Are you looking for a way to get directory information printed out or saved to text with just the details that you need? Now you can be as specific as you want with Karen’s Directory Printer.


The window to pay attention to during the installation is the third one. Choose between having the program accessible to all accounts/users on your computer or just the current one.

A Good Look at Directory Printer

Once you have started Directory Printer, there are four tab areas to look through. The “Welcome Tab Area” provides basic information and tips for using the program.

The “Print Tab Area” is focused on directly printing the information that you need. Browse through the tree structure to select the directory that you are wanting the information for. Then you can specifically select the details that you would like printed regarding files and the folders that they are located in.

Note: The “Arrow Keys” on the right side allow you to change the order of the displayed lists.


Decide the exact information that you would like to have added to your new text file in the “Save To Disk Tab Area”. Notice the “Formatting Options” at the bottom…choose whether or not to omit the additional information based on your personal preferences.

Note: If you are switching to this tab area after working in the “Print Tab Area”, you will need to browse for the directory that you chose there.

Make additional adjustments to the folder/file information printed or saved to disk in the “Other Settings Tab Area”.

Karen’s Directory Printer in Action

For our example we decided to print out the directory information for the Miranda Instant Messenger folder on our Vista system. After selecting the specific information that we wanted to include it was simply a matter of clicking on the “Print Button”. Nice and easy…

For our new text file we chose to omit the additional information in the “Formatting Options”, then when everything was ready the information was saved to disk and ready to work with.

Here is the text file for our example…all of the folders and files are nicely displayed.



If you like the idea of being able to specifically choose the directory information that you print out or save to text files, then Karen’s Directory Printer is definitely worth taking a closer look at.


Download Karen’s Directory Printer (version 5.3.2)

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