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Show or Hide the Menu Bar in Firefox the Easy Way

Do you only need occasional “easy access” to the Menu Bar in Firefox but want it hidden the rest of the time? Then you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the Hide Menubar extension for Firefox.


Here is our browser with the “Menu Bar” showing full-time. Nice, but what if we could have a “built-in” on/off switch for the “Menu Bar”?



Installing the extension is quick and easy…and there are no options for you to worry with. As soon as you restart Firefox the “Menu Bar” is already hidden as shown below (nice!).

So what do you do when you need that occasional access to the “Menu Bar”? Just hit the left or right “Alt Key”…it acts just like a toggle switch. The “Menu Bar’ will also auto-hide whenever you click inside the webpage or outside of the browser itself. Sweet and simple!



The Hide Menubar extension lets you enjoy having the Menu Bar there when you need but keeps it out of your way when you do not. Enjoy!


Download the Hide Menubar extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 10/30/09

Comments (16)

  1. anonymous

    I would instead use this add-on so the menu is available handy though it does not take up any space.

    But if you want no access to the menu at all, then this is fine.

  2. Doc

    The Tiny Menu extension does something similar to the Compact Menu addon that Anonymous posted above, but also allows you to use an icon of your choice. Move the buttons and address/search bars into it, and you have a compact menu that’s always available.

  3. Marius

    why not just right-click on the menu-bar, and un-check “Menu Bar” in the pop-up menu? This way, you can access the menu-bar at any time by pressing the Alt-key…
    The action can easily be reversed by right-clicking on any of the navigation-buttons, and re-checking it..

    Marius from Norway

  4. anonymous

    latest firefox 3.6 has this feature built-in so you dont need to use this now obsolete plugin

  5. Monkeyfox

    I would like to second Marius here and thanks for telling me how to show the menu bar once I’ve unchecked it. :) yay ALT key

  6. Stephen

    Included in firefox 3.6

  7. Berto

    what if i want it to be able to control by one click on the mouse, sometimes we will be too lazy to touch the keyboard, though

  8. mr love xxx

    thx sudah membantu

  9. meh

    I would prefer an about:config preference solution to installing a resource/space hogging extension

    userstyle? I don’t want to hide. I want to force it visible no matter what JS spawns the new window

  10. Sudhir Kumar

    Good suggestions!!! I found it worthy.

  11. Victor

    Switch to classic menu bar in Firefox 4:

    While browsing any website, press ALT key. The classic menu bar will appear below the “Firefox button” temporarily allowing you to access menu bar options. On the Menu Bar, go to VIEW > Toolbar >Menubar – CLICK on Menubar.

  12. Monika

    i was worried will i have to reinstall firefox..

  13. Matt Popey

    Bless your heart, I could not for the life of me figure out how I had lost the menu bar and the address bar. Thank you for restoring my santiy.

  14. Mohammad

    works great , couldn’t figure it out but it helps me a lot. thanks

  15. Turab

    Thanks for wonderful tip

  16. Bruce

    this function has been pushed out since firefox 4.0.i really hope avant browser can do it

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