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How to Get a Smartphone-Style Word Suggestion on Windows


Have you ever wished that you can type faster and better in Windows ? Then you’re in luck, because today we’ll show you how to get a smartphone’s word suggestion in Windows.

To accomplish that, you need to install AI Type, a software that gives word suggestion when you write in Windows.  AI Type not only fulfils our gratification to have a smartphone-style word suggestion for Windows,  AI Type also improves our writings by suggesting word according to its context. It  will also try to match words according to the  probability in which other users may have used it.

Installing AI Type is a breeze; Just download the installer from AI Type website, run the executable, fill in a registration form, and you’re all set to use AI Type for your daily writing. Once you’re done with the installation, AI Type appears on your system tray.


AI Type automatically suggest words when you type in Windows.


AI type works seamlessly with most word editors in Windows, such as WordPad and NotePad. The only word editor, that AI Type does not support in our Windows 7 box, is Windows Live Writer.



It even helps us pick a good name for our folders.


If you’re not an English user, then AI Type got you covered; It translates English to more than twenty languages. Head to the system tray, and click the AI Type icon to open its “Language” tab, and choose the language  that you want to translate to.


Translation occurs immediately as soon as we hover our mouse on each of the suggested word, and  we have to say, AI Type does a terrific job at translating the words.


We hope that you’ll find AI Type helps you in your daily writing  as it helps us with ours. If you want to know whether our readers wants an IPad2, just head over to our poll to see the result.

Zainul spends his time trying to make technology more productive, whether it’s Microsoft Office applications, or learning to use web applications to save time.

  • Published 03/9/11

Comments (18)

  1. Ali

    @Zainul: Thanks :)

  2. Zainul Franciscus

    @Ali you’re welcome, just let us know if you need any help :

  3. Ryan

    what keyboard’s being used in the Android shot?

  4. Radeon

    Htc sense :)

  5. jerry

    AI Type:
    “The software requires an online connection to our servers, but the traffic generated is modest and consumes almost no bandwidth.”
    Did not see this in description. I’ll think on it. jerry

  6. Ryan

    @Radeon you sure because mine looks completely different but saying that it is the HTC Wildfire

  7. Zainul Franciscus

    @Ryan this is a HTC Desire HD Keyboard =)

  8. Anand Mahalaha

    Really, a great software……i like it…..

  9. Alex

    It does not work without an internet connection. I assume it sends every word I type and certainly do not like that!

  10. Noam Rotem

    Hi Alex and everybody,

    A.I.type’s “brains” are on its servers, on the Cloud. The high quality text prediction you get is thanks to a huge database and an A.I. based engine that keeps learning and improving. This is why text prediction requests from your PC (or mobile if you are using A.I.type for Android) are sent to the server. This is also why A.I.type require very low hardware resources on your PC (no dictionaries are installed. No excessive CPU usage etc.).


    1. Transactions to the server are small and efficient.

    2. All prediction requests are encrypted.

    3. Passwords and form fields are not sent.

    4. We never store your sentences and paragraphs.

    5. We never read or analyze the content of your prediction requests. For our servers, text is made of meaningless words, and we do not know or care what they mean.

    6. Your prediction requests are not identified with your email address. We do not “learn you”, collect private information about you etc. Sorry to say that, but for our servers you are just a stream of prediction requests to answer and forget about… :)

    7. (Obviously!) we never spam you or share your details with any third party.

    Bottom line, Alex: you are absolutely right! A.I.type is using your internet connection to fulfill prediction requests. But we are highly sensitive to your privacy and anonymity.

    I’ll be happy to answer any further questions, and get feedback from everybody.

    Best regards,

    Noam Rotem

  11. Alex


    thank you for the detailed reply. If you consider to provide an offline dictionary based version in the future I would happily use it (and even pay for it). For now I prefer not to grab the attention of this huge and mean guy from our IT department.


  12. Benny

    Does it work for Mac too?

  13. JonC

    great program, but:

    1. it doesn’t support Lotus Notes, Opera, Firefox, and Notepad++
    2. needs more languages (I saw on the official site, that it’s already planned)

    apart from these the stuff is good, I’m lovin’ the auto update system, and the design is nice as well. keep it up with the good work!

  14. Gen

    Sorry Noam, It doesnt matter that you really really REALLY REAAAALYYY promise that you wont sneak at the text I am inputting to my PC. I still dont believe you. And will be sadly giving this a pass. When at some point in the future, there is an uproar over this when thousands realise their information has been leaked, and it hits the news and everyone cries and moans and gnashes their teeth asking “WHY? WHY ME?”. I’ll sit back smugly and say “I told you so”.

    If we support this type of needlessly invasive software, they’ll keep making it.

    If you ever come out with a version that doesnt need to transmit every keystroke to your server, I’ll definitely use it.

  15. Noam Rotem

    Thanks everyone for the feedbacks and comments. We appreciate feedback and learn a lot out of it.

    Benny – sorry, no Mac support yet. We have an Android version, though. It’s still in the oven, although an early proof of concept is already on the market under our name.

    JonC – WE DO SUPPORT FIREFOX! You are right about Lotus Notes, Opera and Notepad++. These are all on our agenda, but it takes time to develop connectors to those applications (I know it looks trivial but it’s not. Communicating with applications is extremely complex).

    Gen – what can I say? I hope the world isn’t as scary as you describe it and there’s place for companies like ours with good intentions. But I understand what you’re saying and respect that. And yes – I really really REALLY REAAAALYYY promise that we do not sneak at your text… The transmission to the server is because it takes a database of 150GB and powerful algorithms to generate good context-based text prediction, and we need servers to do so.

    Best regards,

    Noam Rotem

  16. nico

    offline would be better. i live in a 3rd world country and do not have internet all the time.
    do you have offline versions? that would be great.

  17. Noam Rotem

    Sorry. No offline version yet. The reasons is simple: to provide this quality of text prediction (what we believe – as modestly as possible – is the best text prediction in the market currently) we need a huge database (~150GB) and very powerful algorithms, running over multiple CPUs and using a lot of RAM.

    Moreover, our database is constantly growing: the A.I. algorithms learn and improve the prediction quality, and we learn new words, names, terminology and text patterns all the time. Type the word Lady, and A.I.type will suggest Gaga. Who knows what it will suggest in a year from now (what Lady would star then)…

    If we want an offline version to keep up with the quality, we would utilize users’ system resources aggressively. Shall we compromise on the quality? Would that be forgivable? Maybe. I’m not sure.

    So – thanks for the tip. I can’t promise having such a version, but at least I can promise we spend thoughts on it.

    (sorry for the long answer).

  18. jim midgley

    Hi Guys and Gals
    Some how we got disconnected….This is , I believe, the last letter got from you

    And I never tyod with an “active spel;l checked….Oh I use one but it never interups…LOL

    If you would be so kind as to reinstate me ??

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