Have you ever found a website with a design or layout that you think is great but finding out the pixel sizing for individual elements is a hassle? Now you can easily get that information with myRuler.


This is what myRuler looks like when it first starts up…the first time it will be set at a default of 500 pixels. Whenever you start myRuler again afterwards it will remember the pixel size you used the previous time.

You can change the horizontal versus vertical orientation, theme, or minimize myRuler to the “System Tray” using the “Right Click Menu”.

Click on the “myRuler Link” to see the keyboard commands for moving, resizing, directional flipping, and screen placement.

myRuler in Action

Perhaps you see graphics in a website like sidebar buttons or blog post images and really think the sizing within the layout is perfect. You can easily find the sizes with myRuler. For our example we are looking at one of the images in a blog post…first the horizontal measurement…


And then the vertical measurement. At this point you may be thinking that yes you could save/copy the image to your computer or right click for the properties, but if the image is not the only element that you are working with on the page then…

If there is a particular section of a website that you like the sizing/fit of (say the width of a forum listing or sidebar), then you can easily find the size to help with the design for your own website.


myRuler makes a convenient app to have around for those times when you need a quick way to find the size of website elements and make designing your own website easier.


Download myRuler (version 0.5)

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