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How-To Geek Gets the Microsoft MVP Award, Thanks to You


The How-To Geek has won a Microsoft MVP award for the second year in a row, and it’s all thanks to you, our great readers that keep the site going. Join us for some mutual back-patting and some terrible photography of all the award stuff.

Of course, if you’re familiar with the MVP award you’ll probably know that it’s actually for a single person, but in my opinion the award belongs to the entire How-To Geek community, without which this site would be nothing.

Terrible Photography of the Award

If there’s one thing I’ve learned by receiving this award, it’s that I’m possibly the world’s worst photographer. It took me like 20 minutes just to get this terrible shot—and then I realized that there were fingerprints all over the award itself.

In any case, they send you a little card for your wallet, a pin, an award for the wall, and then the nice piece of glass—once you’ve gotten the award once, you just get the little glass piece for the next year if you win again. The quality of each piece is really impressive, and it’s literally the only thing I’m proud enough to have on the wall of my office.


Once I looked a little closer at the award, I realized something…


That’s right… Microsoft decided that I’m officially a “Windows Expert”. If they knew I was typing this on a MacBook Air, I’m pretty sure they’d take it away from me—nobody tell them! =)

And again, thanks to all of you, the readers who always read every article, leave helpful and constructive feedback, and make this site what it is today.

Lowell Heddings, better known online as the How-To Geek, spends all his free time bringing you fresh geekery on a daily basis. You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 01/10/11

Comments (85)

  1. PcGuy

    Well deserved award. Congratulations.

  2. Mike

    Congratulations Lowell :)

  3. InDiSent

    Congrats…..Rock on!!!

  4. darkprop


  5. Haroon Q. Raja

    Well-deserved, congrats!

  6. saul

    You deserve it because of your great blog, just hope you come back to a PC because, appart that you are losing focus on Windows, I also still know ..YOU ARE A PC!


  7. Humberto

    Congratulations =)

  8. Ross

    Totally deserved.

  9. Eric

    I mostly only read and don’t comment, but this is an important occasion so I thought why not.
    You have a great blog, this award is well-deserved

  10. gchang

    Congratulations to you! :D

  11. Ian

    Congratulations. You all deserve it. All your tips are wonderful. Now, when people ask me for help with their computer, I can send them a link to your website and say “call me if you have questions.” Thank you so much!

  12. arjain


  13. Todd

    Shows Microsoft never read this site or your work on Lifehacker.

  14. Bubumuk


    Saludos desde Mexico!

  15. johnp80

    Congrats, I’ve noticed that Microsoft has been referring to articles posted here fairly often.

  16. LoverBoy

    Congrats. :) Its really deserve by HowToGeek to be an MVP.
    But can you guys explain how to get this ward ? Requirements ? & Benifits of being MVP ?

  17. bassman22

    Congratulations, keep it up!

  18. Nakodari

    Congrats! =)

  19. Wasif Aleem

    congratz guys..:))….

  20. Ja5087

    Great Work! When will Apple make AVP :)

  21. Vishal Gupta (MS MVP)

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Congratulations mate. :)

    You really deserve it. Congrats again from your fellow MVP.

  22. David Levine

    Congratulations! You certainly deserve it.

  23. Gouri Shankar


    This is good start of 2011 for you. :)

  24. commoner

    Congrats n_n

  25. dan

    Bravo! Most deserved!
    And I just knew that you name is Mr. Lowell Heddings. :)
    You are an asset! Keep up the good geeky work Sir

  26. Hatryst

    Very well deserved, Lowell !

    May you get the MVP title again next year (and the next next year, and so on) :)
    And may this website gain lots of progress and fame and may it be helpful for everyone seeking help !

    Keep it up !!

  27. Jim

    A well deserved honor. Your website is probably the best computer related website on the entire internet. (And now we know your real name—cool :-)

  28. blazer2704


    KEEP IT UP :)

    Great Site :)

  29. jefferson

    your site had been very helpful to me :)

  30. KB Prez


  31. Steve

    Congratulations, Well deserved!

    I frequently pass on your documents and tips to friends and family.

  32. Elizabeth

    Congratulations !! I can only say that in this pc world of much confusion and changes, this website
    has been and is my refuge, solace and clarity. Not to mention my homepage on my browsers as well :-)

    I cannot thank you enough for your time, knowledge and tools you have shared with me which I have
    passed on to others in the years.

    As far as typing from a mac ,,,, how could you have become the expertise that you are if you did not have
    the means to do your research and comparison :-)

    Gratefully yours,

  33. _Ron

    Way to go…when I don’t have the time to be tech support for my relatives I usually forward one your links to them…I am glad that Microsoft recognizes the best that is out there!

  34. Chris

    No reason you can’t be a Mac AND Windows expert! I say whatever tool works for you, and competition is a good thing. That said, I really enjoy all the Windows help you provide and it’s good to see M$ getting it right by recognizing you.


  35. Withanamelikedave

    I leave the worst feedback. That’s how I show my love.

  36. Charles Teesdale

    Well done, not just to you but to the whole team, keep up the GREAT work, go for the hat-trick next year, Charlie

  37. Shogo71

    Congratulations!!!!!!!! keep at it man

  38. Kathie

    Congratulations – well deserved. Look forward to starting the day with your email and have used a ton of the information. THANK YOU!!!

  39. ed

    Good for you !

  40. Tom

    What I admire the most about your web site is your impartiality. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Mac or a PC, whether you’re running OS X, Linux, Windows, etc., your tips, tricks, advice are spot on!

