice and whenever they let me send invites, I can return the favor

  22. Daniel

    I’m a new-music-discovery-tools-geek… So more about that maybe! :)

    And of course… more more more on wave!


  23. choppystyx


    Write about multi-mon support for remote desktop for 7 and / or Vista

  24. Bailey

    Sorry. Didn’t read the last bit there.
    I would like to see you write about how to begin learning to build custom windows skins.
    Google Wave

  25. Roy

    Topic request: multi touch capabilities in Windows 7


  26. Ashutosh Mishra

    I’d like you to write some articles on customizing and using Opera. And then I’d love a googlewave ! :]

  27. bryan

    I’d like one! :)

  28. Artur

    Now that the improved rainmeter version is out, I’d definetely read an article that’s a quick guide on how to use it to install new themes and stuff.


  29. Luke

    Topic request: How to make Windows 7 completely Star Wars themed.


  30. Oliver

    I want one

  31. Jeff N

    Who has 2 thumbs and wants an invite? this guy.

  32. Ananda Ray

    I think you should write about how to optimize your usage of WinMo devices.

  33. Xavier

    I’d like to know about using googlewave with iphone


  34. Ananda Ray

    I think you should write about how to optimize your usage of WinMo devices. (GoogleWave)

  35. Oliver

    I have had a lot of trouble with this:
    Adding network shares to windows 7 libraries.
    Since shares are normally not indexed, windows 7 rejecks them.


  36. Gustavo

    How about SDK for building WinMo apps, unleash power of cloud computing with googlewave… googlewave….

  37. Arie Lyles


    invite please!!!!

  38. Victor

    A compendium of Software ready for Windows 7 and better yet, those which uses the new taskbar features.
    # GoogleWave

  39. bryan

    Oh sorry, didn’t catch the end. I’d like a googlewave invite. An article I’d like to read about is how to optimize windows 7 for slower PCs

  40. Birgit

    Hey there,

    I’m posting from the good old germany. I love your Chance for invite.

    My tip for topic is, to write about the international connections, what will come closer with googlewave.

    Thx 4 share and inviting

    Best regards

  41. jose

    hey you can invite me? i m from venezuela..!1 hope you can send a invitacion to me..!

  42. Alicia

    I’d like a Google Wave invite please :)

  43. Andy


    My choice of topic for you to geek about is: big drum roll

    Geek food – snacks that are great to eat to keep mind and body functioning well when you are spending hours over a screen trying code or worse debug that little piece of badly written code

  44. Claudio

    I’d like to know about using googlewave with maemo Linux.

  45. Dale

    Google Wave and integrating other “activity streams” (like comments from other sources….to add to the wave) They talked about this on Gilmor Gang show today ……want an invite for Wace!

  46. Dale

    Google Wave and integrating other “activity streams” (like comments from other sources….to add to the wave) They talked about this on Gilmor Gang show today ……want an invite for googlewave!

  47. amir.e

    twitter apps

  48. Tom Webster

    Idea : windows 7 vs. Latest ubuntu or mind hacking-concentration, focus etc


  49. Nikhil


    geeks also like programming and scripting. If you can also cover few programming and scripting topics along with some handy scripts that’ll be grate.

    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  50. Vitan Remus

    Hi, i would like to see a short and good comment (mini tutorial ) about google GEARS.
    It seems to be an innovating tehnology but it is not used as much as it should neacuse developers don’t know much about it’s powers …

    by the way i would also like an googlewave invite :)
    thanks a lot in advance.

  51. Ragflan

    I would like to read an article about what exactly GoogleWave does to revolutionise communication platforms and also an article showing some uncommon uses of googlewave as part of Getting Things Done.

  52. Netbones

    Wave at me! (Or at least pick me)!

  53. George

    An interesting article to read would be on iPhone/Droid/Nokia tethering.


  54. James

    googlewave –

    I’d like to see an article on Home Theater PC setups, specifically movie managers and codec installations (pros and cons).

  55. Me

    Google Wave support on the Droid

  56. Maged

    Well, I’d like to see a topic about RSS, RSS2.0 and Atom Feeds, how they work and the differences and which is better, thanks :)

  57. Luke

    I’d like tips on getting Linux programs to run on may Mac.


  58. Treyk4

    I’d like to see a post on websites that are, like googlewave , on the cutting (bleeding?) edge of technology, innovating and breaking the norm of the web.

  59. Rob Hyndman


    I’d like to see something on how to set up an easy-to-use revision control system or svn for documents on a Windows machine.

  60. The Shockwave

    I’ll take a googlewave invite. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but better to be than to be without.

  61. Luciano Rocha

    Please write about the difference between Android and iPhone OS on the topic of one being open-source vs the other being closed. And what that could mean in the future of handheld devices. googlewave

  62. Jon

    It would be nice to do a roundup of free, or inexpensive home file/print/media server utilities.
    Possibly ones that run on top of Windows 7, others that run nicely on Linux.

    And maybe post it all in a nice elegant, Googlewave.

  63. Rickles

    googlewave! invite please…

    Still waiting for one from Google.

  64. rainer

    hey i would love to read more about foto and video related stuff :) thanks

  65. Nickolas Hook

    An article about using Eclipse could be handy for beginning programmers such as myself.
    Please send me a googlewave invite! Much appreciated

  66. Alberto Glez

    I would love a googlewave invite! :)

    my mail:

    wuhumail at

  67. William Becher

    I would like a topic about Smartphones, Windows Mobile, etc…



  68. Paul Parkinson

    As a photographer with over 250Gb of JPG and CR2 files which need (must!) be backed up online as well as on my Drobo I’d like to see a comparison of online back up sites when the back up is very large. One that I use(d) chokes the upload connection when the back up reaches 200Gb – so I am looking for a replacement.


    Also, how about a comparison of DSL / wireless routers? My Netgear DG834N is on its last legs so I need a new one!

