Ask the Readers: The Two-Step Login Verification Process – Security Boost or Just Another Hassle?

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By Akemi Iwaya on February 16th, 2011


Google recently introduced a new optional two-step login verification process for Google accounts to help increase account security. What we would like to know this week is if you think this will really help improve account security, should be implemented by others in addition to Google, or would simply add a new layer of hassle to using your accounts.


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A lot of people were really excited to hear about Google’s new two-step login verification process becoming available for use on their regular Google accounts. Google Apps accounts have had the option available for a few months, so if you have been waiting for it then now is the time to indulge. You can set up the new two-step verification process through the  Account Settings Page where a user-friendly wizard will help guide you through the setup process. The verification codes will be sent to you on your primary phone, but the setup process will also allow you to establish a backup phone and the ability to create backup codes in case you lose access to your primary phone.

The great thing about the new process is that it is optional…and choice is definitely a good thing. Depending on your past experiences this may be just what you have needed to help keep your accounts safe or just to have a better sense of security for your accounts. Then again this may not be that big of a deal either way for you if the accounts in question do not have a high level of value (or profile) attached to them.

But now on to the meat of the matter. It is highly likely that this could kick-start similar initiatives by others such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to help improve account security. Is this level of security something that you would like to see available for all of your online accounts? Is it even a good idea/method to improve security? Would you want it to be optional or fixed as a default mandatory setting? Do you think that this would simply add a new layer of hassle to using your online accounts? Is there some other method that you would like to see initialized to improve account security? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Note: You can learn more about Google’s new two-step verification process and how to set it up here:

Advanced sign-in security for your Google account

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  • Published 02/16/11
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