Are you looking for something to make your tabs stand out better in Firefox? Now you can have website inspired colors for your tabs with the FabTabs extension.



Here is our example browser with very plain looking tabs…the only parts that really stand out are the favicons. How about getting those tabs to better represent the individual websites using color from the websites themselves?



What a difference a little color makes…notice how each of the tab colors bases itself on a “most common color” in each of the webpages.

Note: The settings in the options have reduced the possibility of white being used as a tab color…you may change this further (reducing or increasing) to suit your personal preferences.



Tweak the color settings to modify how your tabs are colored in the “Color Section”.


The “Screenshot Section” is an important part of the options to pay attention to. Make certain to set the “Screenshot Width & Height” to match your monitors screen resolution. This will help you get the best color results on your tabs.


Activate any desired optional tab settings in the “Miscellaneous Section”. Notice that two of the options will require a browser restart.


The “Help Section” explains about the color settings in the first section and also allows you to reset everything back to the original defaults.



If you are a person who wants to have a more pleasing visual experience while browsing, then this is one extension worth taking a look at.


Download the FabTabs extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the FabTabs extension (Extension Homepage)

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