  69. Jim

    A great topic would be how to fully integrate Google Voice / Google Wave and other Google AND other cloud based systems into a easy to use portable system that does not care what OS you’re using – ie. walk up to a Linux / Mac / Windows (or other) internet capable system and !bam! you’ve got your system working. A nice touch would be including social networks too (aka Facebook / Twitter / etc…)

  70. Mike Jenkins


    I would love an article on alternatives to paid software, like GIMP for Photoshop, etc.

  71. Yousif

    I love to have an invite. Thanks in advance. I am looking for how Google is planning to bring such a platform to iPhone and android phones!

  72. Ben

    I would love to see a home security camera server setup either using linux or windows as the backend

    googlewave me :)


  73. Jim

    PS: a big plus would be integration on to say a Windows Phone / Blackberry / iPhone (or other SmartPhone) with ease of touch and have TRUE carry your system in your pocket!

  74. KingJulian


    I would like to read an article about voice control (pc, mobilephone, …)


  75. Jonas

    I’d like one, and i really would like to see some guide about music-streaming solution ( and similar). And also some overview about VPN.

  76. baraa


    I think u should talk about Live Mesh

  77. Ray Waldo


    I would like to see a full-fledged article on some of the uses of googlewave. So far, I do not understand what is can be used for. But I would like to try it out and find out for myself.

  78. Chappy_cs

    Microsoft vs. Google


  79. teocomi

    mee too! of course ;)

  80. Brian


    I second the comments about seeing how/if Google Wave is beneficial to the average user… Thanks.

  81. Ron

    I would love to see a article on the basics on how to use Ubuntu. How to do simple things like installing programs to setting up a network.

  82. Tom Yang

    I would love to see a guide that teaches people how to start learning common keyboard shortcuts in different programs (perhaps a series?!)

    and yes, Google Wave invite would be amazing! I want one.


    – Tom

  83. Steve

    How about a “How-to” setup and secure a wireless network with XP and Windows 7 machines on the network. I would love the Googlewave invite.

  84. Russ Francis

    I would love to see an article about using googlewave as a possible “crowdsourcing” solution for users to troubleshoot their own issues.

  85. Josh


    Dude! A googlewave invite would be totally SWEET!!!
    I think you should continue to unlock the secrets of Windows 7.
    I’d also like to read about some cell phone comparisons. New WinMo phones vs iphone vs droid. Very interested in the DROID, but my contract isn’t up for a while… :(

  86. Jabberwock

    I would love to see an article about integration of apps/hardware into one intelligent home system. For example, the same remote for movies, lights and the dog food bowl…


  87. Scrabysys

    Ciao a tutti, sono qui per chiedervi se posso avere Google wave. Solo così posso tradurre e leggere il vostro interessante libri. Grazie.

  88. John Paul Mays


    I, too, would like you to write an article on how the build desktop gadgets for Windows 7/Vista.


  89. Eyad Salah

    I also have about 15 invitations that I’m not gonna use. I’ll be glad to invite some of your followers if I may

  90. XPinG

    Why no openid login ?, should be a good feature

    googlewave roks

  91. Jake Harris

    ooooh – want, want!

  92. Isaac


    My topic idea that I would like to see you write about is how to set up automatic imaging backups for your operating system (either via the local machine or a networked computer).

    Ideally the solution would cover simple, and free software, of course.

    Ike Cube


  93. Scott Wegner

    Cover some of the cool media sharing features of Windows 7, i.e. HomeGroups, and the ability to link your Windows account to Windows Live credentials to access your media over the internet.

    And I would love a googlewave invite. :)

  94. Adrien

    I would love to see a guide on how to free oneself from google and the google apps, with alternatives and ideas of integration between services, or how to install the same tools on ones home server for the paranoid.
    Still I’d love to try google wave (smell the irony here?) googlewave

  95. Tauna Len

    I’d love to read about how creative artists, musicians, writers, freelancers, etc. can get the most out of GoogleWave… and I’d love to give it a try, myself.

  96. ankur

    Oh boy write about being able to use wave from mobile device… And give me an invite.

  97. JT

    All the different manners by which you can install/upgrade the different versions of windows 7


  98. Sean Higgins

    please invite me!

  99. Shawn

    I have very much enjoyed your newsletters and tweets! I think I’d like to hear your detailed take on the future of the iPhone vs. Android. Perhaps even a pros/cons list for each.

    Also- I noticed someone above in the comments mentioning they had some invites for your followers. If I could ‘raise my hand’ for an invite from anyone, I can’t WAIT to get my hands on googlewave

    Thanks! :-) -Shawn

  100. Shawn

    oops, forgot to leave my email for any would-be googlewave offerings!

    Thanks! :-) -Shawn

  101. NavySquid

    I would like to see an article on upgrading to Windows 7. I would like to update my laptop, but I don’t want to loose my data, settings. Is there anything I can do?

    Google Wave


  102. Srinivas

    A cool topic or series of articles, could be ubuntu, windows or any operating system over the years (pros and cons about the system, etc.) googlewave.



  103. Warren

    I would like to see an article on setting up VMware ESXi hypervisor… I’ve been running VMWare for the past 4 years, but I’ve never attempted to setup a ESXi hypervisor to run on bare metal… I think an article would be great. Also please consider me for your Wave invite ;-)

    Thank you!

  104. Mark Roberts

    Hmm, You could write a new user’s guide to google wave if you have not already done so.


  105. Natalynn Hepworth

    I would like to see an article review Windows 7s new version of Movie Maker.


  106. Mike

    I would like to see an article on the best software/hardware to use for recording live tv on your computer.

  107. Adriano

    How about the best netbook thats win7 ready?


  108. Nassep

    All the waves eventually lead to me! Wave me please.

    Would like to see articles re: cloud computing options and wikinomics

  109. ALi

    I would like u to write about if googlewave will replace classic e-mails soon ..

    googlewave :)

  110. gastaoss


    I would like to see an article about Windows 7 performace in netbooks…



  111. gyffes

    “I’ll take ‘Ways of Boosting Comment Participation for a thousand, Alex…”

    Please to accept my hat in da ring, thankee.

