Is the ability to see the addresses for weblinks the only reason that you keep the Status Bar visible? Now you can hide the Status Bar and move that address display to the Address Bar in Firefox.


Here is the normal “Status Bar” address display for the weblink we were hovering the mouse over in our browser. That is nice but if you really prefer to keep the “Status Bar” hidden what do you do? Move that display to a better (and definitely more convenient) location.


Once you have the extension installed that is all there is to it…you are ready to go. Notice the address display in “Address Bar”. That is definitely looking nice.

Just for fun we temporarily left the “Status Bar” visible as a demonstration while hovering over the link.

And then with the “Status Bar” totally disabled…more screen real-estate is always a good thing.

Note: The Status Address Bar extension does not show the original address behind shortened URLs.


If you are looking for an alternate way to see the address behind weblinks and acquire more screen real-estate, then the Status Bar extension will be a wonderful addition to your Firefox Browser.


Download the Status Address Bar extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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