Would you like to see more information about the files you download in Firefox? The Download Panel extension for Firefox provides additional information that you can review as you are downloading different files.

Note: This extension does not currently work in the Spanish language version of Firefox.

Before Download Panel

Here is the standard “Download Manager Window” in Firefox…not a lot of information to look at for any of the downloads is there?


Download Panel in Action

Looking at our “Download Manager Window” again you can see a noticeable difference from before. The best part of the new information is being able to see the exact URL that the file is downloading from (terrific!).



Once you have installed the extension and restarted Firefox, take a quick look at the “Options Window” to see if you want to add or remove any information categories. You may also place them in the order that best suits your personal preferences.



Download Panel makes a nice addition to the Download Manager Window to help provide the information that you need about your downloaded files.


Download the Download Panel extension (Mozilla Add-ons)