  112. rsanders

    Image browsers (like XNView) that are stable in a network environment.



  113. kavavis


    Hi, I would like to read about how to implement an high availability solution based on virtual box or an article of best services to run on a virtual machine.


  114. Phil

    I would like you to write about bumptop


  115. Calr


    I’d like to see more home security/automation stuff. DIY, comparisons, etc…

  116. Mike

    Yay Googlewave!

    I’d like to see a “best of” for the year, since it’s nearly ending. Something like the most popular apps that came out this year

  117. m

    I would like to see an article about comparing different vm softwares (vmware, virtualbox, xen etc)


  118. Lara

    I would like to see an article about how to make Windows 7 faster, slimer, how to delete features if possible,maybe the shake Aero is not essential for many users.

  119. Philip

    I think you should do a review of the Droid.

  120. Jane


    Well , something about new Remote control Software

  121. vishnu

    Hi…I want google wave too…

    I want more tutorials on shifting to ubuntu for windows users… I know this topic is probably beaten to death by many websites… but one thing that I always dont get is how to install drivers on a new ubuntu desktop… For windows u just go the manufacturers website and download the drivers… but no one puts drivers for Linux :( … Ubuntu community doesnt help much on this topic either…
    So probably an article on installing drivers on dell,hp, acer laptops, for ubuntu starters, wii be great…

  122. Felipe

    I really want to be invited googlewave

  123. Dodot


    Step-by-step guide to setting up A Home Server from the Desktop version of Ubuntu 9.10 karmic, with the following functions:

    1) Automated (yet secure) cross-platform, multi-client backup. (Both Operating System as well as specified data.)

    2) Cross-platform NAS with user-based access privileges.

    3) Browser-based Media Streaming. (Through Jinzora?)

    4) Other goodies – like browser based torrent management.

  124. Timothy Long

    I’d love to see a 2009 best-of roundup. Go Google Wave!

  125. Michael

    Please DO Wave me, bro!

  126. Brandon

    Hey guys, I follow your blog and think it’s awesome. I learn alot all the time. Google Wave has always interested me and I’d like to see what it really does…

    Regarding your article to write. I suggest you do a review of Process Lasso. It has helped me immensely and I love it.

    Thank You

  127. Chris

    I’d love an article showing me how to remove a hard drive from an old laptop and use a 16 or 32 gig flash chip instead as the hard drive for a cloud-based laptop, but you guys focus more on the software side of things.

    SO, how about an article showing us how to make our own Linux distribution based on Ubuntu rather than openSUSE? (I know open SUSE has a tool to do this) I have made some great modifications to Ubuntu 9.10 on my own system, and I’ve had some requests to install the same set up on family and friends computers, but the tweaking takes so long each time I install. It would be great to just do it once and create an installation disc.

    keyword: googlewave

  128. Art Williams

    ooo! OOO! OOOO! Me ME MEE! (hand waving in the air)

  129. Nathan

    This would be great for group projects at school! I love Howtogeek and would love to use Google Wave!

  130. ColinS

    I would like one please

  131. Russell

    I would surely appreciate if you could give me one. I need to this for work and school. Thank you!

  132. Avi

    google wave

    I think you guys should do some stuff about music, how best to organize your library, keep it organized, how to find new music, etc….

  133. Michel

    The most frustrating thing about Google Wave is that you can read all the documentation, get really excited about it and then not have an invite!

    I would really appreciate an invite to googlewave.

    I belong to an unusual demographic as I am 60+. Having said that I have been a siftware developer for more than 40 years. I can’t wait to get an invite as my time is getting shorter! :)

    Good article, by the way, and great offer.


  134. Gilbert Sanchez

    I’d love to see some more sysadmin stuff. A particular topic that would be interesting would be managing multiple DHCP servers.


  135. Ahanor

    I would like an article about what applications and solutions exists for setting up VPNs in Windows 7 x64. Actually, I’d love that all of your articles include 64 bits OS, since many of them only seem to work in 32 bits. Thanks!!

  136. Matt

    You already cover so many great geek topics so it’s hard to pick a new one that I would like to see. I could cop out and say googlewave topics but that isn’t what you want to hear. I would like to see some posts on how to begin object oriented programming, especially for Android or dare I say it googlewave.

  137. Bryan

    I would like to see an article on setting up a NAS server with something like FreeNAS or openFiler.


  138. Toby


    I’d like to see a guide or a how-to to help me setup my mythtv back end server and get it to talk properly to my front end (which in this case is an xbox)


  139. Lamak


    I’d like and article showing how to really improve gaming in Windows 7.

  140. Mike Munoz

    I would like to see an article on top management tools for windows and linux servers. Open source tools are a plus. Thanks for the googlewave offer. Appreciate the site.

  141. Kyle Bachand

    If you still have some, I would like one please!

  142. Jim

    What is the best way to clean a hard drive before throwing/selling/giving it away?

  143. Kyle Bachand

    Oh haha, didn’t read the requirements!
    1.) Maybe something pertaining to iTunes and Quicktime problems? Myself and many others seem to be having trouble with the new Quicktime (7.64) and for some reason it has created multiple problems on vista computers. I can’t even watch quicktime movies on webpages!


  144. Russ

    I’d like to see a topic on transitioning from Windows XP to my new MacMini/Snow Leopard and VMware Fusion. What can I move to OSX? What should/could run a VM window? What problem would such a change make, what should I look out for? Can I copy my WinXP on my pc to the VMware session? If not how do I buy Win7 that is intended solely for VM and not a dedicated pc?



  145. Sean

    Wave me a googlewave invite.

  146. Mart

    I’d love a GWave invite! :D

  147. joshuatly

    i want the Googlewave invite!
    Thanks a lot!

