Last month, we reviewed our friend Ciprian’s new book by Microsoft Press, Network Your Computers & Devices: Step by Step—and we’ve twisted his arm until he decided to give away 10 free copies for our readers.

UPDATE: The giveaway is over, and the winners have been contacted.

First, the book: It’s a great book that covers networking between computers running Windows 7, XP, Vista, Linux, and even Mac OS X. Just as the title suggests, he’s got step-by-step tutorials that explain how to get your network up and running with a minimum of fuss.

Want to see for yourself? You can grab a copy of the free sample chapter if you’d like, or you can look through the chapter outline:

  • Chapter 1: Setting Up a Router and Devices
  • Chapter 2: Setting User Accounts on All Computers
  • Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Libraries on All Windows 7 Computers
  • Chapter 4: Creating the Network
  • Chapter 5: Customizing Network Sharing Settings in Windows 7
  • Chapter 6: Creating the Homegroup and Joining Windows 7 Computers
  • Chapter 7: Sharing Libraries and Folders
  • Chapter 8: Sharing and Working with Devices
  • Chapter 9: Streaming Media Over the Network and the Internet
  • Chapter 10: Sharing Between Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Computers
  • Chapter 11: Sharing Between Mac OS X and Windows 7 Computers
  • Chapter 12: Sharing Between Ubuntu Linux and Windows 7 Computers
  • Chapter 13: Keeping the Network Secure
  • Chapter 14: Setting Up Parental Controls
  • Chapter 15: Troubleshooting Network and Internet Problems

Whether you believe it’s the perfect book or not, we’re giving away one for free, so keep reading.

Giveaway Details: Or What You Need to Do

Since we’ve got an awful lot of subscribers, and we’ve only got 10 ebooks to give away, we need a few rules. So here’s how you can put your name into the hat for the giveaway:

  • Method 1: Leave a comment on the giveaway post over on our Facebook Fan page. Obviously you’ll need to Like us before you can leave a comment.
  • Method 2: If you don’t use Facebook, you can tweet this post using the Tweet button at the top of the article.
  • Winners: We’ll randomly pick 10 winners from those who participate.
  • Expiration: This giveaway expires in 3 days, give or take a day. We’ll announce the winners and contact them directly.

So go forth, and get yourself a free ebook!


Of course, if you want the print version, you can get that for a discount over on Amazon at the moment.

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