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Here’s Two Android Tools That Can Help Cut Down Your Phone Bills

Have you been struggling to stay on top of your mobile bills ? With these Android applications, you can send free sms and monitor your mobile usage, so that you’ll never have to go over your monthly mobile allowance.

To accomplish this, we will use two Android applications:  HeyWire (trialware) for sending free local and international sms, and Droid Stats to monitor our monthly phone usage. Both of these applications are available for free from the Android market, so head over to the market, and install them when you are ready.

Free SMS

HeyWire, developed by Media Friends, offers free sms in over 146 countries worldwide. HeyWire lets you send sms over WiFi, or your data plan, so you do not have to worry about consuming too much of your data plan when you have a free WiFi available for you to use.

Check your HeyWire number by tapping the “Settings” button. You and your friends have to use this number to exchange sms.

You can use HeyWire beyond sending sms; you can even use it to update your Facebook status. Just tap the “Chat Services” button, and you can add your Facebook account to HeyWire.

Monitoring Your Monthly Mobile Usage

If you’re puzzled on why you keep exceeding your talk time or sms allowance, then you might want to monitor your mobile usage with Droid Stat.

Droid Stat’s setting screen consists of four menu: the monthly limit menu, the billing menu, the application setting menu, and the actions menu.

The monthly limit button lets you configure your phone allowance, the billing button lets you configure your phone charges, and the application settings button is where you can set Droid Stat to warn you when you are about to reach your monthly allowance.

The monthly limit screen lets you configure your monthly call, sms, and data allowance.

Tap the free minute, sms, or data, to set your monthly allowance.

Once you’re done setting up your monthly allowance, head over to the “Application Setting” screen, and set Droid Stat to send notifications when you are about to exceed your monthly limit.

Sometimes, despite all of our best and honest efforts, we still exceed our monthly mobile allowance. The best thing we can do is to evaluate our monthly mobile usage, and pick a different plan to accommodate our average monthly mobile usage.

Feel free to share your tips on how to save money on mobile phone in the comments section.

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  • Published 03/16/11

Comments (11)

  1. LDJ

    Is there something like Droid Stat for iOS?

  2. Beavis

    You could do the SMS thing with google voice

  3. TJ

    This doesn’t look like it accounts for free nights & weekends, or unlimited mobile to mobile, or friends and family. For it to be accurate, it would have to account for these things.

  4. jerone

    @TJ. To bad that people say something first, before trying it themselves. DroidStats does take in account free days and times, and let’s you exclude specific phone numbers. I’m not sure about what you mean with unlimited mobile, but maybe it’s in there too.

    Great program DroidStats.

  5. karan

    great app, developer must be suffering from wrong billing and unfair business practice these mobile operators use to do with subscribers. good work, keep it up.

  6. Kellan

    Title should be “Here are two android apps…”

  7. Shankar Ganesh

    Good apps. I’m wondering if the HeyWire app supports SMSs in India. I hope it does.

    Here are some tips on saving bandwidth when you’re using an Android device:

    You could turn off autosync, extensively monitor bandwidth usage using an app called 3G watchdog, or use the Opera browser that compresses web pages.

    All of these could potentially help any Android user save some money on data charges.

  8. kaps.9364

    @ Shankar
    Thanks for the Tip…
    and on wat dose the andorid work linux or java???
    and do u kw that can i upgrade the virtual memory of my android 2.1 phone thats galaxy 5…
    coz if i update more than 20/25 apps its gave the popup virtual memory low…..
    plzz tell me thanks and regards…
    ur friend kapil….

  9. Phil4

    Check Free SMS (RefineAndroid):
    – worldwide;
    – several providers (a huge number of countries and carriers/operators);
    – with replies (for USA/Canada);
    – it’s free for the SMS recipient. Some providers do charge for receiving SMS if the recipient sends a confirmation SMS;
    – history (removable).

    Providers add minor ad block at the end of SMS messages.

  10. Delphius Grey

    Hmmmm… I was wonder how my teenager was able to reduce his 10k text a month down to 1500!

  11. valerie

    Okay…sooo this HeyWire looks promising MAYBE…ive tried to install it but it sends me the confirmation code and thats it…it wont do nothing after that…HELP ME PLZ im in desperate need of finding a App that lets me send sms over wifi…cuz my reception SUCKs at home…ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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