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Load the Last Tab’s URL in a New Tab in Firefox

Yeah, you’re pretty sure that you’re the master of all things Firefox. I mean, why else would you be reading this article? So, we’ve got to ask, have you ever seen this one before?

So here’s how it works… you’ll have to start off with hitting the Ctrl+T hotkey to open a new blank tab:


Then just hit the Ctrl+Z hotkey, and just like that, the last URL from the last tab you were on will be sitting in your address bar.


You’ll notice in the above screenshot that the last tab was HTG, and the below screenshot was taken with Lifehacker as the last open tab.


The only real use that we can think of for this is a way to quickly duplicate the current tab—just hit Ctrl+T, then Ctrl+Z, then Enter.

Other than that, it’s really just a stupid geek trick.

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  • Published 10/19/09

Comments (13)

  1. Konc

    Feels easier to just do Alt+D, Alt+Enter to get a duplicate tab.

  2. Dan

    Hey, nice tip I already knew.. but Konc’s tip of using alt+d / alt+enter to duplicate the tab is a nice one too which I didn’t know!

    Thanks Konc!

  3. jtng45

    an even easier way (IMO) is to Ctrl + click and drag any of the tab to the right or left and you got your duplicate!

  4. Mark

    Try hitting Ctrl+Z a couple times more. It’s getting the urls from the browsers history. Nice trick.

  5. Jhench

    I find it easiest to ctrl-drag the current tab to another spot on the tab bar. Instant duplicate tab.

  6. Andrew

    On my Mac I’m finding that, once the new tab is open, I have to hit [Cmd] + Z twice for the previous address to appear. But it does work. Thanks for giving me a new trick. =)

  7. Brock

    That is a great tip. Thanks guys!
    I’ll throw my favorite in here too, though a little different from this – CTRL-SHIFT-T. Opens the last closed tab.

  8. Konc

    Thanks Brock! I didn’t know that one and it’ll save me time instead of having to right-click the tab bar and choosing “undo close tab” since, for some reason, middle clicking the tab bar stopped working for me.

  9. Eddie

    Nice. Too bad it doesn’t work in a new window.

  10. Jim

    I will throw this one in here, Konc’s “Alt+D, Alt+Enter” works in Chrome too!

    Thanks Konc!

  11. Doctor

    @Jim I love Chrome to!!! :P

  12. Eric

    or you could do Alt+Ctrl+T and have it done in one step

  13. 1fastbullet

    My memory is the only thing shorter than my- oh, never mind.
    The point is, when I’m reading Email, it’s easier to respond to particular subjects as I read rather than finish the entire Email and then begin a response. I often open a duplicate tab and begin an answering email, as I seldom use “reply” (which returns the original Email). This is a handy little item for my purpose.

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