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Geek Comic for February 18th – Tech Support

These days people send me messages over Facebook asking for help

These days people send me messages over Facebook asking for help, which is roughly the same thing.

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  • Published 02/18/11

Comments (8)

  1. Lady Fitzgerald

    That reminds me when I used to run a warehouse for the company I retired from. I got tired of crews coming in while I was on my lunch break (I was off the clock during lunch) and bothering me even though I had two employees working with me. I tried eating my lunch in my van out in the parking lot and they would still come to ask me about stock, then wonder why I read them the riot act.

  2. Hatryst

    Ah. People don’t know about the exceptionally awesome forums at How-To Geek !! :)

  3. Irish_IT

    Since when are you allowed to sleep?!?! I dont remember in my terms of IT Wage Monkey that free time was allowed, what a gip! :(

  4. john3347

    Your note beneath the caption in this cartoon particularly caught my eye. My response to that comment is that when someone participates in an immature venue such as facebook, they should expect such immature conduct and be prepared for it. You joined facebook voluntarily, you therefore forfeited any right to complain about any of the consequences of that membership.

    That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

  5. Victor

    ^ John has no friends on Facebook…. or in life for that matter…

  6. Ja5087

    computers are on 24/7/365/2011. This guy was probably from china

  7. Michael H. Olson

    My sister has dell laptop with windows 7 64 bit. Some how she got into save mode and cant get out of it Have any addvise, you can Email me at Thank You!

  8. Rob E

    Must have been an In-Law.

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