Tired of watching your printer ink and paper getting wasted because of unnecessary or unwanted areas on a webpage? Now you can start saving that printer ink and paper with the Printliminator Bookmarklet.


To add Printliminator to your browser of choice go to the Printliminator homepage. Once there drag the bookmarklet to the position that best suits your personal needs in the “Bookmarks Toolbar”.

Now you are ready to sort those webpages out for printing…

Printliminator in Action

For our example we decided to try Printliminator on one of the articles from our website.

You will see the following “Printliminator Toolbar” once you click on the bookmarklet. There are only three choices to sort through…”Remove Graphics, Print Stylize, & Send To Printer”.

We started with the “Print Stylize” option first. As you can see, the different elements of the webpage are outlined in red. To remove a particular section/area simply “Left Click” within the red border and it is instantly removed. Continue to select and remove any unwanted sections/areas until you are ready to print. You can also select individual images to remove them if desired.

Note: If you accidentally remove a section/area that you wanted to print, just refresh the page to start over.

There is our webpage all cleaned up and ready to print. No wasted printer ink or paper now!

Removing Only the Pictures

If you only want or need to remove the pictures, click on the “Remove Graphics” option. All of the images are immediately removed and you can either choose to remove additional text sections/areas or directly print the webpage.


With printer ink and paper becoming more expensive, you can save money and get the webpage content that you need with the Printliminator Bookmarklet. Also, check out the article from Mysticgeek on how to Print Only Selected Text from a Webpage.


Install the Printliminator Bookmarklet

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