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How to Use a PS3 Controller as a Joystick for Your Windows PC

Do you find it hard to steer your mouse and hit the right keyboard key to play PC games? If you happen to have PS3 controllers, why not use them as Joysticks to play games?

Image by AlphaCoders

Before we begin, head over to MotionInJoy website to install the required drivers for Windows. The installer comes for both x86 (32-bit operating system) and x64 (64-bit operating system), so make sure you download the right installer for your system. If you are in doubt, just go to Start -> Control Panel –> System, to verify your system settings.


Once you have downloaded the installer, unzip it, and execute the .exe file to start the installation. The installation begins with a standard welcome screen,


… and ends with asking you to run the software.


Plugin your PS3 controller to your USB port, and you should see a small icon on your system tray, showing you that Windows is installing drivers for your controller. At this point, even though your controller will be recognized in the “Game Controllers”, Windows will not recognized the buttons movement.


Open the DS3 tool, and press the “Load Driver” button.


Windows will warn you that it can’t verify the publisher of the driver; don’t worry, MotionInJoy’s drivers are safe for us to install.


Your PS3 controller is ready for use when you see a message: “SUCCESS: Install Completed”.


Click the “Profile” button, and you should see that your controller appears under the “Connected game controller(s)” drop down list. You can click on the Vibration Testing button, to test that Windows recognizes your controller.


We recommend that you open your “Game Controller Settings” from Start Menu → Devices and Printers → right click on “HID-compliant game controller” → select “Game controller setting”, to calibrate your PS3 controller.


Click on the “Properties” button to calibrate your controller.


Guess what, MotionInJoy not only enable you to use your PS3 controller via USB, you can even use it as Joystick via Bluetooth. Click the “BlueToothPair” button, and click the “Pair Now” button, and your Windows should pair with your PS3 controller.


Disconnect your controller from the USB cable, head back to the profile page, and click the “Vibration Testing” button. If your controller is vibrating, this means that your PS3 controller is now connected to your Bluetooth. Now you can sit back, relax, and kill those zombies with your PS3 controllers.

MotionInJoy works with games that support JoySticks, and they have verified the software with a bunch of games. Feel free to share your experience with MotionInJoy with the other fellow readers in the comments section.

Zainul spends his time trying to make technology more productive, whether it’s Microsoft Office applications, or learning to use web applications to save time.

  • Published 03/13/11

Comments (23)

  1. Habs

    No mention of the requirement to be online, or the DS3-Tool disables the analog joysticks.

  2. Zainul Franciscus

    @habs thank you for the comment =)

  3. Jaxter Cloverfield

    Wow amazing i never tough that Original PS3 Controller can work on my PC! i will bought Dual-shock 3 to play Windows Games :)

  4. Jonneh

    Funny, I did the exact same thing to get it working on my computer a month or so ago.

    Although, for Left 4 Dead 2, you still have to do a little trick to get it working right. You’d need to set up the DS3-tool to emulate a 360 controller, and edit the 360controller.cfg file of your L4D2 game (make a copy of it first!) to account for it. There’s instructions for it (and the code you need to put in the 360controller.cfg file) at the following link:

    I never quite got the bluetooth part working, but it doesn’t bother me that much considering I only use it once in a while. :)

  5. Alex McF

    I got into emulating PS1 games on my PC a couple of months ago; I’d have set it up a lot quicker with an article like this!

    I don’t know if habs did something different but I haven’t had any problems with my analog sticks (at least in the emulator).

    Thanks Zainul!

  6. Alex McF

    Sorry to double post but I think I’ve found habs problem; the defaut mode in motioninjoy is ‘Playstation 1 (Dpad, WITHOUT joystick). If you select ‘Playstation 3’ on the main page (Quick config for your games) then the analog sticks work fine.

    Happy gaming :-)

  7. jon_hill987

    Why Left 4 Dead as header image? You would never want to use a controller other than a mouse and keyboard for that, not if you want to hit anything.

  8. Darklord

    Why would you want to use the PS3 controller for this?

    The 360 controller is hands down the better controller, and Logitech still makes the PS3 like Rumble Pad controller for the PC. So this makes very little sense at all?

  9. Hawkins

    I have and (generally like) MotioninJoy, but like habs said, this program has its problems. The biggest one for me? Plugging in my Xbox360 controller sometimes causes BSOD. Even after uninstalling the MotioninJoy program. Beware.

