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Create Websites with KompoZer

Are you looking for a way to easily start creating your own webpages? KompoZer is a nice basic website editor that will allow you to quickly get started and become familiar with the process.


Both the stable and beta versions require no installation. Simply unzip the program folder, move it to Program Files, and create a shortcut. For those who are curious, here is a look at the program folder’s contents.


This is what you will see when you start KompoZer the first time. The “Main Window” will be in a minimized form and the “Tips Window” will appear with it. You can easily disable the “Tips Window” if desired at this point.


KompoZer in Action

Curious what things look like once you have started creating webpages? Here is an example page that we created with a title header, modified background color, image, table, and some useful links. Notice at the bottom that you have three viewing options available: “Design, Split (Design & Source combined), and Source”.


A look at our newly created webpage in Opera Browser.



Here is a good close-up view of KompoZer’s toolbar area. You can do some customization to all three toolbars if desired…


There are two different customization windows for KompoZer. The first applies to the topmost toolbar only…


And the second is for the bottom two toolbars only.



KompoZer has a nice set of menus available…here you can see the “File & Edit Menus”.


The “View & Insert Menus”…


Followed by the “Format & Table Menus”.


And finally the “Tools & Help Menus”. Notice that you can access an external text editor in the “Tools Menu”…



In the “General Area” you can make any necessary changes or modifications for the Recent Pages Menu, saving/publishing, table/CSS editing, and site management.


Determine the fonts and sizes that you would like to have as defaults in the “Fonts Area”.


Set up the defaults such as text/link colors, background, and character sets for your new webpages in the “New Page Settings Area”.


Make any necessary modifications that you desire for items like proxies, Markup, and special characters in the “Advanced Area”.


Alter any settings if needed for applications and file extensions in the “Applications Area”.



If you are looking for a good basic website editor to get started creating webpages with, then KompoZer is definitely worth taking a look at.


Download KompoZer (0.7.10) *Stable Version*

Download KompoZer (0.8) *Beta Version*

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 11/11/09

Comments (6)

  1. Ahmed

    This is a Screenshots not how to ,thanks anyway

  2. Craig Barabas

    I have used Kompozer I the past to make a website, I find it’s tools underpowered and the HTML code horribly done.

  3. Adam

    Way too many screenshots – you don’t need that many to make a great ‘how to’.

  4. Tones411

    What program are you using to get the tabbed explorer window as seen in your first screenshot?

  5. Pwidget

    For someone who has not used Kompozer before, this is an excellent “How To” allowing me to see screens, toolbars, and product. Thanks providing this.

  6. sunshine

    I like all the screen shots too, nice for a newbie.

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