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Reader Poll: Are You Going to Buy the New iPad 2?

Steve Jobs announced the iPad 2 moments ago which will touch off a flurry of new purchases, upgrades, and general Apple-centric muttering and fist shaking. Will you be buying an iPad 2?

The first iPad sales exceeded everyones expectations, Apple fans and detractors alike, with a crazy 15 million units moved last year. The new iPad rocks a dual-core processor, a front and rear-facing camera, improved graphics, and a razor thinness (33% thinner than the current model), among other improvements.

Are the improvements enough to entice you into buying one? Hit up the poll below to log your vote and then fill in the details in the comments.

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Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 03/2/11

Comments (52)

  1. Ryan

    A voting option for those of us lame and dreamer-like enough to want to wait for some non-fruit-related alternative would have been nice. :)

  2. Hatryst

    Apple has raised the bar with iPad 2… No one comes close, at least for now :)
    Man, A5 (dual-core) processor in a tablet :D

  3. Hatryst

    For those who will call us ‘fanboys’: See what’s going on, the whole web is talking Apple. have you ever seen the web so excited? :)

  4. CoolBone

    @hatryst I’m really sorry to flame, but do you not read the news? There have been dual-core tablets on teh scene for several months now. Granted, Apple does have very good hardware to support it (IPS screen and finally some decent memory) but by Gob, it’s not the next coming of Christ.

    Give me Apple-esque hardware with a larger screen (13″ 4:3 for documents) and NOT iOS, and you’ve got yourself a real tablet. Not just an oversized iPod touch.

    BTW, I have an iPad, so don’t flame me. I use it every day for reading music (it’s my profession) but it’s just more of a pain to use than I wish it were.

  5. Hatryst

    Have a look at the specs and capabilities of the iPad 2… Maybe its better than the previous one !

  6. Kevin

    Wait – the new Ipad 2 is White?

  7. Hatryst

    Yes (black as well), and both colours shipping from day one… Amazing :D

  8. @Hatryst

    The iPad 2 is still lacking compared to the Xoom and many other Android tablets coming in the next two months.

    What’s the iPad 2 have for RAM? Yeah, they don’t mention that at all do they. Bet it is much less than 1G like the Android tablets.

    How about the 4g? Oh. . . still 3G I see, well you can upgrade in the fall again–that will be your third iPad to equal one Android tablet.

    What’s the res on the cameras for the iPad 2? yeah, didn’t say much about that either.

    How about that HD screen for the iPad 2? Oh, they forgot that too.

    How about those standard ports so you don’t have to pay for a proprietary $40 peace of plastic? Oh, they forgot the standard ports again?!?!?

    How about the great notification update? Oh. . . didn’t make it in either.

    How about a tablet specific OS instead of a blown up iPod Touch OS? Oh, left that out also. . .

    etc. . . .

    I understand liking your product but stop with the “it’s the best thing every.” You just sound like a religious zealot.

  9. Hatryst

    Hey hey… Did I start a war here? We’re having a discussion here, friendly discussion.
    Apple has its own ideology behind all this. I agree, Apple did leave out a couple of good stuff which could’ve been included, because it will be introduced in iPad 3 :D But still, the improvements are good.
    That’s called ‘strategy’. And i agree, that’s not so cool…

  10. Aeo

    I won’t be buying any apple products… They initially threw me off the idea when I saw that for $1000ish you could get about $250 in hardware + OS X which apparently must be several hundred dollars…

    Pile on top of that their policies which I can’t stand, combine it with the laissez-faire style “rule” setting for iOS devices that got apps removed from their store and little to no explanation or other such feedback to the devs of said apps, and it just killed all interest I had in Apple for good.

    I’m not saying they don’t make good stuff, cause I just plain wouldn’t know. But what good is a nice and shiny apple if there are worms and other rot eating it from the inside?

