Have you been thinking about how much easier it would be to having the Print & Print Preview commands in Firefox’s Context Menu? The Print Context Menu extension for Firefox allows you to avoid having to use the File Menu to access the print commands.


Normally if you would like to see the “print preview for” or “print out” a webpage you have to use the “File Menu” after moving your mouse all the way to the upper left corner. Not much fun if you like having a minimal UI or just wish that there was an easier alternative way to do the same thing…



After getting your new extension installed it is a lot easier to get a “print preview for” or “print out” that webpage. All that you have to do is sit back and enjoy that “Right Click” goodness wherever your mouse happens to be. Definitely better than having to use the “File Menu”…



If having easier access to the Print & Print Preview commands is just what you have been looking for, then you are definitely going to love this extension.


Download the Print Context Menu extension (Mozilla Add-ons)