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Did You Know Facebook Has Built-In Shortcut Keys?


I was spending some time browsing around Facebook today (translation: wasting time), when I noticed that they have some shortcut keys for navigating around the site using the keyboard, so I put together a list for everybody.

Note: for each of these shortcut keys, if you’re using Firefox, you’ll need to use Shift+Alt instead of just Alt, and for Internet Explorer you’ll need to hit the Enter key after the shortcut to trigger it. If you’re using a Mac, you’ll need to use Ctrl+Opt instead of Alt.

New Message:  Alt + M

This shortcut key doesn’t seem to work in Internet Explorer at all, but if you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox, it should work fine, though Firefox will use Shift+Alt+M instead.


Search Box: Alt + ?

This shortcut key is the same in Chrome and Internet Explorer, but is Shift+Alt+? in Firefox—it’s really a very useful shortcut, since the search box gets you access to all your friends easily.


Home Page: Alt + 1

This shortcut takes you to your home page—if you’re in Firefox it’s Shift+Alt+1 and IE is Alt+1 and then Enter.


Your Profile: Alt + 2

This shortcut takes you to your profile page—if you’re in Firefox it’s Shift+Alt+2 and IE is Alt+2 and then Enter.


Friend Requests: Alt + 3

This shortcut is somewhat useless unless you’re the most popular person in the world, as it opens up the friend requests page. If you’re in Firefox it’s Shift+Alt+3 and IE is Alt+3 and then Enter.


Messages: Alt + 4

This shortcut opens up the Messages dialog. If you’re in Firefox it’s Shift+Alt+4 and IE is Alt+4 and then Enter.


Notifications: Alt + 5

This shortcut opens up the Notifications dialog. If you’re in Firefox it’s Shift+Alt+5 and IE is Alt+5 and then Enter.


There’s a couple of other shortcut keys, for Alt+6 through 0 on the keyboard, which take you to the settings, privacy, about, terms, and help pages.

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  • Published 01/6/11

Comments (27)

  1. Vangelis

    Great post! Thanks!

    However, I have a question:

    When I hit + in Chrome, it changes between the open tabs (from 1 to 9, if open) instead of opening the Home or Profile page. Why does this happen?

  2. Vangelis

    EDIT: «When I hit Alt + a number from 1 to 9»

    (I wrote the button names in quotes and it ignored the text)

  3. damiththa

    @Vangelis, that could be a custom shout cut or an add-on installed on your chrome.
    However in Chrome, Ctrl + (number) will make you switch between, open tabs

  4. Vangelis


    Thanks for your answer. Is there a way to disable or customize Chrome’s keyboard shortcuts? I made a little research here and there but I didn’t find anything relative….

  5. MM

    Hey it does work on IE. For example to go to ur profile page you press alt and 2 after pressing them leave then press enter it will work. So all the shortcuts work for IE but you have to press enter after pressing the shortcut.

  6. KKDK

    Thanks for sharing, I bet we hardly use in Mac.

  7. John

    @Vangelis I have the same problem in Chrome – fresh profile.

  8. Hoang

    Add Shift to combination if you’re on Firefox.

  9. andoR

    The search shortcut doesn’t work for me in firefox. Besides that, everything works. Thanks :)

  10. Milo

    @Vangelis: You don’t press the “+” key. It means hold the ALT key and press 1. the + symbol is simply being used as an abbreviation of and

  11. Fastboy

    You can make firefox shortcuts work the same way as chrome. (no shift, just Alt)

    1- On firefox Type “about:config” in the address bar.
    2- Click “I’ll be careful, I promise!”
    3- Look for “ui.key.contentAccess” and change its value to 4.

    Done.. now you can use the shortcuts with Alt only.

  12. Bikram Agarwal

    No thanks…!!! if I have to remember these many “shortcut” key combination, I’d rather use my trackpad.

  13. Vangelis

    @Milo: Yes, of course! I’m not that stupid! :D
    By “+” I just meant “plus/and”. ;-)

  14. Kenny Tran

    Thank you
    It interestinhg

  15. predstitans3797

    you can press:
    Alt+6 for account settings
    Alt+7 for privacy settings
    Alt+8 for Facebook’s like page
    Alt+9 for Terms of Service
    Alt+0 for help page

  16. Anonymous Me

    I thought everyone was too busy playing Farm/CityVille to care about shortcuts… Guess I was wrong! :)

  17. cris

    great tip pal

  18. PPP


    use the ctrl Button and 0 – 9 ;) and M 4 PM

    all the best

  19. ako

    wow. this is amazing!!!

  20. bianca

    cool! I use a bluetooth keyboard and notice that the digits on my 10-key don’t respond. I have to use the numbers above the keyboard to make it work.

  21. Apoorva

    Awesome !

  22. Pratik

    Awesome…It was time saving n quick

  23. nhex


  24. Fazal Fazz

    WoW.. that was really useful.. Now I’d rather do stuff faster than before.. thanks to who ever is it..!

  25. shen

    Ctrl + W = Send a mesage
    Ctrl + f4 = Help Center

  26. carol

    hi im using chrome and im using a laptop so whenever i need to do the shortcut thingy, i have to press FN as well. i usually make musical notes (alt+FN+13 = ♪) but whenever i try to make the double note (alt+FN+14=♫) in my facebook status, i end up in a new tab.. :( help…

  27. Menko

    Hmm its a nice way to use facebook now i dont use my mouse :)

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