Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to add images to your Photobucket account? Now you can with the Photobucket Uploader extension for Firefox.


After installing the extension, you will notice a small “Photobucket Icon” in the lower right corner. For those who are curious, there is no toolbar button to worry with. At this point you are ready to go!

Here is a quick look at the Photobucket account being used for our example…

You can use the “Status Bar Icon” to login to your Photobucket account and access the settings.

This is the message window that you will see once you have logged into your account. You will be asked whether you want to allow the extension access to your account or not. Click “Allow” to proceed.



Once you have clicked “Allow” you will notice the following message bar at the top of your browser window. You can access your “Settings, Home Album, or Album Organizer” from here.

Here is a look at the “Options Window”…choose the settings that best suit your personal needs.

Photobucket Uploader in Action

Time to try things out! We decided to do an image search at Google for fantasy wallpapers and chose the one in the lower left corner.

After opening your chosen image in a new tab (or window), access the “Context Menu” and select “Upload to Photobucket”.

As soon as you have selected “Upload to Photobucket” you will see the following window. You will be able to enter in any information that you wish to have associated with the image (including the original source URL). Click “Upload” once you have finished entering the desired information.

Once you have clicked “Upload” the message bar will appear stating the current progress of your upload…


And when the upload has finished you will be able to choose from “Link Codes, View Image, & Album Organizer”. We clicked on “View Image” and a new tab opened in the background…

Once we focused the newly opened tab, this is what it looked like…a nice view of our new image and easy access to all of the links (very nice!).


Photobucket Uploader provides a quick and easy way to upload images to your Photobucket account while using Firefox. Have fun!


Download the Photobucket Uploader extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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