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Ask the Readers: What Tools Do You Use to Score Great Deals Online?

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The internet has made scoring awesome deals a cinch—but only if you have the right tools and know where to look. This week we want to hear about your favorite tools for scoring the deepest discounts during your online shopping adventures.

What we’re most interested in is the tools you use: browser plugins, bookmarklets, and other tools that help you stay on top of price drops and other deal-related information.

So let’s hear about it in the comments! What tools do you use to score great deals online? We’ll read all your comments, gather quotes, and share the collective wisdom of the How-To Geek crowd in a follow-up What You Said post on Friday.

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 03/9/11

Comments (51)

  1. Ryan

    I use three RSS feeds in my Google Reader account (Slickdeals, dealnews, and, as well as a retailmenot! bookmarklet. Most of the time though, I just shop at Amazon. Cheap as hell, plus I like using their gift certificates for (basically) free stuff.

  2. Jami :) I just have them send me a weekly email with deals or just go to the site when I’m looking for something in particular. 99% of the time when I find something I want and see the price on other sites and at other stores it is the cheapest!

  3. hellonearthis

    I find the mouse essential and oh yeah

  4. Jax
  5. sneakily1

    I use RSS ticker and Firefox to score stuff on Craigslist the moment it’s posted. I did up a tutorial about a year back on how I do this.

  6. John
  7. JonJon

    I primarily use my computer, sometimes my iPod or Smartphone. If I purchase a tablet in the future I might use that too!

  8. Ironcode

    @Jax +1

  9. Ricardo

    I use RSS with Outlook for This site post best deals as they are posted around the web.

  10. Paulette

    Invisible Hand – definitely! Great Firefox add-on that automatically looks for better deals on just about any item you’re looking at online, gives you a choice of where to get it, and isn’t obtrusive. It has saved me literally hundreds of dollars.

  11. Gary Y.

    I shop my website. It comparison shops over 6000 stores for me (internet and brick-n-mortar), finds coupon codes, and I GET PAID to buy the stuff I am going to buy anyway. If you want to take advantage of it, and earn CashBack for yourself, email me for more info : gyanos422(at)gmail(dot)com (sorry to spell it out, don’t want spam)

  12. Josh
  13. bkj216

    InvisibleHand (chrome extension)

  14. Woot

    I don’t use anything.

    I’d rather do all the research on my own, even if it means wasting a whole day looking around on the internet. Of course, I look for feedback from other people on forums and other places as well.

  15. Paul

    I use Invisible Hand and also keep and eye on DealHack.

  16. Wayne

    Don’t use any of them really. Check Groupon and Living Social plus I get Appsumo notices once in a while but have never seen anything worthwhile. Have never seen a “Deals” blog or feed offer me a bargain on anything that I would like to purchase.Online, I shop at, and a couple of specialty stores. Offline, I shop at Target, Trader Joe’s and Best Buy and a couple of specialty stores. They send me newsletters for information.

  17. Ryan

    I use the firefox addon InvisibleHand. It has saved me a bundle for sure

  18. johnsonjunk

    usenet ~ it’s saved me thousands.

  19. Radman
  20. Ja5087

    I don’t

  21. Thibault
  22. Ron

    I use priceblink firefox extension. Its similar to invisiblehand.

  23. tom

    PriceBlink for firefox/chrome/safari. It is a browser add-on that does price comparison while you shop. I’ve compared it to Invisible Hand. In my experience, it works on more stores and provides more accurate price comparison results. Plus, it also displays coupons for the merchant you are viewing.

  24. John

    Invisible hand for safari and firefox for irish deals and for UK deals

  25. Kelly

    I love PriceBlink. It has definitely saved me money and it has coupons!

  26. tommy2rs

    Used to use Woot! until Amazon took over.

  27. Georgia

  28. robert newton

    invisiblehand a firefox addon brilliant its saved me hundreds

  29. Gretch

    PriceBlink is the best. I love not having to google for coupons when I’m shopping.

  30. NH

    Use the allyourprices, shopping assistant, and deals extensions (in Chrome) to auto compare prices online at many online vendors as well as receive discount codes. Unbelievably helpful. Will never overpay again.

  31. a

    I use comparisons from,,, and

  32. Geoff Woodfield

    Computer Active Download Store do software sometimes up to 50% discount as do Bits du Jour on the web. Just got Kaspersky Internet Security Suite half price.

  33. Tom Peters

    PriceBlink extension. Does price comparison and gives you retailer coupons automatically.

  34. PG

    Good Canadian site:

  35. howie911

    I have been a long time user of Pricegrabber and Nextag. Nextag has a cool feature that shows the price trending of products.

  36. JimBedford,has alot of great stuff-Cheap

  37. TheBigOldDog and

    You’d be amazed at the deals you can get. Usually, you have only hours to take advantage of them b/c they sellout so quickly.

  38. Larryi8

    I search many websites. If I find it on Amazon, I usually buy it there. They have free shipping on many items.

  39. wjglenn

    Invisible hand is great for general shopping. It’s a (Chrome or Firefox) extension that senses when you are looking at a priced item in an online store and lets you know where you can find it cheaper.

    For deals,

  40. LJ

    Good Germany site,

  41. Steve

  42. Jared Cohen

    +1 for PriceBlink ( I’ve been using it since the holidays and it has helped me save a couple hundred bucks. I love the fact that it has coupons and user reviews in addition to finding cheap prices.

  43. Marc

    I get great deals from

  44. Jennifer

    I check the Cheapskate RSS feed at at every day ( – I’ve purchased a few items at his suggestion, and have been very pleased! Also suggests many freebies.

  45. Kevalin

    I use the reviews at Amazon, because getting a great price doesn’t mean anything if you buy a piece of junk.

  46. delukze


  47. Ovidiu

    I use an desktop widget that contains an html tag in witch i can se the price of the object i’m interested in.

  48. Max Bancroft

    I get a daily email from
    They have cheap quirky items that change on a daily basis. Some of them are great stocking fillers at Christmas that are not available in the shops.

  49. Moza
  50. expat53

    Firefox add on: Invisible Hand is good, but still has a bug or two. I receive selected email notices from,,, and a couple of price alert notices. Invisible Hand pretty much makes most of these other inbox fillers useless.

  51. Paul Harrison

    I’ve started using for Firefox (, you can get coupon codes and price comparison for the item you are looking at.

    It even gives you coupons for all the other merchants that are selling the item.

    I used it the other day on while searching for a dvd player and it added little red tags to the actual search page.

    I also use CNet –

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