Have you ever wished that you can type faster and better in Windows ? Then you’re in luck, because today we’ll show you how to get a smartphone’s word suggestion in Windows.

To accomplish that, you need to install AI Type, a software that gives word suggestion when you write in Windows.  AI Type not only fulfils our gratification to have a smartphone-style word suggestion for Windows,  AI Type also improves our writings by suggesting word according to its context. It  will also try to match words according to the  probability in which other users may have used it.

Installing AI Type is a breeze; Just download the installer from AI Type website, run the executable, fill in a registration form, and you’re all set to use AI Type for your daily writing. Once you’re done with the installation, AI Type appears on your system tray.

AI Type automatically suggest words when you type in Windows.

AI type works seamlessly with most word editors in Windows, such as WordPad and NotePad. The only word editor, that AI Type does not support in our Windows 7 box, is Windows Live Writer.


It even helps us pick a good name for our folders.

If you’re not an English user, then AI Type got you covered; It translates English to more than twenty languages. Head to the system tray, and click the AI Type icon to open its “Language” tab, and choose the language  that you want to translate to.

Translation occurs immediately as soon as we hover our mouse on each of the suggested word, and  we have to say, AI Type does a terrific job at translating the words.

We hope that you’ll find AI Type helps you in your daily writing  as it helps us with ours. If you want to know whether our readers wants an IPad2, just head over to our poll to see the result.

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