  148. Myke


    I’d love to see a how to for using ssh to bypass pesky firewalls and proxies at work

  149. Danielle McGaw

    I’d love to see you write about warning signals that an application might be dangerous for your computer. I’m finding that some applications can really mess my computer up (specifically firefox applications/extenstion/plugins).

    And I’d love a GoogleWave invite!

  150. Jorge Paulo

    I want one!!! please!!!

  151. VitaminCM

    I would like an invite.
    Also, I’d like to see an article on real world uses for Google wave.

  152. Steve Allen

    I’d like to see on how to use Apple Contacts with LDAP.

    googlewave Garth.
    googlewave Wayne.

  153. Chris Clark


    How about the topic of the 10 applications that will turn your laptop into a full multimedia center.
    best app to play movies
    best emulator to play games

    maybe its been done and maybe it hasnt

  154. papasmurf


    Article on the differences between your & you’re and when (and not) to use them.

  155. Rob Brewer

    Topic idea: create a backup partition like OEMs do so you can restore your Windows 7 install if it gets screwed up.

  156. Chris Clark


    actually i have another idea- maybe a better one
    What about the need for a home nas box and the best ones to use.
    I have a dlink nas box and i do enjoy but it doesnt do the job as a media server WHICH was the point of buying the dam thing

  157. Mysticgeek

    Thanks for all of your suggestions guys! You have a lot of good ones and you can look forward to some of the best ones in the near future! Good Luck to all of you!!

  158. Shockersh

    Invite please!!! :) :) googlewave

    topic? How-to use google wave to share photos

  159. Kelvin


    Topic idea: I have been seeing you make great posts about software and some times, tweaks. Why not dwelve further into the machine and tell us how we can tweak our hardwares? It would be very interesting as most users do not know what is inside their machine.

  160. Kevin

    Id love a googlewave invite, and an article on enabling flash on on the iphone. Ive seen explanations, but nothing as clear and concise as a howtogeek article.

  161. Mark


    I would love to see a howto on the best way for a beginner to get into linux. I consider myself a windows geek and Mac savvy, but every time I try to use Linux I just feel lost.


  162. Jyothiprasad Buddha

    A guide on how to build Gadgets and Bots with examples from scratch will make a really useful article and will be loved the programmers and users who want to make a lasting impression on googlewave.

    Please send me an invite if you like the idea.

  163. Johan Gustavsson

    Hi, I would really like to see how I can use googlewave on my Windows Mobile Phone… (I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia x1, running a cooked wm6.5 rom…)

  164. slobo

    I would love to see howto windows azure.

  165. blkdrgn


    i think an interesting topic to cover would be a beginners guide to over clocking. there are so many “guides” out there that dont tailor to the beginner.

  166. Jert

    I would like you to cover integrating Google voice with Google wave as well. Thanks and keep up the great writing!


  167. googleowns

    googlewave i would like to see an article that teaches people the basics of programming….

  168. zenbouw

    Idea for topic: Secured Google Wave. How Google Wave can still be secured with all the buzz around it. Well, i’m not too sure whether Google Wave can be secured, would be nice if we have a post on ensuring that we are running a secured Google Wave.



  169. Ryan Sullivan

    Googlewave I would love to read an article about the new Windows PowerShell

  170. mccavity

    I would like to see an article on keeping data secure while travelling, and using open wifi networks.


  171. ankur

    Please post an article about advances in computer programming and their applicability. Also want to see one on how to fix the common wireless issues.

  172. Han Wang

    how about how to manage the add-ons of firefox, like back up or something like that?

    googlewave, i wanna one!!!

  173. Cat In Seattle

    Wow Google Wave …Definitely want an invite!

    Now as for the new idea …

    Since we are on the topic of Google, what are some of the “hidden” features of Google you have found useful? Unlike so many other “geek” sites where you are s’posed to just “know” stuff, this site ‘splains without making anyone feel like an idiot. I suspect there are lots of Google features I don’t even know about and even if I did, how the HELL do I make them work?

    Thanks for the offer, hope I win!

    One who Admits I am an Idiot …
    Cat In Seattle

  174. Alex A

    I would like to see an article explaining how to earn money while blogging.

  175. Fred The Fitness Guy

    I would like to see an article on installing a new hard drive. Googlewave is cool.

  176. HolbergMike

    I like to wave on the googlewave!

  177. Alex A


    I would like to see an article explaining how to earn money while blogging.

  178. ankur


    missed putting in googlewave the first time. Now the articles i would like to see: convergence of technologies and the trend surrounding it. For e.g. With advent of Google OS on phones and computers, the internet becomes the primary force that powers it… what awesome application might result from this?

  179. Eric

    I’d like to see more information about the best products/methods/strategies for getting streamed content to my HDTV through an XBox 360. Cover the spectrum…hulu, network stations, popular cable stations.

    I’d love to get a chance at Wave!

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    Article will include config tweaks and package installations so non-geeks can power up and go on their shiny new Ubuntu install.

    Great idea for a GoogleWave invite, nicely done.

  185. offbyone

    I would like to see the How-To Geek cover what VPN’s are, how people can make best use of them, and any pitfalls or things to watch out for.
    (I had to think really hard to come up with that suggestion since you already cover almost everything)
    I’m still not sure what exactly googlewave is. I should head over to Gina and Adam’s site and start clicking on chapters. = )

  186. Ajs

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    Thank you,
    Stephen Hobson

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    It would be great if you wrote an article on how to use wave as a free business tool vs. something similar that you would have to normally pay for.

    googlewave :)

  193. Rich

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    I’d love to see how Outlook can be made to auto add a bcc

  194. Vetri


    Howtogeek team already does a good work in writing about a vast number of SW systems.
    What could be added to the list is a Gadgets section, speaking of different new-to-market products and a tips and tricks section for the existing-market products.

  195. codeman

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    I would love to see a few articles concentrating on software (both & commercial) for translators, including (but not limited to) CAT tools like Trados, Deja Vu, WordFast and their free alternatives.

