Google Wave is all the rage these days, probably in large part because you need to be invited to participate in the preview version. Want an invite? We’ve got 20 of them to give away. Sorry, the giveaway is over!

What’s Google Wave, You Ask?

The all-knowing Google robots decided to come up with a new solution to the problem of collaborating on the web. You can edit and discuss documents in real-time with a group of people. The Google Wave team says Wave is “what email would look like if it were invented today.”

Right now, that’s the extent of what it does, though the underlying framework will eventually allow a lot more interesting uses.


Instead of bothering to take you on a tour of how it works, instead we’ll just point you towards the very best source on the subject, the Complete Guide to Google Wave, written by Adam Pash and Gina Trapani from Lifehacker.


Be Quiet and Give Me My Invite Already!

Fine! We’ll get down to business. Here’s what you need to do:

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We’ll pick 20 random people from the comments, and announce the winners in our weekly roundup, so even if you are reading this on Friday you can still participate.

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