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Geek Comic for March 11th – Smokers and Computers


Have you ever had to work on a PC from somebody who smokes? Open it up, and it’s just covered in dust. Very important to bring some compressed air with you.

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  • Published 03/11/11

Comments (10)

  1. james Mason

    Is it me or is this comic consistently not funny?

  2. Hatryst

    These comics are surely good, but one question: Can we have comics like THIS one:

    After all, its just a matter of creating the characters…

  3. james Mason

    Thanks for the backup josua. Maybe if enough people were to point this out, I wouldn’t have to see this on the front page everyday.

  4. Been there, done that

    Smoke doesn’t create dust in a computer, it leaves a gooey sludge that can cause leakage between solder points or component pins and other contacts. Good luck cleaning that off with just compressed air.

    In fact, compressed air might dry that sludge on to the surface it is on and make it even harder to take off.

    It is actually considered a hazardous material that techs can refuse to work on.

    Smoking and electronics of any sort are not a good mix.

    And as to the cartoon itself, that yellow is way too bright, the color is in reality a very dirty brown.

  5. The Geek

    You know, I get lots of comments from readers that like the comics, and lots of comments from readers that don’t. It’s the same thing on our articles – there’s readers that hate friday fun, and readers that love it, and on and on. It’s impossible to please everybody, so we’ll just try and improve things as we can.

    There’s one critically important fact: The comic says COMIC in the title. If you don’t like it, don’t click it.

  6. Hatryst

    Agreed with this one :)

  7. pitman

    This comic is hilarious and vomit inducing at the same time, I would charge extra from people with the extra yellow rooms, without telling them why…

  8. wormwood

    I opened a computer once and the thing was infested with roaches.
    I refused to work on it, the person got pissed off when I left. yuk!

  9. David Vazquez

    Wow, so true, besides the dust there is also the sticky layer on everything!

    Is one of those tasks you rather not do at all.

  10. Ivydapple

    I have a 98 (originally running 95) that was white, and because of it’s pale color you could see where people had blown cigarette smoke right onto it. >:( But my mother and I got it clean. It was our first computer, and it still works. It’s almost fourteen years old. But anyway, this kind of reminded me of when we first got it.

    @Wormwood: Roaches? O_o I don’t blame you for not working on it, those things bite!

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