  198. Etienne Lawlor

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    I’d like to see some beginner articles on Ubuntu – not just a single how-to, but the basic steps walking someone installing it onto a computer and setting things up. It would make a good multi-article series!

    Also, a Google Wave invite would be cool!


    keyword: googlewave

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    oh well im in anyway :D

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    I’d like to see you do an article on the “nvlddmkm.sys” problems with Win 7 and how to fix them. I had to restore to a point a month old. SUCKED! Ate my memory and CPU cycles and couldn’t find a good fix anywhere on the net. Thanks for all you do!!! Love your site (as I’ve said before)…

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    I would like to see an article about bringing new life to an older computer.

    How to backup computers in the three OS’s like XP, Vista and 7.

    Or how to migrate from XP to 7 and things to watch out for.

    Thanks. I have been following you for a little while. Thanks for the great tips. You guys and ladies have been a great source of information.

  213. JordanHohman

    I think that you should write an article or series of articles about how to run basic routine maintenance on your computer to keep it running ship-shape. (Adware checks, defrag, etc.) Thanks!


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  215. John

    Google Wave:

    I forgot one, how about Parental Filters that will work to block out inappropriate websites like p*rn or anything else a parent might want to block out.

  216. Gina Birch


    Mac OSX Snowleopard vs. Windows 7: A complete breakdown.

  217. mikedbennett

    Wave is the most exciting web development I’ve seen all year!

  218. Gina Birch


    Mac OSX Snowleopard vs. Windows 7: A complete breakdown.

    googlewave googlewave googlewave googlewave googlewave :)

  219. Jeffrey Easton


    I think it would be great to learn more about the accessibility features of MS Office, Win 7, IE, etc. How do I get IE to read a Web page to me?, for instance.


  220. impulsedriven

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  226. calebstein


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  227. Megan


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  228. JVCline

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  229. Farhan

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    I’d like that very much.

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    I would enjoy another post about Instant Message Clients such as Pidgin or Digsby. I am still trying to find a solution I am comfortable with.

    I think you do a wonderful service and it is clear that you take time and effort with each and every post. Your use of screen shots and explaination text is awsome. Keep up the good work

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    Keyword googlewave

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    I would also like a googlewave invite.

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    googlewave is amazing!

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    I would like to see howtogeek publishing a post on the best internet security suites (both free and paid) available for the newly released windows 7 operating system as people would be in a dilemma to choose the best one for their windows 7 pc.
    Thanks Again and Best of Luck For You.

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    My preference for something new to write about would be the extension of the shell scripts for linux on this site or some tutorials using some sample scripts as a tutorial for shell scripting. Not only bash scripting could be used, but maybe Python or Perl to do quick handy things. I have a one line “script” to extract a folder full of rar’s. I reckon there are more uses for shell scripting than that :p

  263. Anders Hansen

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  265. Derek C. F. Pegritz

    Regardless of whether I get the Sacred Invite or not, there *is* one topic I’ve been hoping to see this site address: easy, free audio editing, particularly for podcasts. Perhaps you’ve already done this, but quite a few of my friends have asked me what software to use for recording/arranging podcasts, and I’d like to have a convenient article to point them to. I’ve told them to use Audacity simply because it’s free, but I *really* don’t like Audacity. If there are any *other* freeware–or even reasonably-priced shareware–alternatives, I (and they) would love to know!


  266. Dan

    I use Outlook 2007 on my laptop and desktop, but cannot find a way to sync them. I think you should investigate this and let us know how to sync Outlook 2007 between two computers without expensive hardware or software.



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    How about a guide on how to set up a way to share files, folders, and profiles (like Firefox) between Ubuntu, or any other linux, and Windows?

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    Ow and BTW googlewave

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  276. Shanks

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  277. Peter Savage


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  278. Alexander Pratt

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    I would like to see what you guys think of Google wave from a technological-evolutionary standpoint. Seeing that you guys have had the ability to test it, you could include things like, how well it works, why use this over other email, how it’s different from instant messaging, and if you think it will take hold like Google is planning.


  279. Nikola

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  280. Kristian


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  281. Kent

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    I wanna a googlewave invite :D

    Go Go Google Wave

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  287. Andrew

    How about something about using Dropbox to sync your Firefox profile across different computers, and how to tweak it’s speed (like only synchronizing certain folders, or removing the cache when you close down Firefox so you don’t have to sync the cache, etc.).

    P.s.: googlewave :)

  288. whereitbegins


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    am from Croatia , and I am on your site from beginning,I do not think you need to change anything on your site, but certainly would like an invitation

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  291. Richard

    I think it would be helpful to explain a simple way to migrate Office 7 preferences (as well as custom spelling dictionary) for a new Office installation. Many people will be going through this when they upgrade to Windows 7 in the coming months.

  292. Andrew

    How about something about using Dropbox to sync your Firefox profile across different computers, and how to tweak it’s speed (like only synchronizing certain folders, or removing the cache when you close down Firefox so you don’t have to sync the cache, etc.).

    P.s.: googlewave :)
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

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    and my idea for topic is a good howto for handling remote desktop in ubuntu karmic (9.10).

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    This is just an idea. The real deal is googlewave

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    How-to guide to setting up a portable (usb-key) programming environment for those of us who have program on the move. Compiler issues with this need to be addressed too!


  296. Michael

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  297. Rob

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    I would love to see an article on the disadvantages of Android as opposed to Windows Mobile. And of course GOOGLEWAVE!

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    Thanks for all that you do.


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    This site is excellent for leisure reading and I love it. But I’d love it more if it’s also a toolbox for fixing problems :-)

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    What about writing on non-google wave servers. Getting a little bit deeper on that subject would be nice. I would like to see your opinion on if the wave protocol will effectively take off (as opposed to just the “Google” wave).

    Thank you!

    keywords: wave servers, googlewave, wave protocol, other-than-google

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    Thanks. I’m ready to googlewave!