  11. Khai


    “Hey hey… Did I start a war here?”

    well when your second post is “For those who will call us ‘fanboys’: ” and NO one had said that..

    well yes. you did…

  12. Ryan

    Never really wanted a tablet until I saw Honeycomb and now I want one, but I am holding out until a decent android tablet comes out. Apple have raised the bar a lot with this new toy, which can only be good in my opinion as other manufactures will have to raise the standards (which will take a lot of work) and I’m impressed a lot with Garageband and the price. This is also coming from some who hates Apple with a passion, so Google and the manufactures better get a move on!

  13. Wayne

    I’d buy anything the shiny and made by Apple.

  14. Nicklas

    Where’s the “I want one but can’t afford it” option?

  15. OpTik

    Do they have one with Android on it? ;-}

  16. Grant

    I’m waiting for prices to come down a bit on droid tablets.

  17. Joe

    Let’s pretend for a moment that I actually have the money to buy a tablet. I am heavily invested in the iOS ecosystem, with $100s of apps from the 3 years I’ve spent with an iPhone. The iPad seems like a perfect fit, then, but somehow it just doesn’t do it for me.

    When I look at a product like the HP TouchPad next to the iPad 2, hardware aside, the iPad just looks old. WebOS is absolutely in its element on a tablet, so given the money, that’s what I would have.

  18. Lady Fitzgerald

    Aside from my disdain for Apple’s “garden wall” policies, I have no use for either i-Pads. They are too big and heavy to lug around for use as an e-book reader, have too little data storage to be of use to me, the virtual keypads eat up too much screen space (a netbook is far more convenient), there are no USB ports so I can’t use one of the USB keyboards have knocking about or an external HDD (they do have a proprietary dock that has a keyboard–more bulk), no card reader, Adobe Flash won’t work on them (sure, Flash will be phased out by HTML5 but what about all the existing videos, etc. that need Flash?), etc. If I want a device to carry around for accessing the internet, I’ll get a smart phone (cheaper to buy and cheaper to use). People want one device that can do it all but they never are able to do the individual purposes as well as individual devices designed for those purposes.

  19. Victor Ward

    Ye Gods, how many of these things are there going to be? I’m waiting for iPad 20 which should be out in about a year I guess. Kind of reminds me of the Ozzy Osbourne Ad where he introduces more and more G networks!

  20. Dantv

    Why would anyone get the copycat tablets…I’m going with the innovator. iPad2! I can hardly wait!

  21. jv0521


    Some people might prefer Android to iOS (for example the ones, who like to mess around with their system rather than accepting it as it is), or “copycats” could have better hardware. :)

  22. Zumaru

    Got my Xoom a few days ago. Kicks the crap out of any proprietary apple crap.

  23. A

    Give me an iPad that can fold in half, doesn’t act like an oversized iPod, has standardized ports, has an affordable price range, and can remotely connect to my desktop then I might consider buying one.

  24. Lady Fitzgerald

    @A… Sounds like you want a netbook. ;)

  25. Kevin H

    @Hatryst… are you the frigging moderator here? Ease off the Submit Comment button, dang

  26. Proximo

    I have a love hate relationship with Apple. I don’t like the restrictions they place on the device and how I need to connect everything through the crappy iTunes software to make things work.

    When are they going to change the name of iTunes to something that makes more sense?
    When are they going to make iTunes not suck?

    With that said, I own an iPhone 3GS and my wife has an iPhone 4. Why do you ask? Because it’s the most innovated device on the market. It’s easy to use, it beautiful and simply works. The simplicity of the iOS is what attracts many users to include the Geek kind like myself. I don’t have time to mess with something and just need it to work and work well.

    The iPhone is still the best choice because of the walled garden. Every iPhone user has the same experience and get’s the latest software at the same time. This is not the case with Android.

    The iPad is also dominating the space with a simplistic design that just works. The iPad 2 is now even better with more speed to boot.

    I can’t stand to love Apple products but here I am with an iPhone and I will be buying an iPad 2. While I am at it, I might as well dive all in and get me a Mac Book Pro. :-)

  27. Prashant

    I’m not buying any tablet unless they support ink/hand-writing! That’s it.