  41. awraynor

    Congrats and well deserved. HTG provides some of the best articles, howto’s etc. for the
    novice and advanced user.

  42. annie b.

    good job!

  43. Chris

    I can see finger prints on it!


  44. Mezanul

    Congratulations! Keep up your good work and continue being an MVP every year! :)

  45. Lorizia

    Congrats! Well Deserved!

  46. Martinho neves

    Well deserved award. I know your site just for a month now and I like ot alot. Keep up the amazing work.


  47. Guy in Victoria

    Great Stuff & well deserved. Merci !

    Guy in Victoria

  48. Raj Wraith

    You’re THE Geek of the internet. And you’re awesome. Congratulations and keep up the good work. All the best wishes to you.

  49. Psycosis12


    Congrats on the MVP award, you deserve it!

    Keep up the awesome blogs, posts, tips, and tricks!

  50. Barnabas

    Wow! Congrats!! Great stuff man- do keep up the good work – i learned a lot from your everyday mails- may be you’ll make me a geek one day!!

  51. Gale Bizet

    Thank You for HTG..I have also learned alot and passed it on.

  52. ron

    I think you deserve it because you stay in the middle between total geekdom techno-talk and down to earth help my mom can use. (If I forward it to her!)

  53. John Tod

    Congratulations!! I have learned so many tips from the daily newsletter I can’t begin to tell you how many. Its nice you and your group got the recognition you deserve.

  54. RebateSense

    Congrats Geek on the recognition!

  55. mnpeep

    Lol it the date on the card goes backward!

  56. mcrandom


  57. Paul Underdown

    Well deserved award, Cogratulations!!!

  58. jamal

    Congratulations, you deserve every bit of the award, keep up your amazing work, Love you.

  59. AnnSometimesY

    Many kudos to you!! You’ve been my #1 Go To Guy on almost everything web related, not to mention that you are always introducing us to new and better things known and unknown. I really feel great about your recognition. Keep up the Super Geek!! Thank You Much!!!

  60. Sandy P

    You guys ARE the Best! I can’t say how many times I’ve turned to you for tweaks, registry stuff etc. Using your info has saved me MANY valuable hours of time while helping others who find it difficult to work on their computers! Your site really helps me be the family geek! (Grandma Geek anyway)

  61. fas

    Great job. I don’t know how you find enough hours to do what you do but please keep it up. You are the best of the best.

  62. Xps

    I am routinely pointing people to HTG articles so I think this award is well deserved. Good job to you and your team for putting together a quality site so many benefit from.

  63. Jim

    Ditto’s with all that has been said above. I don’t know where you find the time to do all that you do but it is a great service. Thanx.

  64. Omar Hafiz

    Congratulations for the valuable award for the invaluable team.

  65. mez

    Congrats, man!

  66. João Oliveira

    Parabéns, Geek!

  67. edmenje

    Congratulations on another year of excellence. HTG is a daily habit for me, I’ve learned so many tricks and solved many of my problems by using this site and even chime in to help others if I think I have a solution or comment.
    Congratulations also to the forum mods and regular contributors for continuing to make The How to Geek the best site of its kind on the web.

  68. paleolith

    You deserve this accolade to the fullest. The How-To Geek is the guru of geeks.

  69. Mike

    Over the years I’ve learned a lot from your articles. I’ve referred other people to this site and everyone agrees that you’re the best. If you get the hat trick next year (which I’m sure you will), Microsoft should add some $$ to the honor and maybe erect a statue of you in front of their HQ in Redmond because, after all, you are the GEEKATOLLAH.

  70. Tom

    Congratulations, and a very well done!
    Many of out here really believe HTG is the best, and you deserve it!

  71. Z S


  72. Santo

    Keep up your good work.

  73. Sandra Marr

    For the record, in all the websites I visit for any reason, I find NO OTHERS that compare with your (collective You) ease to understand at any user level, or friendly/bright/great navigation and high amount of topics on different systems, etc. Nothing! I am always proud to share out your articles and How-To’s, knowing that it will not scare away clients/friends. I can bravely and heartfelt KNOW that they can follow it, with ease and comprehension and pleasure even! Lowell and Team, Congratulations for a well deserved award! 3 Cheers!

  74. Bilal

    This is just a MS award, but the HTG community believes you deserve even better awards and accolades than this one. Thanks for the good work, and congrats!

    BTW, the replies to this post will really tell you how big the HTG community is!!

  75. gunnersfan

    well deserved award….

  76. Pratik S

    Lowell is quite possibly the biggest Geek I know and frankly that’s the biggest compliment I can give him. :)

  77. Silverham

    Nice tip with the mac air :)

  78. mohamed el meseery


  79. Arvin Antonio

    Cheers! HTG is really proud to have you!
    AWESOMENESS . . .Mabuhay!

  80. abhishek

    Congrats, Lowell – r u coming for global mvp summit happening next month end in bellevue, washington ?

  81. DuanVu


  82. Junebug

    OK, first I thought you were a male, then I saw a picture of Asian Angel, so I thought, OK, female. Finally I got it figured out. Thanks so much for your website. It is really essential for people who were not born geeky. And especially for 64 yo grandmothers. You’ve saved my life many times!!

  83. seenu

    Congrats how to geek

  84. zork117

    Congratulations. Well deserved I might say.

    In the short time that I have been a member of this site, I can honestly say that this is one of the best and most knowledgeable, educational PC site I have seen on the internet.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  85. Ladybbird

    I am not surprised at all Geek, I have always thought you were the best, you are my favourite geek, although all the team are brilliant. Many congratulations and here’s to many more awards, you desrve them.


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