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Access Your Bookmarks with a Toolbar Button in Google Chrome

Would you love to reduce the Bookmarks Toolbar to a single button in Chrome and have the extra screen real-estate? Now you can with the addition of a simple command line switch.


There it is…the same old Bookmarks Toolbar that we have been looking at far too long. Time to do something about that and get that UI more streamlined!


Get Chrome Set Up for the Bookmarks Toolbar Button

You only need to do a little bit of prep work to get Chrome ready for your new beautiful Bookmarks Toolbar Button. Locate the shortcut(s) for Chrome and right click on them. Select “Properties”.


Once you have clicked through, you will see the “Properties” window with the “Shortcut” tab displayed.


In the address area for “Target:” you will need to add the following command to the end of the target path making certain to leave a single space in between the final quote mark and the bookmark menu command.


Here is an example of what the the target path should look like…


Or as an example, here is what your target path could look like if you happen to be adventurous and have enabled multiple command line switches like we have on our example system.


Once you have that finished, click “Apply”, then “OK”.


Look at that beautiful little button! Easy access to all of your bookmarks without a clunky toolbar in the way. Have fun with your new toolbar button!


Works On: Google Chrome versions 2.x – 4.x.

Installed On: Windows Vista (32 bit), Service Pack 2

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 09/14/09

Comments (17)

  1. HugoHilter

    Thats an awesome gimmick – indeed! I do´n´t use Chrome, but SRWare Iron portable. This is my favorite, because you can it use without advertisement. Only the right adblock.ini is necessary.

    And – it runs also! Thanks for that. Hugo from Germany

  2. Alfredo

    How did you change the background in your bookmarks tab?

  3. Asian Angel

    @Alfredo – That came with the theme that I installed. ^__^ It has been my favourite so far. ~__^

    Here is where you can get it (Water Theme):

  4. odeho19

    So, I tried this to get rid of the toolbar, and I did get the cool little button, but the tool bar is still there. Any thoughts on what else I need to do, or did wrong, or should I open up a post in the forum instead? Thank You.

  5. odeho19

    Never mind, I found it in the “Customize” button, and just ‘unchecked’, “Always show bookmarks bar”. Kind of like one of those “school kid” things LH was talking about! LOL

  6. Alex

    Hmm, that didn’t work for me target path is : C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe –bookmark-menu

    i’ve also tried it with
    “C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –bookmark-menu

  7. Lee

    that’s cool……now if you could only come up with an adblocker. :)

  8. Leo

    As one who has no computer skills, I followed your simple steps and installed the toolbar button.

  9. Asian Angel

    @Alex – Which version of Chrome are you using at the moment?

  10. Asian Angel

    @Lee – There are ways to do that. ~__^ Think user scripts… ^__^

  11. jc

    this didnt work for me. anyone know what to do?

  12. jc

    figured it out…you need to drag a new shortcut to the desktop…the one in the start menu worked but the desktop shortcut didnt

  13. Peter

    It works great, thank you!
    Im happy with the function, but sad with the way I came to it. there isnt any clue about such things on google chrome help pages. it leaves me with more questions than answers.
    where did you found it? how did you know what commands to put there? why isnt such option in settings of GCh? why do I have to stumble on this jus only by accident when searching for help how to restore my bookmarks button after I managed to hide whole tab?

  14. Caelitus

    There is an extension called Awesome Bookmarks which, in my opinion, does the job better.
    You can also type in the bar to search bookmarks.

  15. Nate

    COOL! Doesn’t work.

  16. Alan

    Didnt work for me either and although I added the quotation marks to the shortcut target they dissappeared the minute I pressed Enter.
    My Chrome version is 13.0.761.0 if anyone has the answer.

  17. Asian Angel

    @Nate & Alan – At this point in Chrome’s development it would be much more efficient to install an extension to add the functionality. ^_^ A lot has changed since the version of Chrome that this hack was written up for…

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