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Friday Fun: Server Quest II

Finally another Friday has arrived and you’re sick of dealing with your IT department because they never fix anything. Today take a look at Server Quest II which is a fun game from Microsoft’s TechNet that puts you in the roll of an IT professional.

Server Quest II

The game is aimed at Administrators and IT Professionals but if you think you can do it better try it out.


Choose between two characters, Matt or Alicia where each has their own geeky characteristics.


Decide what kind of geek you are…


The controls are very basic…just the arrow keys and spacebar.


You start out in your IT dungeon office and people come to bug you about things not working. Challenges vary from querying a database to a user’s monitor not working because it isn’t plugged in.


You can walk around to the cubes and talk to the other employees.


Mini games with different challenges come up. In this example, Matt is biking around to grab a bunch of emails that were accidently sent out to an entire contact list.


After you complete a mission, go back to your computer and check your email for another task.


If you work in IT you’ll find a lot of humor and fun in Server Quest II. If you are a worker who thinks they can get things done better than those lazy game playing IT geeks, you’ll have fun with this game as well.

Play Server Quest II

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 11/6/09

Comments (7)

  1. Dwayne

    WOw! Thanks for sharing this…It looks like a really cool game, something that can help me as a young aspiring I.T. Professional.

    Wish it had better graphics though, instead of being chopped up :(

    But many thanks again! :)

  2. Jeffs3rd

    I played part of the first server quest, it was fun. I havent gotten back to complete it.

    I think I found something to do on my lunch break.

  3. JonFHancock

    You forgot to mention that the whole thing is an annoying marketing piece for Microsoft’s various products.

  4. Zymastorik

    I love most of the little games you guys post, I’m still addicted to Gemcraft. But anything that’s going to force me to install Silverlight I’ll pass on. I have enough proprietary MS trash on my computing gear as it is. I’ll be keeping my systems Silverlightless. Can you even get Silverlight for Linux? 4 of my 5 machines are Linux anywho.

    Love the flash games though, keep those coming. :)


    There is a plugin called Moonlight, it is a silverlight replacement for linux, made by novell.

    But Server Quest does not run on moonlight…

  6. JonFHancock

    If you don’t like installing MS trash on your machines, you won’t like this game. You’re forced to use MS solutions for all of the challenges, and the dialog is so sales/training oriented, that it ends up just being annoying.

  7. rock-jek

    well I play it for a while and it was kinda fun exept for the the movie emails because of coffee

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