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Are You Using Facebook with an Encrypted Session Yet?


If you’re geeky and keep up with all the tech news, you probably already know that Facebook added an SSL feature, but for everybody else: You can make your Facebook profile more secure by turning this option on, and here’s how to do it.

All we’re going to do is head into the Facebook profile settings and then check a box that forces the use of SSL encryption whenever possible. Easy!

Enabling Facebook’s SSL Feature

Head into Account –> Account Settings from the menu over there on the right…


Then check the box for “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”. Click Save, and that’s it.


Now that you’ve enabled this option, people finally won’t be able to hijack your session if you’re on an insecure wireless network.

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  • Published 02/10/11

Comments (59)

  1. NaNNy`

    in italy, we can’t

  2. JamesR404

    Nice! Thanks for the tip, it’s a good one =]

  3. Ko

    Good one..

  4. Stefan

    In Germany, we can’t too. Perhaps this feature in US-only? But why?

  5. psypher

    Why the hell is this not default??

  6. momed

    does this slow our facebook ???

  7. Hatryst

    Who needs so much security on Facebook anyway? :D

  8. Trakla

    Today i checked and it worked.I’m from Albania,so others from EU should check as well cuz it may work now.

  9. Rik Rasmussen

    This feature is not shown in my account settings. I am in the USA.

  10. Rik Rasmussen

    Disregard, looked again and found it.

  11. BrianA

    Works in spain – thanks for the tip

  12. Wayne

    It just started working for me yesterday. I did indeed set it up.

  13. jayjoe

    for german and other user go to -> thats it :)

  14. Tim

    Protects against a 1 in a million chance that someone is snooping on your connection.

    Only really going to be of use to high profile celebs where they are likely to be a target for this kind of thing.

  15. Ray

    The only thing that I don’t like about when you enable HTTPS is that chat is disabled. When I disabled HTTPS, chat was accessable again.

  16. mpffffhhhh

    sure, already activated since few days (works fine in switzerland)

  17. Richard

    I am now but it would be better if Facebook rolled out the functionality to everyone at the same time.

    Appreciate it’s a bit of a challenge but the internet is a global medium and otherwise people hear about the change, attempt it, find that it isn’t supported for their country and (crucially) forget about it.

    (which is exactly what I did the last time they announced it)

  18. andres

    it works for me and I’m from Colombia

  19. Baraa

    In Saudi Arabia it’s not available yet :(

  20. P.L.

    I’ve been using SSL with facebook since before the option existed. EFF offers a firefox plugin called HTTPS everywhere which uses https for facebook, google and a number of other sights be default. In additional I enabled the facebook option as well. Only problem is if you want to use google images or the like, you have to manually enter “” but it’s a small price to pay for security.

  21. Alexx

    Works fine in Romania :D

  22. R77R

    It works with firefox add-ons: https everywhere.

  23. Aron Jay

    Works fine in Philippines.

    This feature is not geographically deployed so it might take some time for you to use SSL.

  24. vlad

    in Roumania works :)

  25. Atomsk

    If the SSL hasn’t been pushed yet for some regions and you are running on firefox, I would recommend running HTTPS everywhere (

  26. Mr Milakre

    Works for me in Mexico

  27. RussianBoy

    In Russia this feature works OK. Thanks for showing!

  28. Mohan

    Yep I have been since that was rolled out to my account.

  29. Hotdog

    Works for me in the UK using Chrome, thanks for posting guys

  30. Akshay

    Whenever I use an app that doesn’t work with HTTPS, it doesn’t just go back to HTTP for the app session. It changes the default back to HTTP. Anyone know why?

  31. toyotawv

    Some apps wont work when you use this feature. Not much of a problem for me but some may have an issue.

  32. lolxd

    Yes, that’s the only way it works at school!

  33. aviaviii

    could never enable this until today in the UK for me. thanks for the heads up :)

  34. Mythrill

    Hello world.
    Works fine here in Geneva, Switzerland.
    Thanks for the tip… :-)

  35. Bianco

    started it a few days before
    works just fine in Egypt

  36. TheGift73

    On it’s own it works well and is a great addition, but doesn’t integrate with certain apps like the RSS redirect one. If you are browsing using the https that FB offers and click on an RSS link to an article that someone has posted, it will ask you to disable your FB https:-

    “Sorry! We can’t display this content while you’re viewing Facebook over a secure connection (https).
    To use this app, you’ll need to switch to a regular connection (http).”

    I think Facebook should bug check their https protocols before implementing them first.

  37. Carol

    Would this be of any benefit for someone who isn’t using a wireless connection?

  38. Rob

    Yeah yeah yeah even thought HTTPS uses SSL and mostly TLS to encrypt data, spyware and malware can annonymously install a rootkit with a keylogger on your computer and capture all of your input before it makes it to the HTTPS encryption process. Just be safe when browsing the NET. :)

    Always remember:

    “There is no such a thing as a free lunch”

  39. Josh

    if you use a third party instant messenger like pidgin or trillian turning this on makes them not be able to connect

  40. mnpeep

    Thanks Lowell Heddings.

  41. HybRid SupreMe

    Thanx, it works in Kenya.

  42. Marcelo Fontenele

    Works fine in Brazil. Great tip!

  43. SAM

    Google chrome does not support it fully….we can use facebook on google chrome with a red cross on “https” while firefox Supports it fully….as it shows everything secured properly unlike chrome…

  44. Conrad

    Thanks for this Tip! We all know alot, but we dont know everything, nor do we think of good stuff at the same time. And this is a GREAT TIP. Glad to have you all coming to my email lol.

  45. kevalin

    It’s it true that once you sign out of your FB account and sign back in, their https function DOES NOT automatically turn on?
    I recall reading a comment from another article on How-To Geek that said that was the case. Supposedly, you essentially cannot set FB’s https function to work in default mode, though FB gives the impression that you can.

    Has that been anyone’s experience?

  46. iain

    thanks guys

  47. pandaSmore

    Nope not in Canada yet.

  48. Scofield

    In Italy works!

  49. Deenie Tallant

    THe new https feature states “whenever possible” on the box to select encryption. The https feature works for links to sites that are not secure, but it disables playing videos that are posted as links to profiles. In order to see video links I posted, I have to turn this feature off. Could this possibly be one of the “whenever possible” exceptions??

    I LIKE the added security of encryption when possible, but the inadvertent disabling of videos is problematic, in my view.

    best regards,

    Deenie Tallant

  50. DUH...

    If you want security and Privacy… GET RID OF FACEBOOK
    They sell all of your DATA to about 120 different major DATAcompanies…

    SSL does not secure anything…
    Facebook, Twitter, and All social network purpose is to associate persoal character data to you to sell
    so they can profile you…. among other things

  51. Abdul Rauf

    It works in the UK, thanks for the tip.

  52. Kastaldi

    Same here from Italy, it’s ok and working :)

  53. Vignesh

    Works fine in kuwait(middle east)

  54. Omar Hafiz

    Same here for UAE, Middle East.

  55. Tina

    works fine in Jamaica

  56. Agustin

    Works fine in Argentina! =)

  57. harvey

    why it wont work in phillipines can anyone help me

  58. zeeko

    It Works in Malaysia …many thanks .

  59. Kat

    It sure works but you can’t load the games in Facebook which sucks really.I’m totally at a loss.

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