Looking for a way to supercharge Firefox’s Address Bar with specialized (and customizable) keyword based search? Then you should definitely take a good look at CyberSearch.

CyberSearch in Action

Here is a list of the built-in keywords that come with the CyberSearch extension…definitely a very nice starting list. You will probably want to make a note of these somewhere for quick referencing until you have used the extension for a little bit. Time to see what things look like with some quick examples…

Note: You can add new “personalized for you” keywords if desired in the options.


For our first example we used the “Bing Spell Function” and purposely misspelled the word “office”. Notice that the proper spelling is instantly shown in at the top of the list.

Note: The blue background color was selected in the options to make CyberSearch results stand out.


Then we decided to use the “Google Web Function” to search for the term “howtogeek”. Definitely lots of results…and there are helpful identifying website favicons for each listing.


And finally a search using the “Google Video Function” with the term “windows 7”. Once again the favicons are very helpful in identifying the particular video webservice that each video is located at.



In the “Keywords Tab Area” you can manage and/or add new keywords. While you are in this tab area, it is recommended that you enable keywords to help maximize functionality for the extension.

Note: The keyword starting list shown above will still work nicely without enabling keywords here.


Modify how CyberSearch acts in the “Behavior Tab Area”. While the “Magnifying Glass Icon” shown in the address bar results help identify returns from CyberSearch versus other items, modifying the color will make them stand out even better.


Enable or disable individual keyword prefix, auto domain search, or multi-page results settings in the “Triggers Tab Area”.


Decide the display properties for CyberSearch in the “Appearance Tab Area”. Notice that you can specify a particular number of rows and results for CyberSearch in the “Address Bar”.


Import/export CyberSearch Keywords or import/manage Firefox Keywords in the “Import/Export Tab Area”.


If for some reason your settings have become messed up or you simply want to start over, you can reset everything to the original defaults in the “Reset Tab Area”.



If you have been looking for great way to enhance Firefox’s Address Bar, then you are definitely going to want this extension added to your browser.


Download the CyberSearch extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the CyberSearch extension (Extension Homepage) **Includes Demo Video**

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