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Access Your Google Reader News Feed on Your Desktop

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Do you like the idea of accessing your Google Reader RSS feed directly from your desktop? Today we look at ReadAir, which is an OSX themed desktop client for Google Reader and built on Adobe Air.


There will be three windows to sort through during the installation process. The first one will show some basic information about ReadAir…click “Install” to get things started.


The second window provides a description of the program, asks if you would like a “Desktop Shortcut”, gives you the option to have ReadAir start up immediately after installation, and lets you change the installation location if you desire.


The final window will display the progress of the installation.


Once installation has finished you will be asked if you would like to log in or not. Click “OK”.


Once you have clicked “OK”, you will see the login window. Enter your account details in and you are ready to go. You also have the option of having your login details saved…


ReadAir in Action

This is what ReadAir looks like after loading an RSS feed. It has a nice clean interface and the panes are easy to adjust.


Right Click Menu & Options

Here is the “Right Click Menu” for the “System Tray Icon”. If you want to access the options for ReadAir, then you will need to do it from here.


In the “General Area” you can choose to have ReadAir check for updates on startup and set the timing for refreshing your RSS feeds.


Choose the theme that you would like to use (MacOS or Windows) and enable/disable remembering window position in the “Appearance Area”. The “Account Area” is the same as the original login area shown above.



ReadAir provides an easy way to access your Google Reader RSS feeds on your desktop. It focuses on getting your feeds to you when you want it. This is a project still in development and can be downloaded from Google Code. You won’t have the extra social aspects like sharing and commenting on articles, but it is a great way to quickly read over your feeds from your desktop.


Download ReadAir (version 0.31)

Download Adobe AIR

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 10/7/09

Comments (5)

  1. John

    My eyes hate me after looking at that ugly green Vista theme.

  2. Jayson

    I really like how Reader is laid out and all its current functionality. But the ability to limit when it refreshes is very intriguing. Just enough to mark as unread in Reader and ponder it.

  3. Joseph

    This is a website for tech folks – you had to explain the installation dialogs, including explaining the options for putting a shortcut on the desktop, etc? Come on, this *really* reduces the editorial quality of the post.

  4. Bill

    Well, I, for one, appreciate the steps provided in reviews such as these. Given the installs of such notorious programs like Digsby (or any others that try to install something on the sly), I’m glad that the HTG crew details each step. Not everyone who visits here (myself included) are “tech folk.” And while I agree that for those who are techies, explaining each step may seem like an oversimplification of an already simple task, it shows that Geek and his hosts really care about the people who visit the site.

  5. nate_rio

    Will the content in this be available to read if I lose my internet connection? That’s the only reason I would want to have Google Reader on my desktop.

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