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Foobar2000 is a Fully Customizable Music Player

If you are sick of iTunes or Windows Media Player because they’re bulky and won’t play certain formats, then it’s time to look for another player. Today we take a look at Foobar2000 which is light on system resources, extremely configurable, and plays several types of music format.


Foobar2000 is a great music player for the geek who wants a light player that they can tweak the heck out of to their liking. The installer is only a 1.6 MB download but packs a lot of power. Features include gapless playback, ReplayGain support, ripping CDs, customizable interface, open component architecture and a lot more. It supports FLAC, MP3, MP4, OGG, WAV, WMA, AIFF, and other music formats.

Installation is straight-forward following the install wizard and you can go for the standard or portable version.


When you initially set it up or at anytime after you can go through the quick appearance setup feature to change the look and feel how you like it.


The player is easy to navigate and with a component plugin like Columns UI has all of the features you would expect from most players out there today.


You can find a bunch of different plugin components that have been created by different developers over the years as the project has grown. There are plugins for appearance, tagging, CD burning, and even an iPod manager. Virtually any function you might want, someone has created a plugin. To use the plugin components, download the zip file and extract the DLL file into the Foobar2000 components folder.


One of the must have components is Columns UI that lets you customize the interface in several ways.


Depending on the layout you can get tabbed or dropdown playlist features.


It also includes the ability to convert your music files to different formats. Just right click on a song and select Convert.


Now you can go through and choose the format you want to convert it to and add select between several settings and effects options.


An EQ is included for you to tweak the sound how you like it, and you can save your own presets.


If you are a Keyboard Ninja you’ll like the customizable shortcuts.


Going through your library is easy with the search feature.


Foobar2000 is a cool player for a music loving computer geek who wants to tweak every aspect of their player. If you’re a fan of foobar2000 or just started using it, leave us a comment and let us about it.

Download foobar2000 for Windows

foobar2000 Plugin Components

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  • Published 11/4/09

Comments (18)

  1. Jeff

    While I’m sure that Foobar2000 will work for a lot of people, I still prefer Media Monkey for it’s file-handling capabilities. It plays any format I might need, does a good job looking up album information on the web, but most of all it does a bang-up job of organizing my files into any sort of arrangement that I specify.

  2. Deimdos

    This plugin that improves integration with Win7 taskbar is awesome ;-)

  3. Koni

    Foobar2000 handles most (if not al)l formats, can check album info, get lyrics, forward ‘now playing’ to MSN Messenger, arrange your files in a library – anything you wish. Plus, I’ve never seen a music player that would give you so many customisation opportunities – just check the layouts at deviantART:

  4. netburnz

    Compatable w/G-force plat?

  5. Mysticgeek


    You’re absolutely correct! You can really get crazy with some cool customizations with Foobar2000. I am more of a minimalist with my music players, but thanks for that link to deviantART, it truly shows the amount of customizations you can do with it.

  6. Ortzinator

    Nothing beats Winamp’s media library in my book.

  7. Senax

    @Koni and @Mysticgeek: also have a look here (DUI) and here: (CUI)

  8. NeurISIS

    Holy crap… that looks like MY music collection. Good taste, sir!

  9. nXqd

    Foobar is my main music player :)
    It’s really customizable . It’s great

  10. Tim

    LOVE foobar2000. The excellent foo_dop plugin spares me from the agony of iTunes, and I just found a great lastfm plugin. Hey, Deimdos, thanks for the tip, getting that now.

  11. Enzer Milliard

    I personally prefer Winamp, but I play a lot more video than audio. I used Foobar2000 for a spell, but not long enough to make a judgment on whether or not it was good in my book. I do wish that winamp had better equalizer as it looks like this piece of software has though.

  12. Jan

    I use foobar, particularly for conversion of audio-files.

    For playing I use the directory-player 1by1, I have found *.dll files to play all formats.
    I love this player, for its clear and simple presentation of the playable files.

    Is there a plug-in for foobar to behave as a directory player (I do not want playlist-mania)?

    Have pleasure

  13. 0zSpitt

    i tried foobar but couldn’t get past the linux look of it but it was an awesome program. i’ve always used winamp but wmp in windows7 has my attention now…

  14. immortal

    Can anyone who has used foobar tell me how is it compared to VLC,. I am using VLC for its versatility. But seeing foobar just wanted to know if anyone has done any comparison. i will definetly try this soon.

  15. ROY

    hi can this player keep all the songs at the same level , and if not is there any plaer out there that can , im tierd of music going up and down and would like somthing that can keep all the music at the same level , can anyone help me on this ,. thank you roy

  16. ACP

    Hey guys…how can i view Video Files like FLV, AVI as i am able to play on Foo but only audio come no Video…. any plugis or Components for it…Pls suggest…

  17. audiophiler

    I am sorry for posting this so late, but does anyone have any suggestions with the latest plug-ins, themes and skins for the latest foobar 1.17? TY


    Yes yes you spoil Foobar pink but important is can it sync my Ipod just like Itunes? Any alternatives to itunes to ipod syncing?

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