There are several online music services for streaming tracks through your browser such as Spotify and Pandora, but what about music videos? Today we look at the new online service, which allows you to create playlists of music videos from your favorite bands. is a new service that lets you browse for music videos and create playlists of your favorite videos. It goes beyond just making a video playlist however, and includes other cool features. Along with creating playlists you get a list of artist releases, biographies, lyrics, and can explore other similar artists. The interface is laid out similar to other music players making the search and play experience enjoyable. mashes up data from YouTube, Amazon, and the LyricsFly API’s to match the YouTube videos with the appropriate artist and album information.  It allows music fans to find out information about favorite artists and discover new music all in on central location.


This is an example of the service running in Firefox.


You can create playlists just like you would an service like iTunes or Spotify.

Search for a band or artist, then as you hover the pointer over each result you get a small thumbnail showing a part of the video.

A closer look at the video section which has the same controls you know from YouTube including watching in HQ and Full Screen.

Discography Feature

One of the unique features that really make this a winner is the Discography feature. After searching for the band or artist you want, click on Discography and it will display a large portion of the bands complete album history. From here you can add an entire album to your playlist.

When you want to add an album to your playlist you can choose an existing list or create a new one.

One thing I was most impressed with is the speed everything works provided you have a high speed connection.

You also have the option to purchase the full album from Amazon or 7Digital.

Make sure the arrow is on the correct playlist and you can add individual tracks to that playlist.

On the lower left section you can get further information about the artist like Lyrics, Bio, and similar artists.



It also included social networking aspects as well. Create your profile and add friends, give shout outs, share playlists.

Share playlists.

They also allow scrobbling of your tracks to


This is a very cool concept and hopefully this idea will take off. The YouTube searches are not always perfect and some videos end up being home users playing along to songs, which isn’t a deal breaker and you can delete those videos. is still in development and there are plenty of new features on the horizon. They told us of a couple enhancements like scalable videos, a pop out version of the player, an iPhone and Android app and more.  Because all of the settings are stored on the site, you can access your custom playlists anywhere you have an Internet connection. If you want a simple way to create video playlists of your favorite music videos, you will have a lot of fun with

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