Friday Fun: Gravitee 2

By Brian Burgess on October 16th, 2009

Friday has once again finally arrived and it’s time to relax and play a cool flash game on company time. Today we take a look at Gravitee 2 which is an interstellar golf type game.

When you start out all of the levels are locked except one and you will have to play skillfully to unlock the next level.


The criteria to complete is shown before each challenge.


You will need to take into account the gravitational pull of the planets as you launch your ball into space. The goal is to complete each challenge with as many points possible with the allotted number of strokes to earn medals and progress to the next level.


Move toward the bottom of the screen to bring up the Control Bar. Here you can abort a shot, quit the round, turn off effects and see your score.


After completing a challenge you can retry it to score more points or move on to the next one.


There are a lot of levels to complete in Gravitee 2 that will keep you busy Friday afternoon until they give you your life back.

Play Gravitee 2

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  • Published 10/16/09
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