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    I am waiting to activate google wave account from a long time :)

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    How about some more articles on Ubuntu 9.10? Microsoft isn’t the only company with a recent release. :)

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    googlewave FTW

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    Please send me this Invitation.


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    Integration with googlewave is a must of course.


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    I’d like to see how to establish a LAN connection between Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    I tried it with \\ip\C$ for example but it wont work. It would be appreciated.
    Besides a googlewave invite would be totally appreciated as well. :D


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    Alright, I’d want to see a post about the Windows Story, from Windows 3.0 to 7 following this link perhaps:
    Well, what about googlewave? Uhm…the secrets of this new web-app should be pretty appreciated.

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    You can use them to show how we use googlewave.

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  331. Jason

    I would like to see more tutorials for Linux, specifically Ubuntu. I would also be nice if at the beginning of the post you say what operating systems the software is for and the license it is released under


  332. I wanna Wave!

    I would like to see an article about surfing the googlewave.

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    A short article demonstrating some of the features of google voice (and how to set them up). Example: its looking like it would be possible to stop buying text message plans all together with voice. Also anything on windows 7, googlewave, and chrome OS/browser.

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    but I think it will be a collection of facebook,twitter,youtube and blogger

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    Please give some tutorials on multibooting Hackintosh on PC and how to dual boot it with Windows.

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    I would like to read an article on how google wave would change BlackBerry push email concept.

    Please send me an invite to googlewave!


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    I’m told that Google Wave is the next big thing and as a huge fan of Gmail, I’d love to see how it operates to optimize interactions with others in a way that is superior to how current email is done.

    It would be good to see how Google Wave interacts with Outlook (meeting invitations, etc) so we can see how people would fair in the business community.

    Searching old emails is something that not always optimal, I’d like to see how Google Wave handles that and other mundane tasks like applying labels so we’d be able to judge this as a replacement for Gmail and/or Outlook.

    Thank you

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    i would like to read an article about the development of firefox extensions.

  345. Parvez Halim

    Because you guys have been using it for a little while can you write about the different scenarios whereby Google Wave would be useful. Any ideas of how we can get the most out of Google Wave for geeky people like us.


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    I would love to see more tips and tricks for Google Voice. Also, a guide to locating free Wifi while traveling would be extremely useful.

    Thank you.

  351. Chidi

    First I want to say, thank you so much for this opportunity.

    I would love to see more tips and tricks for Google Voice. Also, a guide to locating free Wifi while traveling would be incredible.

    Thank you.

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    I’d like to see a comparison of Media Center and XMBC


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    i’d like you people to feature items of more DIY nature. somthing every geek loves.

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    It’s hard to pick one topic because you seem to cover them all. I find at work I need constant guidance with Microsoft Office 2007, and I mean all aspects of it. I am big into WordPress and love reading up on new “things” with it.


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    I would like to see a post about ways to take advantage of your old pc!!
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    And yeah, I’d love a googlewave invite, too :D

  363. jeffbf

    Looking forward to googlewave. I would like a howto on how to use a printer connected to a Windows 7 PC from a Linux (e.g. OpenSuse) PC.

  364. Shashank

    I would like you to write , how Google is integrating everything at one place and making life simpler. Google’s innvoative products and their uses. You think of any thing and the product is there.

    How google has come up with different ideas and delivered some quality products that too free.

    Jai Ho ‘Google’ and Googlewave

  365. Ken Lowe

    Would love to see an article covering VMWare Server installation on Ubuntu. Been one of those back projects that I spend small chunks of time on but always seem to come up short.

    googlewave :)

  366. Jaypee

    Would love to see more topics on Windows 7 as I’m planning to switching to it soon.

    Thanks and hope to get an invite. #googlewave

  367. Aaron

    How to create multitouch programs to use with multitouch screens and etc.

    Google Wave

  368. Kelvin

    wow..I would like to get one…
    Thank you

  369. Bruce Evans

    How to best use social media for business branding.

  370. Em


    Write about the safest set of free applications to use to ensure a safe and malware free PC.

  371. Michael

    Please sign me up for the Gogole Wave Raffle.

    I think you should write about Google products and migrating from Microsoft products to Google products.

    Some of their latter offerings are quite superior. Many Microsoft people are just afraid to migrate because they don’t know how to work Wave, or Gmail.

  372. amir


    First of all thx for this usefull website. what would be really cool is if you guys also write contents about new tech stuff that can be used together with windows vista/7 it gives us an idea how we can use these new OS’es better and more

  373. amir


    First of all thx for this usefull website. what would be really cool is if you guys also write contents about new tech stuff that can be used together with windows vista/7 it gives us an idea how we can use these new OS’es better and more
    Google Wave

  374. Jason

    I would love to see a post about setting up a way to stream music to a remote computer. googlewave

  375. David

    I would like one

  376. akijione

    Googlewave I just installed Win 7 64bit Home Premium. I also installed a utility program (tune up utilities 10 ) to tweak my settings. I removed the shortcut arrows from the icons on my desktop. When I did, I lost the ability to pin a program to my task bar and my start menu. When I reversed my actions, the ability to pin my programs returned. Is there a way to remove my shortcut arrows, and retain the ability to pin?


  377. dan

    how about a W7 upgrade guide, clean hd vs in place, vs oem, etc


  378. Balachandran

    Googlewave Google Wave


    I would like you to write about 10 best open source software in various applications like Anti-virus, Browsers, Editors etc. That shall be interesting for many.


  379. Auldthief

    For a change, I’d like to know about what Users have been waiting to see but will NOT see in Windows 7 (e.g. Native A2DP support). Also, if all the features that we have been “unlocking” (via registry hacks) and which we would like to enjoy less painfully (read “no-hacking-required”) can be listed, It’d give us a better picture of what to expect (and not) in win 7.

    Googlewave me an invite now!

  380. MickeyG

    I would like to see topics of real Windows 7 XP compatibility VS Vista XP compatibility

    I would also LOVE a googlewave invite.