  10. Hawkins

    EDIT: the program has never disabled my analog sticks (unless i wanted it to)

  11. richie

    this is a simple way to use a controller you already have. i wish i had a ps3 to do it with i had to buy and adapter to my xbox and i just bought one for my 360. then you still have to find the driver i used XBCD driver. I guess ill have to find a

  12. richie

    this is a simple way to use a controller you already have. i wish i had a ps3 to do it with i had to buy and adapter to my xbox and i just bought one for my 360. then you still have to find the driver i used XBCD driver. I guess ill have to find a new driver for my 360 controller

  13. johnson

    Where was this article 2 years ago? I bough the controller and was ready to rock, and then i realized that i don’t have my bluetooth chip installed. I got it installed and guess what… the controller did not work cuz it did not have drivers. Well I returned it and got 2 wireless philips controllers. They are great in comparison to logitech’s.

  14. Junior

    “Why Left 4 Dead as header image? You would never want to use a controller other than a mouse and keyboard for that, not if you want to hit anything.” Agree 100%
    Writer should post a race game!

  15. Looby

    Got it up and running, everything seemed fine, still cant play Tomb Raider Legend – show as gamepad disabled and wont let me change it :( Any advice

  16. fma965

    the how to geek not gonna mention that wen this guide was written u need to disable driver enfotcmrnt from f8 boot menu if using x64 or dseo tool? also this program is signed now so no meed for the above

  17. sengook

    I actually never needed this to get my roommates xbox 360 controller working, all I did was use the microsoft bluetooth dongle for the zx-6000 i think (it was a refurb and broke but the dongle worked) and on 7 i just paired it and it was detected as a controller right away.

    PS3 on the other hand I used the old old motioninjoy drivers year ago-ish to get it working. lovely for flight sim stuff and n64 emulators lol. thanks for the links and tutorial btw and sorry to post on a two month old post but I just built this desktop and forgotten how to do this stuff.

  18. mobinga

    There’s a way to use EVERY GENERIC CONTROLLER (logitech, generic usb controller) to run like an xbox 360 controller. Its in the GTA Forums.

  19. John Chorley

    Cool. Might give this a try and see what happens. Thanks.

  20. Mordecai Walfish


    I am running Windows 7 64-Bit and couldnt get the driver to install from within this program (both the signed versions 0.60001 and 0.6.0003 tested) no matter what I did. It would just give me an error in the driver install log. Tried every tip given in all the forums, etc.. nothing. Local mode does the same thing.

    Then I tried updating the corresponding “USB Input Device” to my controller in device manager manually, and it works!

    Basically I plugged my controller into a new usb port on my computer, and opened up device manager, going down to “Human Interface Devices”. Go down to the entries that say “USB Input Device” and right-click the first one on the list. Select “Properties” and then click the tab that says “Details” in the window that pops up. In the dropdown here scroll down the list and select “Install Date”. Take note of the time listed. Look through each “USB Input Device” entry and find the one with the closest date/time to when you plugged in your controller and installed it in a USB port. If it was a port you havent plugged it into before it will show the most recent date/time. This is your PS3 controller. (Note: you can also try and watch the device manager to see which “USB Input Device” pops up when you plug in your controller to find the correct entry if the other method doesnt work for some reason)

    When you find the right one, right-click it and select “Update Driver Software” then choose “Browse My Computer”. Next click “Let me pick from a list..”, and then click the “Have Disk…” button. You will then be prompted for a location, point it to “C:\Program Files\MotioninJoy\ds3\drivers\MijXinput.inf” (if you installed in the default directory) and then Voila! you will see the motioninjoy driver listed and then click “OK” to install.

    Now open up MotionInJoy and you will see your controller is automatically detected in the profiles tab when it pops up, and that the driver is listed as “Installed” for your device in the driver manager. All analogs are working and everything.

    Hope this helps someone else as I was getting frustrated as hell trying to figure out WTF the problem was, but whatever the cause this is the only solution I know of after searching for hours for help & trying different things. Good Luck.

  21. jkjkjkjk

    Is there another alternative to use your ps3 controller on pc? One that doesn’t require internet access to be able to use it

  22. lichen

    followed instructions and seems to be working after calibration. but thats all, wont move mouse or anything. wont work in games either

  23. hani

    Is there anyway to use your ps3 controller on my laptop without internet access after the first time to be able to use it

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