Friday Fun: E7 (Mission to Save Earth)

By Akemi Iwaya on March 4th, 2011


It has been another long week at work and you should take a few minutes to relax and have some fun. In this week’s game you journey to E7 in an attempt to find and destroy the deadly bomb that is aimed at planet Earth. Can you survive the journey across the planet and complete your mission?


The object of E7 is to travel across the planet to find and destroy the deadly bomb that is aimed at planet Earth. Your A.I. companion will keep you updated with relevant information in the upper left corner as you travel and you can access the game menu in the upper right corner. The blue line at the top represents your health/life force.

Only three keys are required for game play. Use the Left Arrow Key (“A”) to move left, the Right Arrow Key (“D”) to move right, and hold/release the Down Arrow Key (“S”) to jump. Choose the set that works best for you.


E7 appears to be an eerily abandoned and lonely planet with only the sounds of the wind to keep you company…


The beginning of your journey and adventures! As your craft moves you will notice that the planet’s surface has fluidic, wave-like properties.


During your travels you will encounter areas where rock stalagmite-type formations exist. You will need to be very careful and work your way around these structures or your craft will be destroyed. For the ones shown here a good high-speed run at the cliff’s edge will allow you to jump over them and to safety on the other side.


As you near the end of Sector 1 you will receive your first training session. This will prepare you for the battles and obstacles ahead. This is where you will practice your skills with the Down Arrow Key (“S”).


Your goals for each sector are to destroy all enemies encountered, safely reach the transport portal, and teleport to the next sector.


Ready to start traveling through Sector 2!


You will also encounter ruins along the way which only add to the eerie abandoned feeling of E7.


Once you reach a certain progress point in Sector 2 you will start to encounter the first of many robotic soldier machines that lay ahead of you. The best method for attacking and defeating them is to move directly underneath them, hold down the Down Arrow Key (“S”) and then release to launch your craft into the air at them. Each time you hit/impact the robotic soldier machines you will damage them…continue until you have destroyed them.


One more good hit and that robotic soldier machine is history…


Success! If you do get killed while traveling through a sector, then you will be presented with the opportunity to play through that sector again rather than starting the game over from the beginning. Good luck on your quest to save planet Earth!


Trailer for E7

The trailer shows some nice techniques for getting through parts of the game and provides a nice look at the challenges you will face.

Play E7

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  • Published 03/4/11
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