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Ask the Readers: Which Browser is a Must-Have for You on Linux?

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Linux systems all come with their own particular set of default browsers, but those browsers may not be the ones you want or need. This week we would like to know which browser (or browsers) are considered “must-have” on your Linux systems.


As a general rule many Linux distributions have Firefox and/or Konqueror as one of the default installation browsers. During this past year the open source browser Chromium has also been gaining a lot of traction as a default install for systems. For most people these browsers are the ones that they like best or feel work well enough to not make any changes.

But there are other people who want more than what is available with a default system install. They may favor a particular browser for its’ extensibility or speed…others prefer a particular browser for its’ features or minimalist UI. Whatever your preferences may be, there is a browser out there to fit your style. Some people may even prefer to run only bleeding edge nightly releases or add them in with their current browsers. The important part is that you have choices when it comes to your Linux system.

What we would like to know this week is which browser or browsers you make sure are always installed on your Linux systems. Does the Linux system you use already have your favorite browser installed as part of the default set? Maybe you are content with using the default set of browsers that come with the system. Or perhaps you prefer to rework the entire browser setup on your system by removing the defaults and adding your favorites. Let us know which browsers you consider “must have” and why in the comments!

Note: You can make up to two selections on today’s poll since most people will likely have more than one browser that they make certain is always installed.

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Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 01/5/11

Comments (35)

  1. Hatryst

    Firefox !!
    (Yeah, I’m a fan of firefox) ;)

  2. Adir

    I must have FF and GC but I really miss flock for linux.
    Maybe RockMelt for linux would be even better…

  3. Vanhatai

    Opera for speed and convenience
    Firefox for some special extensions that do not work with Opera
    Chrome’s becoming kind of a standard (due to massive promo?) but still cannot replace them.

  4. Anonymous Me

    Chrome FTW!!!!! (Yeah, I’m a bit of a fanboy :D)

  5. germanix

    Firefox – great extensions but not real fast and quite bloated
    Epiphany – lean and mean, very fast

  6. Psycosis12

    FF, gotta love the add-ons
    GC, fast and simple

  7. Adam Thompson

    I used to be a die-hard Firefox user, but I’ve been using Chrome for awhile now, and I must say it wins my vote hands down.

  8. sidiiq

    Simply Chrome!!

  9. Asian Angel

    I am running bleeding edge nightly builds of Firefox…I love 4.0 too much to keep using the 3.6.x releases. ^_^

    I also run the latest Opera releases. At the moment I have the latest stable build, but as soon as they start releasing test builds again I will definitely be installing them. ^_^

    I have the “Plain Jane” nightly builds of Chromium set up as well…but mainly just to keep up with and try out new features as they are added in to it.

  10. Trevor Bekolay

    I use the Google Chrome dev build on my main work machine. I keep too many tabs open at once, and it has held up admirably.

  11. Nebbsen

    Of course Google Chrome – on every system I use although Firefox and Opera are still installed for testing how my site looks in other browsers.

  12. Aaron B.

    I tried Chrome when it first came out and have been hooked ever since. FF would be my second choice.

  13. amondracorp

    I use google chrome to surf the web, although I have FF linked as my browser in all the IDEs I use (to trace what is happening. In a nutshell Chrome to surf and firefox to develop

  14. Ben

    Firefox for the extensions, Chrome because it’s fast.

    I don’t find Firefox to be *that* slow, but on some sites it chokes.

  15. Col

    I use Manger browser, every December 25 they have a stable release!

  16. Ja

    Chrome Canary and Chrome stable for me.

  17. gyffes

    Firefox for utility.

    Midori for pure blazing speed.

  18. Dave

    Pshhh… no contest.

  19. Leo

    text-based browser. just wanna skip the fancy shmancy design fluffs and go straight to the content. I visit a site for the content, not the look.

  20. Formiko

    I was the biggest FF fan, even when Chrome came out, because it couldn’t handle extensions. Now that it does, I’m sorry FF, I’m in love with someone else :)

  21. g..

    Always the latest build of Opera (Fanboy here).

    On kubuntu, konqueror is preinstalled and used sometimes for some rare site which don’t work well on Opera.


  22. Antriksh

    Come on! What are you expecting people to vote for on this poll? Firefox and Chrome all the way!

  23. oldfrogman

    i need w3m for scripts

  24. Gouthaman Karunakaran

    Can’t believe someone voted for Epiphany. The browser isn’t compatible with 3/4th of the website I try to visit. I voted for Chrome although I use Firefox 4 every now and then.

  25. George

    For me it is Google Chrome and FireFox.

  26. asdf-chan


  27. Hayden

    Chrome and Opera.

  28. Patrick

    Strangely enough I could never get a handle on Chrome. I do so many re-installs on three computers for some reason (I like to try different OS’s) and it takes literally seconds to sync Firefox because I know what’s wanted and I want all my browsers to be exactly the same on each machine even a fourth Windows machine although Firefox for Windows is slightly different annoyingly.

  29. DrSheldonCooper

    Opera on all OS, because of the clear UI, the many functions and now with a good Adblocker.
    (also peacekeeper says its much faster than Chrome on my laptop)

    Anyone here have good presentations/ videos or screenshots of the Textmode Browsers for the CLI?
    I find them very interesting.

  30. imdeemvp

    I use firefox but too slow, like chrome but missing the extensions I use in FF… chrome missing a font setting bcus it is under beta still, when it gets fix I might make a change.

  31. Miss. Andrea Borman.

    I have Linux Mint on one of my laptops but it is true to say there is not much choice of software for Linux including web browser. As most are only for Windows. I have installed Chromium browser which you can get from package manager on Linux. And I have kept Firefox on Linux as it works better than Swiftfox it’s open source and I also have Arora and Seamonky as well. But Linux flock comes bare without plug ins so you cannot play videos and you cannot install the plugins. So I have installed Windows Flock(the version for Windows) through Wine. so any body who has problems installing or with Linux Flock. You can just install the Windows version of Flock on Linux if you have Wine installed,which lets you install and run Windows software. Andrea Borman.

  32. Bodsda


    I refuse to use GC on principal. I dislike the companies new found monopolistic behaviour, plus the tabs look ugly as sin.


  33. Akshay


    I was going to say that you’re being quite prejudice-y (?), but then I remembered that I don’t use Bing for the same reasons.


    Google Chrome for the win. But I *need* Chrome Beta, Dev or Canary, as I can’t live without Chrome Instant.

  34. Zack

    I’m not a real big fan of Chromium on distros like Ubuntu because the new releases are so infrequent. I use Google Chrome directly from their site. Since it’s linked to their repo, it’s up to date. It’s even the dev channel. :D

  35. Kevin Scott Schlanger

    Chrome on Linux ’cause it syncs my bookmarks and ALL info w/ Windows also. But if it were Windows, I’d choose Opera ’cause that it WAY faster.

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