    (just for luck)

  381. Dave

    Google wave

    I would like to see an article on syncing my cell phone with my computer (contacts, pictures, etc.).


  382. Darren

    Would love to see an article on Windows Mobile devices and possible upgrade interfaces. Googlewave! :)

  383. Odeho19

    I would like to see how to better integrate a voice recognition program (Windows or Google, or whatever), into more of my day to day computing. Not that I’m lazy or anything, and touch screens I’m sure are going to be nice, but just being able to speak a command AND get a good, immediate, and ACCURATE response would be great. AND, it would be much more helpful to the physically challenged as well….

    And BTW, GOOGLE WAVE!!! lol

  384. Matthew Heintz

    I would like to see an article that analyzes the impact of explicit and implicit advertising techniques on the brand awareness of an individual. For example, are Macs truly more reliable than PC’s, are do Mac owners succcoumb to confirmation bias because they feel Macs SHOULD BE more reliable due to advertising. google wave googlewave

  385. Neal

    I would love to see an article that explains how ideas from large-network administration are seeping into Windows: the hidden admin account, limiting file modify access to the User folder, and the cryptic “run as administrator” option.


  386. Linkmk

    i would like write for macs solutions vs pc solutions

  387. Jay

    An article about Googlewave hacks would be interesting. Go googlewave!

  388. kevin

    I would love to see more articles on the use of Windows Home Server with Windows 7 and the interaction between the new OS’s and the old e.g. with XP and Vista.

  389. Will

    Google products vs microsoft?
    OS X vs Win7?
    I agree with “Andy” that geek food articles wood be awesome.
    Google wave is sooooo cool! i just hope that all you geeks get a chance to use it eventually. GEEK ON!

  390. Shadi


    I think it would be nice if you find a way on how to use iphone as a webserver.. that would be sweet

  391. Mark Lynch

    I want to wave!!!

  392. Eric

    Close to my interests are zero-config VPN’s. A comparison of current zero-config VPN’s with different OS compatibilities, features, setups, actual network layout, etc. would be helpful to a lot of software users. Thanks.

    Oh. googlewave

  393. Jean-Francois Messier

    I’m very interested in on-oine application, collaboration and share applications. I really want to see what Google has to offer.

  394. Ankush Das

    Google Wave seems to be the new wave on the internet. Well, seems like I should stand in the Q waiting for it to come to my arms. :D

  395. Heberth de Paula

    I would like to read an article explained how to use googlewave on windows mobile. And I would love to received an invitation for googlewave too!!!

  396. uhku

    I would like to see more about Windows 7 tutorials.

    Please spare me a google wave invite. Thanks :)

  397. stanley

    I’d like to see something about MS Media Center and the things you can do in it. The MS pages really don’t show the true abilities of it. Just hooked my Xbox up to it and I watch movies from my PC to my TV.
    I can haz GoogleWave invite now?

  398. Petchy

    Would love a gWave invite, so…

    I’d love a comparison of the best multi-protocol IM clients for Mac OS please – still waiting for Digsby to become available for mac, but would be handy to see what the best options are in the meantime!


  399. Ricky Ak LatinLegacy

    googlewave i want 1

    i wannt see u write how to set up apple blue tooth keyboard and might mouse

  400. Traci

    Integration of contacts, calendars, tasks, etc across PC, mobile, online services without creating duplicates or losing information.


  401. jzed

    googlewave seems like a great approach.

    If not already written about; I would like to see article on how to increase MS2000 XP PRO wireless (DSL) speed. My Vista Ultimate laptop cruises on wireless while my MS2000 XP PRO intermittently grabs some data but misses most.


  402. Brent

    Hi Guys

    I would like to see a Tips and Tricks section for Google Wave, just like you do with Windows 7. I mean, how else will I learn to use the Google Wave invite I get from How To Geek. Sounds really exciting ! Can’t wait to start using Google Wave !

    future Google Wave user

  403. Joe

    Please let me use googlewave…

  404. Gene


  405. shilan

    Would love to see an article on role of a Business Analyst Vs. Quality Assurance Analyst. Would love to have a Google Wave Account. Thank You!

  406. Chris

    googlewave Google wave!!


  407. Drew

    Is googlewave practical for businesses small or large?

  408. Andrew Nichols

    I would love to see a guide on how to build extensions for Google Wave!


  409. Todd

    I’d love to see some coverage of the alternative Wave clients like the iPhone client. (An invitation would be great!)


  410. Bruno Mão de Ferro

    what I want is people to comunicate at wave please ad brunofmf1(at)

  411. Nate Edwards


    I’d like to see a post on the best approaches to “living” in the cloud. How are we to manage tasks, events, friends, co-workers, clients and groups through cloud applications, such as Google Wave? What should we be cautious of and what backup plans should we have in place if the cloud were to “float away”.

  412. Shawn Mazei


    I would like to read an article about the how Android is going to address the issue on how an App is going to handle different phones with different screen resolutions.


    I would like to read an article about how Google plans on incorporating Google wave into Android.

    Please pick me for a wave invite. Thank you.

  413. army_vet

    I would like one please

  414. Kami

    I would like to see again a Topic about Google Wave ! Everything looks so “secret” more infos about it and also how to get invitations would be a great topic !

    Thanks in advance if you send me a invitation !

  415. Hombre


    Google Wave seems to be the new hype. I want to try it :D

  416. Patrick DeVivo

    A googlewave invite would be awesome!

    Have you ever covered dual booting operating systems on a single machine? I am looking to do so, and an extensive guide about how and what to do would be wonderful.


  417. LC


    How to run Final Cut Pro 7 in Windows Vista.

  418. Ray J


    I would love to see an article on the topic of geek culture and how to keep up with all the going ons in geek society. There is a wealth of info out there and an idea of the best places to go to get it and geek out would be great!

    Thanks alot,


  419. Waqar

    Google wave is great i would love to get invited
    talk about “what if microsoft released a version of windows based on the Linux kernel”
    my email

  420. Dave

    I’d like some help getting Windows Home Server set up – what is the trick to getting media backed up from the family of computers to play on the tv.

