Printing the content contained in Windows directories can sometime be complicated and confusing. Today we look at Directory List & Print which is a free utility that gets the job accomplished in a very simple way.


Setup for Directory List & Print is quick and easy. Unzip the zip file, add the two files inside (DirectoryListPrint.exe & DirectoryListPrint.pdf) to their own folder in Program Files, and create a shortcut. Now everything is ready to go…

Note: The pdf file is the “Help Manual” for Directory List & Print.

This is what Directory List & Print looks like when you start it up for the first time. Only the top two information categories are selected…you can easily select additional categories and the program will remember your selections each time that it is opened up afterwards.

Directory List & Print in Action

Time to try things out. For our example we decided to create a list for the Opera Browser folder on our Vista system. As you can see there is a very nice preview of the list in the lower part of the window. From here you can choose to directly print your new list, copy it to the clipboard, or export it to Microsoft Word and/or Excel.

To export to Microsoft Word or Excel, simply click on the appropriate button(s) and the new windows will automatically open as shown below…

This is what your list will look like when exported to Microsoft Word…

And what it looks like when exported to Microsoft Excel. Of the two, the Excel version has a cleaner more organized look. Using Excel you can also arrange the rows and cells to make it even easier to read in case you need to present it to your supervisor.


If you have been looking for a very smooth way to print directory lists or export them to Microsoft Word & Excel, then you are really going to enjoy having Directory List & Print added to your Windows system.


Download Directory List & Print (version

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