Remember the days before digital cameras when Polaroid pictures were the latest technology and coolest thing? Today we take a look at Rollip, which is a site that adds the classic look and feel of vintage Polaroid pictures.


The site is simple to use, just go to the home page to get started.

Right now they have a total of 12 different effects you can use, and they are always accepting ideas for new ones.

Next choose the type of decorations to add to the Polaroid. The simpler ones bring me back to the shoebox my mom has full of these with dates and names written on the edges with black marker.


Enter in the text you want to include on the Polaroid.



Upload you photo and wait a few seconds while it processes, then you can preview how it looks and download it to your collection.

This site is a lot of fun if you want to add that old school Polaroid look to your digital photos.

Add Polaroid Effects To You Digital Pictures at

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