    Thanks, googlewave – I see you’re swamped with comments, wow!

  421. NetFlexx

    What will be after Google Wave ?

  422. Michele

    I just want you to keep the “How to Geek” Tips coming –They’re Great!

    Ooo Ooo, pick me, pick me!

  423. Dante

    In invite to googlewave would be great!

    Finally collaborating on support issues efficiently?…yeah, yeah…keep on dreaming…

    I’m a huge fan of Autohotkey. How’s about an article on how you could make your way around GoogleWave easier?

  424. Ahmad

    Windows offer a low level API for controlling the sound card. I remember the functions are “waveout…”.
    I really would like to read about a tutorial for same functions but on Linux. The main goal of that is to be able to put some bytes in the sound card buffer and adjust its properties to hear them. I think this is a good topic to write about, and at same time something I really need to read about :)
    Can I get an invitation for googlewave? I saw their preview and really interested about it.


  425. Pablo

    A good topic would be about the differences between Windows 7 and, not Vista, but Xp! This because a lot of users, like myself, didn’t “upgrade” to Vista but are hessitant about W7… this would be VERY useful for many…

    Oh, by the way… I’d like a googlewave invite!

  426. London Traveller

    Joining the ‘Wave’ would be awesome! Hopefully the random comment picker is going to work in my favour ;-)

  427. London Traveller


    I would like to see an article explaining the in’s and out’s of Google Wave – especially the ability to extend it using plugins etc!

  428. Eugene Kovalev


    i think u guys should do a general article on how to sync contacts, calendars, and files i know you already have an article on like syncing stuff with gcal, but it would be really cool to have an article on microsoft live sync and all the other programs, like a comparison of the best ones.

  429. Beavertank

    How about a really nerdy article, like how to fix your linux install when apt-get gets stuck on something… That’s a problem I just spent about a day wrestling with without finding any really good helpful information online.

    googlewave (of course!)

  430. Jerome

    I would like to see an article on how GoogleWave could not only become a blogging tool but the possibility it could begin to replace blogs through wave searches.

    I’d love an invite.


    googlewave is awesome!!

  431. mvqz


    I would like to see a guide to basic programming and/or using cmd. Maybe some kind of do it yourself robotic home project would be good too.

  432. sanjay chawla

    Google wave is great i would love to get invited

  433. akash


    How about an article on the various file syncing applications available such as DropBox, LiveMesh, etc.

    I am currently writing an application that will enable you to search via tags on (hopefully) all of these systems… hopefully you can write a review on this once I publish it?

  434. muhammed nour

    googlewave google wave
    i think you should do explain some windows applications that we all use
    to get the full of it and it’s tricks
    winamp and maybe winrar with full diagnostics

  435. SniperHash

    googlewave =D

    I have checked the forums and the how to articles,
    but have never seen an article on bluetooth applications for phone/pc integration.
    I want to see an article comparing software (freeware) that allows controlling of your pc from your phone via bluetooth. :)

  436. Mop

    Could you please give me some invite to WAVE, pleeeeaase… anyone? mopmopi6 /AT/

  437. Ed

    Article on how to use Google Apps in advanced way… any ideas and/or success stories.
    Thank a lot.

  438. Austin

    How to use a home server as a life manager with remote machines in every room of the house (kitchen, bedrooms, etc), and the best apps for day to day life (alarm clock, home intercom, recipe DB, etc).



  439. Jarrett

    How about a breakdown of current cloud computing technology.

  440. Santo


    Google always do something unique which no one has ever attempted, it may be a small or big but it is always unique.
    Googlewave is an unique concept which is spreading its innovation wave across the tech community and others.
    I want to be apart of it. To be a part of I need to be invited, so I am here requesting for an invitation.

  441. Navjot

    How about an article about the different Windows 7 “Superbars” for Vista and XP?

  442. Roi Atalla

    oops i forgot to say that i LOVE googlewave

  443. Val J. Perez


    Google mail leaves us short of gadget integration. Now Wave is better for more gadgets to integrate that almost anybody could create.

  444. Mark Cowan

    Wow, you have hit upon a very clever marketing campaign for both you and Google. A brilliant way to get your site and googlewave known.

    For me, your site has been an excellent help in setting up an Apache2 and Tomcat6 server on Ubuntu. I cannot thank you enough. To suggest a topic for you to cover is a difficult as you do so much already. Hmmmm — Ah! What about a comparisons section on your site. e.g. between different applications (backup programmes, virus checkers, CMS packages), different distributions of Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, etc). That would certain help make your site an even more popular go-to-site for geeks.

    And thank you for this offer of a chance to get a gogglewave invite.

  445. Alex

    I think an article with comparsion of different personal wiki applications would be interesting.


  446. bjorn

    can i please have a googlewave invite

  447. raylo

    i want one~

  448. raylo

    sorry,,, i missed the criteria.

    i would like to see some more about windows 7 and linux~like administration, tweak etc…

    and the mail is enclosed.

  449. decaPODA (aka abhishek bhartiya)

    been a regular visitor and been tweaking my office workstation in to something super cool but XP all thanks to you guys :D

    would love to have a “google wave” invite and be your slave for ever :)


  450. Tze Chung

    keyword: googlewave.

    Hi would love to get an invite for googlewave, thanks.

    Idea for article: Many of us find ourselves in situations these days where we are trying to help non-computer savvy older folks with IT stuff, whether they are parents, grandparents, etc. How about an article related to this? Ideas, web apps, etc, that would be helpful for that very large segment of computer/internet users.

  451. Nekoo

    Hi, I’m wondering when I can finally work with googlewave
    Hopefully I can have one of those invitations.

  452. HJ


    You should write an article about windows 7.

    (and send me an invite)

  453. Chaitanya Varma

    comeon give an invite ….. I have been trying to get one for the past week ….no success …just help me

    Google Wave

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