Have you seen a color in a webpage that you really wanted (or needed) to know the color code for? Now you can easily get the information that you need in six color code formats with DCPicker.


Setup for DCPicker is very easy. Unzip the files, add them to a folder, and create a new shortcut.

This is what DCPicker looks like when you start it up…everything is immediately ready to go.

If you have a particular color code format that you want to start with, then you can choose that using the “Format Menu” before getting started.


You can set DCPicker to “Stay on Top”, the number of colors saved in the history, and add custom formats if desired in the “Options Window”.

DCPicker in Action


To start getting color codes grab the “Color Picker Icon” and drag it over the color that you are needing information about.

As you can see in the screenshot, DCPicker easily provided the code for the green area. Notice the “Color List” on the right side of the DCPicker window…you can quickly access your nine most recently “viewed” colors.

Perhaps you need the color code in multiple formats…not a problem. Simply click on the “Format Menu” and select the appropriate format to easily switch between them. You may also use the “Scrollbar Arrows” beside the numeric code to switch between formats.


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get color codes, then DCPicker is definitely a recommended program to have in your website building toolbox.


Download DCPicker (version

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