Are you looking for a capable text editor without the bloat of the commercial apps? Jarte is a streamlined text editor with a customizable UI structure and well worth taking a good look at.

Note: Jarte comes in “Exe and Portable” versions.

Installation & Startup

One of the nice features present during the installation is the ability to choose which dictionaries that you would like to have added. Notice that even if you installed all of the dictionaries that less than 10 MB of disk space would be required.


Once the installation has finished and Jarte starts for the first time you will be presented with the EULA.


After accepting the EULA this is what Jarte looks like. At that moment it will have a minimalist UI that can be modified/expanded to best suit your needs. The fourteen different “toolbar buttons” that are visible across the top are all drop-down menus that allow you to access the various functions while keeping the UI as uncluttered as you desire.


Jarte in Action

Here is Jarte with all of the UI features active. The left side has a “Tools Sidebar” with switchable panels to give you easy access to the features that you need most. There is also a regular “Menu Toolbar” for those who prefer a more traditional menu system. Notice the “Research & Find Toolbars” that are visible directly beneath the “Tab Bar”.


Here is an example document to give you an idea of what Jarte can do. Jarte is very smooth and easy to work with.


When it is time to save your documents, Jarte can save them in .rtf, .doc, and .txt format.



If you have been looking for a good solid text editor for your computer that is not bloated, then Jarte will be a pleasant and enjoyable surprise.


Download Jarte (version 3.4) – Exe & Portable Versions

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