Do you have a wide monitor and a desire to make efficient use of it while browsing with Firefox? Now you can set up your browser window just the way that you want with the Split Browser extension.


Once you have installed the extension and restarted Firefox, the best place to start is with a good look through the options. In the “General Area” you can choose the preferences that you desire for auto-focusing, synchronous scrolling, and split tab behavior.

Select the options that you would like to have active for your split panes and the appearance options that you prefer to have for split buttons in the “Appearance Area”.

Choose how you would like to handle search results in the “Combination Area”.

In the “Menu Area” you have the option to disable the “Split Menu” for the “Menu Bar” and also choose the commands that you prefer to have included in your “Context Menu”.


Decide if you would like to save the state/setup of the split panes and the number of times that you would like to be able to reopen them in the “State Area”.

Toolbar Buttons

If you would like to add toolbar buttons for the extension, there are six that you can choose from.

For our purposes we chose to use the “Main Split Browser Toolbar Button”. This is the menu that is available when you click on it.

The same exact menu can be accessed through the optional “Split Menu” in the “Menu Bar”. Choose the one that best suits your personal preferences and UI setup.

Split Browser in Action

This is how the “Context Menu” looks with a single pane open…time to get started on opening those extra panes!

Note: You can easily adjust the width and height of panes using your mouse.

Two panes open and double the reading goodness!


Once you get at least two panes open, you will notice a new sub-menu available in your “Context Menu”.

All the articles for one day open in the same browser window…not bad at all.

This looks really nice…full width reading for both articles.


If you have a wide monitor (or monitors) and want to make good use of that screen real-estate, then the Split Browser extension is definitely worth taking a look at.


Download the Split Browser extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the Split Browser extension (Extension Homepage)

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