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How to use Amarok to manage your iPod

Sometimes it can be difficult to manage your iPod in Linux without hacking iTunes on your Ubuntu machine. Today we take a look at using the popular music player Amarok to mange your iPod on Ubuntu.

Install Amarok

In case you don’t have Amarok, you can install it by dropping down to terminal. To open a terminal window click ALT+F2 and type “gnome-terminal” (without quotes).


Or from the menu Applications \ Terminal.


In the terminal window, type the following command and wait a couple of moments while Amarok is installed.

sudo apt-get install amarok


In order to enable support for mp3 format, type the following commands on your terminal window one by one.

sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras

Managing Your iPod

Before we can start using an iPod with Amarok, let’s make it’s the default player to manage your iPod. When you plug in your iPod, the following window will pop up.


By default Rythmbox Music Player selected. From the drop down menu select “Open with other Application” and from the Add Application window and select Amarok.


If you want to make Amarok the default application to open your iPod in future, check the box “Always perform this action” and Click Ok.


Managing iPod in Amarok

Now that we have made Amarok as the default application to launch your iPod we can easily transfer files to iPod. Go to Collection in Amarok, Right-click the file you want to transfer to iPod and click copy to collection and select iPod.


That’s it! The song is now copied to iPod. You can also select multiple tracks to transfer them simultaneously.


This should get you started with managing your iPod with Amarok on your Ubuntu machine.

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  • Published 10/12/09

Comments (6)

  1. brgulker

    Do you know if this works with the most recent generation of iPods (and latest firmware)?

  2. GregE

    I have a Creative Zen, 32GB, and can confirm that it also works beautifully with Amarok. Just plug it in and start Amarok and it is in the menus.

    Creative do not go out of their way to stop this functionality, unlike Apple. I doubt all iPods will work, especially the newest models. Every Creative player I have tried has worked with Linux, and in my humble opinion the use of Amarok or Gnomad2 is better than the Windows software that Creative supply.

  3. lefty.crupps

    I’ve noticed that my iPod 60GB Video (its a few years old now) requires two things for this to function: my iPod has to be powered on before I plug it in, and I have to open the iPod with a file manager first (well, I have to mount it) before it is usable in Amarok. Then again, I don’t really plug it into the machine all that often and I may be wrong :)

  4. Nikola

    THANK YOU! I’ve been googling this issue for quite some time now. I’d say ipod syncing is not very intuitive at all.

  5. varoon

    What about iphone??ubuntu reads it only as a camera device..isn’t there any way we can sync an iphone with amarok?

  6. x

    Just sad it just dont work… wont find my Ipod at all! And this “FAQ” aint helping. :/

    I hate Apple and Itunes so much, ill never buy this crap again.

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