If you’re an RSS subscriber, you’ll soon notice that we’re making a few changes. Why? It’s time to simplify our system, while providing you a little more control over which articles you want to see.

The point, of course, is that people like different things, and that’s OK. What’s not so great is getting complaints—Linux users are always whining about Windows posts, and Windows users are whining when we write Linux posts.

It’s also worth pointing out that if you aren’t interested in a post—you don’t have to click on it to read it. This is probably fairly obvious to reasonable people.

The New Feeds

Here’s the new set of feeds you can subscribe to. We’ll probably add more fine-grained feeds in the future, as we get some more things straightened out.

You can obviously subscribe to one or many of them if you feel like it.

The Once Daily Summary Feed!

If you’d rather get all your How-To Geek in a single dose each day, you can subscribe to the summary feed, which is pretty much the same as our daily email newsletter. You can subscribe to this summary feed by clicking here.

Note: we’re working on a lot of backend changes to hopefully make things a little better for you, the reader. One of the things we’ve consistently had feedback on is the comment system, which we’ll tackle a little later. Also, if you suddenly saw a barrage of posts earlier… oops! Our mistake.

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