Do you find searching through your browser’s history frustrating because the default History Menu & Manager are not as intuitive as you need? Now you can make that history easier to search through with the History Submenus extension.


Here is our browser with the default “History Menu” displayed. There is not a lot that we can look at in detail is there? We need to be able to see more than just some of today’s browsing history…

But to do that means opening the “Library Window”. Not good…not good at all. Time to make all of that browser history easy to access from the “History Menu” itself!


Once you have installed the History Submenus extension and restarted Firefox, you should take a quick look at the options. Adjust the number of items shown for each of the categories to best suit your personal needs. For the “Label” option, there are only two choices…”Date Format” or “Number Of Days Ago Format”.

History Submenus in Action

It is easy to see a big difference from the default “History Menu”. Not only do you get to look through the most recent day of history at the top, but you also get to browse through the history for past days specifically (very nice!). Here you can see the “Date Format” style…


The “Date Format” style with all of the active and empty sub-menus showing…

And the “History Menu” when it is set for the “Number Of Days Ago Format” style.


If you find yourself becoming frustrated with the default History Menu & Manager while trying to find a specific website/link, then the History Submenus extension will be a welcome addition to your browser.


Download the History Submenus extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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