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Access and Launch Windows Utilities the Easy Way

Tired of having to dig through the Control Panel (or deeper parts of the Start Menu) just to access and use various Windows Utilities? Enjoy having super quick (and easy) access to those utilities with Windows Utilities Launcher.

Note: Requires .NET Framework 3.5+ (link provided at bottom of article).


Windows Utilities Launcher is wonderfully simple to set up…just unzip the exe file, place it in a “Program Files” folder, and create a shortcut. Get ready for instant access goodness!

This is what you will see as soon as you start Windows Utilities Launcher… In the “Utilities Tab Area” you can quickly access the utilities shown with a single click of the button beneath each listing. Notice that you can easily minimize Windows Utilities Launcher to the “System Tray” or exit the program using the two buttons in the lower right corner. Windows Utilities Launcher will also display the version of Windows that you are using in the “Status Bar”.

Note: Windows (Computer) Info works on Vista & 7 only.


The “Settings Tab Area” lets you decide if you would like to have Windows Utilities Launcher start up with Windows each time and if you would like to have the app start as minimized.


The “About Tab Area” provides basic app information and also a way to contact the developer.


The Right Click Menus

Time for a closer look at the “Right Click Menu” setup for Windows Utilities Launcher. Here you can see the main menu… Notice that there are two additional apps that you can access here (Notepad & Calculator).


Use the “Windows Utilities” sub-menu as an alternate way to quickly access individual Windows Utilities.


Windows Utilities Launcher in Action

For our example we decided to access the “Date and Time Utility”. With a single click the “Date and Time” window opened very quickly. We had the same great result on any of the other utilities that we chose…quick and easy access.



Windows Utilities Launcher is still in the earlier stages of development, but this little app is already demonstrating how easy it should and can be to access common Windows Utilities. This is definitely worth trying out…have fun!


Download Windows Utilities Launcher (version 1.1)

Download the .NET Framework (version 3.5 SP1)

Works On: Windows XP – 7

Installed On: Windows Vista (32 bit), Service Pack 2

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 11/18/09

Comments (7)

  1. Ray

    There is no way to download “utility launcher” on the website

  2. Asian Angel

    @Ray – The download link is in the “left sidebar” area… ^__^

  3. forgues

    nice howto !

  4. Anon

    Why tag this as XP when it doesn’t run on XP???

  5. yshkabibbel


    The article clearly states, “Works On: Windows XP – 7”

    and, “Note: Windows (Computer) Info works on Vista & 7 only.”

    If you will kindly employ simple attention to detail, you’ll recognize ‘Windows (Computer) Info’ is a M$ applet, which “…works on Vista & 7 only.” This utility does not alter M$ software, nor does it pretend to do so; it intends to simplify access to those softwares.

    So many folks want to complain about everything offered free of charge. Across many online forums, I find a great-many helpful and informative posts, with attached logs and describing details of unintended issues; the specific type of feedback which *warrants* notification. Everything else is pretty much what I call ‘web pollution’ — inclusive of *your* specific comment.

    Asian Angel, (aka “shra1”), the author, has been kind and generous to GIVE offer this utility free of charge to those who might find it useful, time-saving and helpful. She has done this with a spirit of giving, intended to enhance others’ experience in a -=positive=- manner, and I for one, truly appreciate her effort and intent. If I had not (long ago) developed my own solution to M$’ obtuse and cumbersome access to these applets, I’d be downloading and installing this utility on my XP system.

    I particularly hope her (and all others’) example of projecting positive energy into the world will be recognized and replicated exponentially.

    I do not know Asian Angel or anything about her that isn’t posted on this web page. In fact, this is my first visit to ‘’, but this isn’t my first encounter with web-pollution. Calm down, slow your roll, and let go of the stress which distorts your ability to comprehend. If you’re angry, seek help. Talk to a therapist. Talk to a friend. Go for a walk. Get a pet — they’re wonderful stress-relievers. These will help you pay attention to the elusive and fleeting details which today, appear to be avoiding -you-.

    In the tech world, ‘Attention to Detail’ is a paramount skill which -=many=- wannabe techs completely lack. Trust me, after 30+ years in this industry, without this skill, you’ll continually confuse yourself and create many problems for others. You’ll also encounter great difficulties in maintaining employment, if this is your chosen vocation.

    A gift, shared with me years ago (when -I- was an impetuous angry prick), and which I’ve found invaluable (particularly when I remember to employ it!):

    —– Every thing you think, every thing you speak, and every thing you do — either ‘increases’ you, or ‘decreases’ you. It is -our- individual responsibility to choose Who we are, What we create, and How we affect the global energetic experience.

    If we will focus our path on following -only- the light, we soon find we no longer stumble in the dark. Be grateful. If this utility isn’t ‘the gift you seek’ — move on, but please don’t tarnish ‘the gift’ with your lack of understanding and confuse other potential users. Slow down. Take a breath. Have some oxygen — it’s free, too! And no, you can NOT complain about it! (grin)

    *-One more thing-*
    I would personally like to thank you for your comment. Responding to your comment has reminded me how I -want- to approach a difficult and completely unconnected issue, and I sincerely appreciate that. Good luck and best wishes!


  6. Richard (Grumpy)

    Not Bad!

  7. mohammad

    nice tips you are given thanks a lot

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