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Make Bookmarks Always Open in New Tabs the Easy Way

Have you ever clicked on a bookmark and did not realize until too late that it was opening in your current tab instead of the new one that you wanted? Here we will take a look at a couple of methods to get them to open in a new window.

Built in Methods

There area  couple of ways to open bookmarks in a new tab which are built into Firefox and do not require an extension. Right-click on the bookmark and select “Open in a New Window”.


If your mouse has a middle scroll wheel you can just click it to open a bookmark in a new window. This also opens any links in a new window as well, and works for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari on Windows.


Open Bookmark in New Tab Extension

This extension is easy to install from the Add-ons for Firefox page.


Now you never have to worry about accidently browsing away from your current page (especially if you are in the middle of composing an important e-mail or blog post!) when opening a bookmarked website. Just enjoy being able to Left Click away on all those bookmarks and watch them open up in new tabs every time.



If you accidentally open bookmarks in your current tabs instead of the new tabs that you are wanting, then these tricks will certainly make your browsing experience a lot smoother and definitely more enjoyable.

Download the Open Bookmarks in New Tab extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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  • Published 10/2/09

Comments (5)

  1. bill

    P.S. I evidently don’t have it down pat either, as I said “pages” in place of “windows”.

  2. Anomaly

    I use Tabmix Plus and it has among it’s hundreds of settings an option to have bookmarks open in tabs.

  3. Paul

    I just hold control when clicking a link.

  4. RottNKorpse

    “I use Tabmix Plus and it has among it’s hundreds of settings an option to have bookmarks open in tabs.” – Anonmaly

    I was going to suggest this extension as well…this is a MUCH more useful extension than just opening bookmarks in new tabs. I especially love the other options for opening new tabs as you can make the browser search do it as well and sure you can click the magnify icon but I tend to just press enter and making it always a new tab is such a useful feature.

  5. vtenn

    In your blog, you switch back & forth between “new tabs” and “new windows” like they are the same thing, which may cause confusion. They aren’t the same thing at all (see your illustration of the right-click menu above). A click with the mouse wheel will open things a new Tab, not a new Window. If you browser were a book, opening a new tab is like opening that same book to a new page while saving your place with your finger so you can easily switch back & forth between the pages. If you open a new Window, you launch a second completely different load of the browser, along with, and on top of the first, like opening a completely different book and laying it on top of the first book. Two (or more) Windows use much more memory(RAM) and CPU cycles than an equal number of Tabs, and Tabs are much easier to switch between. Hope this helps.

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