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This Is a Completely Accurate Illustration of Me at My Last Job [Comic]


Work is boring, what can I say? Usually I was up way too late every night, making the whole situation much worse. It got so bad that one of my co-workers took pictures for blackmail. =)

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  • Published 02/1/11

Comments (3)

  1. Hatryst

    Which one’s you?
    (ah, ok i figured it out… :D)

  2. Ruth

    My dad works 12-hour shifts from home & that happens. Fortunately, it means he can crawl into bed & set the timer for 30 min (they do support & take turns within the shirt…he’ll get paged if he’s missing and needed).

  3. Bob

    What is it with Bob and cartoonists? We are much maligned!

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