  28. Riz


    That seems like only a love-love relationship to me :P its just the Itunes that bothers you ..

    and i thought geeks used to prefer flexibility/customization over simplicity

  29. BunnyPunch

    I don’t like Apple, and I don’t want to own anything made by them – plus there’s the cost. There’s no way I can afford or justify dropping that kind of money on a tablet, any tablet. I have a low end Android phone and I love it to bits, and one of the joys is being able to tinker with it, install custom ROMs, and generally do whatever the hell I like with it.

    I’m looking forward to the new spate of Honeycomb Android tablets coming out, particularly the low end of the market, and when those start appearing I’ll be chomping at the bit to get one. There’s no way on earth I’ll ever be able to justify dropping £400-600 on a tablet, but when they get to around the £200 mark, I’ll be far more interested.

  30. fdsa-nach

    No because it’s made by Apple

  31. Charles Snow

    Am i the only one that is sick of hearing about APPLE and their products? I don’t have a ipad… When is a good viable alternative coming out. No likey the XOOM…

  32. chicken

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh apple have gone and changed it all AGAIN (for the better)

    apple = genius

  33. Jesus A.

    It’s a good improvement over the first iPad but it’s falling short comparing its specs with Android tablets coming out the following months.

    No flash, no expandable memory, no HDMI/USB ports.

  34. Sarath

    iProducts are definitely s**y, but few restrictions (ofcourse! flash is allowed now). See Android, the whole world has turned towards them. You can create your own android apps without any hassle & then share for others! ‘Honeycomb’ should be most prolly rocking !!

  35. T

    Android is supposed to be better than Apple! Android Marketplace is infested with an abundance of malware with root access to your device. 50 apps were removed recently. I do banking on my iPhone/Ipad and I use Paypal. You guys better start thinking about security.

  36. john3347

    If a company has no more imagination than to name ALL their products with improper capitalization, I don’t need ANY of their products.

  37. Mike

    I don’t have a smartphone, IPod, IPad or other comparable devices.

    I don’t have a facebook, twitter, or myspace account.

    I’m 55 and do tech support for a living.

    And, so far, I’ve been able to manage without any of the above.

    As best I can see, quite a few “apps” are with the idea in mind of gathering user information
    for marketing purposes. Corporations are working overtime at (and facebook, twitter, and myspace are working with them) to get access to their users.

    Where is my incentive to make it that much easier for businesses to pitch to me what I don’t need,
    am not using, and probably can’t afford (none of which is currently stopping them)?

    I think IPads offer great usability for computer phobic pc illiterates who want to use the web, but, never
    mastered touch typing or the mouse. On that basis, I’ve even recommended it.

    But, other than portability and yet another (collaborative) means by which personal information
    can be readily mined for corporate gains while being strapped into yet another overarching set of proprietary restrictions on use and functionality – why would I want one?

    Don’t have it. Don’t miss it.

    Carry on without me.

  38. navjot

    Yep same here. I always thought that tablets were stupid until I saw Honeycomb. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Motorola Xoom :D

  39. Squeeks

    Check out the iPad2 specs compared to the other tablets. Thinner and a little cheaper.

  40. Drecked

    Yo Aeo touché dude ! It’ a bit like we’re going to get those suckers again !

  41. anon

    laptops >> tablets !

  42. Jon

    No, I don’t like tabs because I don’t like wiping my fingers all over my display.

  43. claudia

    It looks pretty but It has no UUB port. Doh!

  44. claudia

    My typing is as good as the iPad 2. I say it again. It has no USB port.

  45. Bobby

    I like the Xoom… it just costs too damn much. I’ll buy one like that, or better specs for $399 at MOST. Wifi only as well… I dont want an additional bill. My android is rooted and has wifi tethering. I’m never without my phone, so I can leech data off the 4g from that.

    … but comment from earlier as to the Ipad 2 and the rest copycats… who had cameras on their tablets first? who had a dual core processor first? who still doesnt have expandable memory? who still doest have 4g (even on their phones!)? who still doesnt have a better resolution on their devices?

