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You Know You’re Computer Illiterate When… [Comic]


I remember the first time I tried to explain desktop wallpaper to my mom—totally blank stare. I imagine this is what she was thinking.

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  • Published 01/31/11

Comments (12)

  1. Ali

    haha, awesome :D

  2. Hatryst

    This guy should consult the folks at They have a nice collection of wallpapers :D

  3. Groff

    He had better not tell his friend he needs new RAM…

  4. gyffes

    M’mom got a new computer. I asked her what kind.

    [long pause]

    “…. um… gray….?”

    I THINK she was kidding..

  5. Xana452

    Is it alright if i save these? They are really good!

  6. Njitram

    Yeah, a friend recently asked me what she should look for when buying a new pc. She thought the size of the hard drive was the defining spec of a computer, lol. The bigger the hard drive, the faster it runs…

  7. Technobabble77

    The Saturday after the purchasing a new LCD monitor my father-in-law gave me a call saying that all he could see on his screen was a bright orange line going through the middle. He had been on the phone with the manufacturer and they couldn’t fix it. They recommended he go back to the store exchange it, which he did. However, that still hadn’t fixed it. It must be the desktop itself, and could I come over to take a look? Of course, it only took me 10 seconds to fix the issue. Somehow (he swears it wasn’t him), he had right clicked on some image while IExploring the web and set it as his desktop wallpaper. He swears it just happened all by itself because he had no idea the desktop had a wallpaper or that it could be changed. :D

  8. Dave

    Just a comment on Windows 7.

    My new PC is in the shop now, having 7 removed & XP put it. So far, 4 people I know tell me that next time they will but MAc’s, after their experience with 7.

  9. gyffes

    Hiya, Dave. I do Tech Support for a small chunk of our Med School and have stopped putting XP on Winboxes. While an avid, ardent Mac fan (I still have my original 128k c.1985 Mac), I find 7 FAR FAR superior to XP. In addition to being way more secure.

    I suspect that most people’s issues with 7 are related to inferior hardware more than to the OS itself. Apple’s ability to control the mesh of machine and OS, as well as a general prediliction for superior hardware (esp vs, say, a $400 Delltower from Wal-Mart) sorta ensures a better computing experience. But if you MUST go Win, 7’s really the only option I’ll endorse anymore.

  10. 4mahmood

    that’s so lame …. now days everybody know that kind of things…. even a grand ma…!

  11. Jason

    Just a comment on Coke Zero.

    My refrigerator is in the shop now having the insides replaced to remove the stench of some spilled Coke Zero. So far, 4 people I know tell me that next time the will buy Pepsi Max, after their experience with Coke Zero.

    Seriously Dave, if you’re going to post flame bait, at least do it on an article where the topic is even slightly relevant. Then it won’t look like a blatant troll.

  12. Roi

    ROFLMAO! You just made my night!

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