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How to Enable User-Specific Wireless Networks in Windows 7

Wireless network settings in Windows 7 are global across all users, but there’s a little-known option that lets you switch them to per-user, so each user has access to only the networks they are allowed to connect to. Here’s how it all works.

How is this useful? Maybe you want to prevent a particular user from accessing the internet—if you don’t give them the wireless password, they won’t be able to get online. This could be very useful if you’ve got mini-people playing games on the family PC, but you don’t want them getting online.

Setting Up Per-User Wireless Networks

The first thing you’ll need to do is head to Network and Sharing Center, which can be access through the tray icon in the screenshot above. Once you’re there, click on Manage Wireless Networks.


Once there, click on the Profile types button.


And now you can choose the “Use all-user and per-user profiles” option.

Note: the warning message indicates that if you use the Switch Users function to keep both users logged in at the same time, it’s going to possibly cut off the other user. Since that’s what we wanted in the first place, just click the Save button.


At this point, your system can now use per-user profiles—but any current profiles are still set to all-user. Keep reading.

Creating a User-Specific Wireless Network Connection

The simplest way to either create a new user-specific wireless connection would be to just connect to a network—the default is per user now. If you want to convert the current one, you’ll need to first remove it. Just select it in the list on the Manage Wireless Networks screen, and then click the Remove button.


Now you can use the system tray wireless icon to pick a network, connect to it, and then enter the password.


If you right-click on the entry in the list and choose Properties, you’ll see that the “Network availability” option is now set to “Me only”. Success!


The same thing will happen for any network you connect to.

Manually Creating a Per-User or Global Wireless Network

If you use the Add button in the Manage Wireless Networks screen, you can manually choose between per-user or global, which could be useful since the default is now per-user.


Click the option that says Manually create a network profile…


And now you’re at the screen where you can manually fill out all the details, and you can also choose to create it per-user, or for everybody.


And most importantly, you’ve learned something new about Windows 7.

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  • Published 02/17/11

Comments (15)

  1. Saul

    and you switch to mac?

  2. itsamemaro

    very useful! thank you

  3. Fred Woodbridge

    Can this be managed using Group Policies?

  4. Luie

    “This could be very useful if you’ve got mini-people playing games on the family PC, but you don’t want them getting online.”

    What about regular-size people?

  5. JIm

    Can I set it so a wi-fi guest can access the internet, but NOT access anything (shared folders, databases) on the network? In other words I want my guests to be able to access the internet but not see anything else on our network.

    (All our computers are currently on a wired network and will stay that way.)

  6. rino

    what about domain users who prefer to use the same profile in the office and out of the office? is there a way to manage static (office) wireless ip and dynamic (out of the office) wireless ip?

  7. The Geek


    That’s a great question, which will hopefully prompt a great article =)

  8. Shadow_Broker

    Thanks for the tip. Work great when you are in infrastructure mode, but what about when you are using and ad-hoc connection?

  9. Rick

    Don’t get me wrong, that’s great but why go through that hassle when you can use MAC Address Filtering? And Turn off Broadcast with no one getting the password/passphrase? Just my thoughts.. Again, the methods you provided can be useful..

  10. Roxanne

    Very informative article.

  11. raphoenix

    Great Info! Very useful.

  12. Mark

    What a beautiful star filled background. Any idea where one can find that wallpaper from? Thanks.

  13. Don

    I use a hard wired network so I guess it won’t work for me.

  14. julea

    i also found my sons zunes connect to internet with the code.for free cool huh..but the xbox live lags if im on laptop near modem.can i put the code in xbox threw windows media.for wireless xbox without buying the wireless xbox thingy??

  15. deno

    I want to access only my home network and not login or use other peoples network.. I am facing this problem all the time.. everytime I have to change connections..

    I have a lenovo T500 laptop with WIN7 PRO on it.. please advise.. the help in the article doesn’t solve my problem..

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