    I’m tired of hearing the “it just works” excuse, my android works fine…. matter of fact, it works BETTER because i can do whatever the hell i feel like with it.

  46. catflap

    I really cant be bothered, a whole new era of things to go wrong

  47. node74

    Like many others here probably did, I grew up on Windows. I’ve worked professionally on Unix, Linux, and Windows systems for almost 14 years now. My professional expertise and background centers on the visualization of complex data and the application of visual thinking in business. I’ve rarely worked on the Mac platform for business. The iPad (not iPhone or iPod – the iPad) finally offers a platform that is capable of doing what I’ve been in search of since I fell in love with computers as a child. No other platform has been able to accomplish what the iPad has – period. Flame me all you want, but it’s simply irrational to claim that any other computer – tablet or otherwise – is even close to being as rock-solid as iOS on an iPad. Yes, I’ve worked with all of the other options, including Android, even Microsoft’s Surface. None of them come close, nor look like they will for quite a long time – years maybe. There will always be hardware specifications that sound more impressive than those of the iPad, but it’s the user’s experience while working on that hardware that matters most. In that regard, the iPad owns the market and will indefinitely. If you don’t agree, and claim to have an iPad, I’ll argue that you’re not doing anything with it, not enough to make a credible argument.

  48. Les

    I’m with Mike Ipads and Iphones a waste of money. my mobile is 6 years old and does what I want it to do make phone calls. I have a Gygabyte net book T1028 which has a touch screen duel boots with windows7 and ubuntu 10.10 (I am thinking of including the android os ) it also has built in simm card I can use it with skype to make calls anywhere the screen rotates and allows me to use it as a pad or a net book. I can plug in an external keyboard mouse and monitor. Listen to music watch videos etc. why would I downgrade to an ipad when I can do so much more with my T1028 (which also has 2gb memory and a 500gb hard disk). And guess what it costs a lot less than an ipad. Also have you ever noticed if you phone someone who has an iphone how hard it is to hear them clearly.

  49. Mike

    I am neither an apple fanboi nor an apple-phobe, but In answer to the ORIGINAL question, No.

    I have an iPad 1, an iPhone (which is faulty), an iMac, and two Windows laptops, ALL of which I use regularly.

    To me, the iPad 2 offers little in the way of incentive to upgrade. Faster, yes, nice; slimmer and lighter, definitely an improvement; cameras, meh… I have one in my iPhone and my Motorola Defy, and I also have a DSLR.

    None of the above will entice me to spend another grand on a replacement for something I already have. It’s an incremental upgrade on the iPad 1. It’s a case of “too little, too late” to remain ahead of the rapidly changing game. Still no Flash support (Many news sites have Flash content) and no way to upgrade the memory. (Would it have killed them to add a Micro SD slot?) Printing is still a complicated ordeal involving the “cloud” and/or other computers on your network.

    I will be watching with interest the development of Android-based tablets over the next 12 months. My guess is that the next year will see the iPad relegated to an “also ran”. A pity, because I love Apple’s beautiful designs and inherent quality. But that’s my 2c worth…


  50. Leppa

    I hate Apple’s monolithic walled gulag, and wouldn’t recommend spyTunes to anyone but
    Guantanamo inmates. then they’d confess After my dealings with this pile of poop called software. innovators Huh, Yeh right, where else do you have to go through so many hoops to do anything with shitty piece of crap. they don’t want to give you expandable ports or usb you have to buy a CrapBook (MacBook)for that.

  51. Ostangle

    I view Apple as exploitive. I cannot decide whether they make tools to meet peoples needs or create products that fuel demand. If Apple devices had the same functionality and were ugly would they have the same following I wonder? I doubt it. They are a prime example of a company exploiting consumerism and are extortionately priced. But if folk buy it – good for Apple you cannot blame them.
    It a bit like the succession of unecessary updates to digital cameras. We consumers are generally rather stupid.


    Until iDevices support Flash… nope.

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