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Dealing With Computers Should Require Anger Management [Comic]

Sometimes computers just get the best of us. Of course, if computers were easy, nobody would read How-To Geek, so we can’t complain too much!

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  • Published 01/26/11

Comments (23)

  1. Eric Z Goodnight

    Yesterday, when my Hard Drive and Video Card failed at the same time–yeah, that’s how I felt, too.

  2. Nav

    Nice to hear :)

  3. odeho19

    I never have problems with my computer. I just come here for the friendly banter! LMAO!!!

  4. ga4a

    It actually is kinda’ easy these days. Though sometimes things can’t be fixed and must I must do a backup or reinstall the OS. I have felt this same thing before as well – desire to smash my pc into pieces… just need to calm down, think about everything what could go wrong.. think about linked things that could corrupt your system.
    Do some googling which usually helps.
    If google can’t help you must 1)restart 2) Check your settings 3) Reset router and modem if it’s internet related 4) Ask around forums 5) if it’s not fixed do a backup 6) think if it’s worth reinstalling
    +) also think about if some 3rd party software has something to do with this.

  5. ga4a

    also in some cases HDD error checking and defreg helps.. as well as ccleaners registry error checking.

  6. Chaptr88

    Buy a Mac. Move away from Windows and all the troubles.

  7. zsinclr

    Why? So you can buy another Apple product and when it breaks you are sending it all to apple to fix it? Also rather not shell out a grand on outdated hardware.

  8. Jeff

    Too bad he’s not looking into Linux instead of anger management…

  9. Hatryst

    Computer life would’ve been much harder without How-To Geek !
    Thumbs up to HTG :)

  10. Marc

    @Chaptr88 ,

    Mac is for noob and elders, who can’t fix computers. So yes, you should use a Mac.

  11. roy

    My problems only started when I had to start using Macs

  12. art

    Yeah the dreaded bootmngr is missing made me wanna throw it against the wall attached to some of last years left over m-80s

  13. Robert Morrow

    What is the best way to protect the computer from Viruses and remote computer criminals? I had two suppose to the best virus programs and yet my computer was invaded by a remote compute which lock me up until I paid the extortion charges. I did the best, installed a new hard drive and installed and new operating system. Ubuntu (Linux) and all is good. The only thing I would like a second compute with XP Pro to run some programs that have not advanced to work with in Linux as yet. Robert Here in the Land Of Enchantment.

  14. Jingle all the way

    What a funny and funplace to go.

  15. Arun

    First of all let me thank How to Geek. And 2nd about mac nd others. Who wants a locked up and inferior hardware like in mac. Just because it is free from viruses doesn’t mean that it is the best. Infact apple is now vulnerable to that also. I have never seen such low end hardware in any midrange pc’s. I’m an apple lover bcuz of the looks and having an apple product is someting great. But I don’t want such restrictions in my hardware and software!

  16. abubenie

    thank u all technician on this amazing web

  17. hhoward

    I am learning new things here, because i thought only Volvo drivers bought Macs

  18. Mitch in Toronto

    Comp won’t restart? This, after a big hang or hangs during boot. Try pulling the ATX connector the big connector running from the power supply to the mother board. Just pull it out (from the mother board) and stick it back in. Re-seat it. That should do it. You might want a little extender to bring the re-seat point out from the board – a bit. Easier access.

    This particular ploy is the first order of business if I’m getting wonky reboot or no reboot. Is your hard-drive clacking on a failed boot-up? Try the above. Worked for me. Good for another month or two.

    I haven’t really read about this ploy previously – I happened upon it myself after another hair-pulling session trying to get things started. Anyhow thanks for sharing. Like I said – it’s my first “line of defense”.


    All these angry anti-mac people. What are you putting in your cereal? Here is Apple’s low-end MacBook Air: $999.
    1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
    2GB memory
    64GB flash storage1
    Intel HD Graphics 3000

    Dell, for the same price: (NO bluetooth, CRIPPLED OS Home Premium, NO SSD Option)
    Intel® Core™ i5 2537M 1.4GHz(2.3GHz w/Turbo Boost, 3MB Cache)
    Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English
    4GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1333MHz
    320GB 7200RPM SATA 3Gb/s
    Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1000 a/g/n 1×2

    Yeah…there are still some differences. Apple includes quite a bit of useful software. PCs include a ton of bloatware and trial software. Apple’s current line of laptop, desktop, and tower computers does not have a single processor below dual-core Intel Core i5 with 3MB cache. And YES…their least expensive computer is $599 without KB, mouse, or monitor.

    Personally, I love PCs. I fix computers for a living. If I ONLY fixed macs, I’d go broke.

  20. Nan Robkin

    I am getting to tht point, only with a scanner driver…anyone know how to get an Epson Perfection 1650 Photo scanner to work with Windows 7? Repeated efferts at installing a driver for it didn’t work AT ALL. Totally frustrated.

  21. Gator

    So whats a MAC? Is it something you buy a the fallen arches????? I think they call it Big Mac.
    I live in Brazil …3rd world! Even hear we do not like MACS!

  22. Don

    Is there a way to get around HDD password on a Toshiba Satellite

  23. Jim

    Purchase a GATEWAY mine is 5 yrs old and still running like a new one!!! :)

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